Spring has really sprung here!

Finally after what seemed to be the longest winter I can remember, we have blooms and green.

 I have been so happy to be outside.
Watching things green up. Planting annuals and perennials and even cleaning and pulling weeds hasn't seemed too bad.

 Yesterday our apple trees just burst with new blossoms.
We had sun, we had rain and we also had a bit of humidity.
The plants seem to be loving it.
Come August and September I will have apples galore!

My lilacs are coming along nicely and will be opening soon.

I have been planting a lot of annuals too.

Using old things and new things, whatever I can find.

And finally I hope this makes you smile!
My little grand-daughter Calista, enjoying an ice creme cone last Saturday night.
She is 21 months now and boy do I need to get out and see her soon.
It's hard when they live so far away.
Take care all and have a wonderful week!


  1. Wow Cindy, your yard looks amazing. I love all of your beautiful flowers and the buckets you are using for the annuals are so fun. Calista is such a doll, how fun and a precious picture. Hope to see you soon. Hugs, Marty

  2. Glad Spring finally arrived for your part of the country. Your flowers are beautiful - thanks for sharing the.
    She is so cute. From the looks of her face, she was enjoying the ice cream. :-D
    Have a great week.

  3. How could Calista not make us even giggle!
    Your place looks so pretty, just love the look of spring. Everything is so fresh and new.

  4. Beautiful Spring photos Cindy! Just beautiful!
    Thank you for your heartfelt comment... you made me cry. You are such a good & faithful friend.
    I'm keeping your Mom in my prayers too.
    And your Calista simply melts me. :)

  5. It looks beautiful there..YAY! I love that you plant annuals in anything you can find, that makes everything more interesting. That is one darling little one..you scream, I scream, everybody scream for ice cream I say! LOL

  6. Looks beautiful! I love Spring! The ice cream pic is priceless! Hope you have a great afternoon!

  7. I know how you have been waiting for this...and I can see why...the grass and trees looks so lush, everything flowering and your neat planters look wonderful! Seems we skipped spring, much like last year.

    We are at the lake but I've been pretty much indoors. High 80's and very humid...not my kind of weather. Al worked too hard as usual but you can't stop him and I know it lifted his spirits. Remain hush...even on FB if you know what I mean. So looking forward to Cedarburg...I hope we find lots of good garden things...half off!!


  8. Hi Cindy! Oh, everything is looking so pretty at your house. I just love your porch and that little darling at the end is so sweet. I'm totally smiling.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. CIndy, this is just gorgeous! Love seeing your yard in bloom, and I love even more seeing that cute Callista blooming! Someone sure does love her ice cream! LOL SO cute.



  10. Cindy, GOOD morning! Your tiny granddaughter is adorable. Good looking folks in your family.
    I remember that huge tea cup! It always makes me smile when I see it all planted once again.
    What a beautiful scene from your porch.

  11. everything is looking great girl....love that ice cream face...

  12. Calista is a little doll! Grandchildren are such a blessing. It looks great at your place. I love the red and white tulip, and your teacup planter. The apple blossoms are gorgeous and your grass so very green! Yes indeed, spring has arrived at Applestone Cottage, and it looks fabulous.

  13. We are just a little ahead of you with what is blooming. I just love seeing all the color in the yard, but we keep having rain. In some ways we need it, but it gets very old not being able to get outside. Plus, the grass is growing faster than we can keep up with it! Your little one is so cute...I'm sure you much really miss seeing her more often.

  14. Your Calista reminds me of the twins. they love ice cream. LOL! So cute! Your yard is looking so green and lush, Cindy. I am sure you enjoy being out there the flowers are gorgeous and your apple tree blooms look so spectacular.

  15. She is loving her ice cream. How cute! Cindy, your flowers, trees, and grass look gorgeous! I love that bucket with the bird on the front of it. I think Spring decided to make itself worth waiting for at your house! laurie


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