Bunnies and Blue Ball jars and May Day.

I finally got my anniversary collection of the ball blue jars!
They are pretty lovely and I will find so many uses for them.
I ordered mine from Ace Hardware and they shipped them to my local store for free.
I have 6 of them but I ran out of flowers for my table.

This cute domesticated bunny showed up in our yard last year.
She stayed off and on most of the summer.
Late in the fall we didn't see her anymore and we doubted she could make it through the winter.

But lo and behold she is back!!
Addison is totally smitten by her.
We named her Oreo which we thought was quite fitting.
She is starting to warm up to us again and hopefully we will be able to catch her and make her a nice fun bunny shelter.
Addison loves to take her carrots!
But first, she always has to take a bite herself.
I love her attitude and spunk!
I've babysat a lot this week and my Mom has had some more health issues.
I guess I know what my calling is.
Right now it's a 2 year old and a 77 year old and they are both very spunky!

My daughter Katie Rose, celebrated her 23rd birthday on May 1st.
Boy it's totally true about how quickly time goes by.
A little collage of her.
I think Addison resembles her a lot.
We celebrated with gifts and dinner and cake at our house.
I helped Addison make her Mommy some birthday cards.
And the weather has been totally rotten around here.
 Some area's around us got 9 inches of snow the other day!
Just not right in May is it?
We were lucky and only got a sprinkle but the weather was nasty.
We are supposed to warm up and get some spring again.
This winter weary blogger can't wait.
Happy Weekend friends,


  1. I love all the pictured, Cindy. And that rabbit story... wow! So glad he made it through the winter. Did someone turn him loose? I guess so because he sure doesn't look wild.

    I'm so sorry to hear that your mom is ill. Is she back up with y'all? I hope and pray that she gets better soon.

    You sure are a beautiful family!



  2. Your daughter is beautiful and your grandaughter adorable. That is amazing the rabbit has survived, Oreo is a great name for it.
    Love your blue ball jars. I love them with flowers, I did that for Mem. Day last year with my Hydrangeas for the table..not this year everything is blooming later.

  3. Your blue Ball jars look beautiful with your flowers. Good to see a little touch of spring in your corner of the world. Oreo is beautiful and it looks like Addison loves her. Years ago we found a lop-eared domestic rabbit in our yard. We caught it and found a home for it. It was very friendly. Katie Rose is beautiful, as is her daughter. I hope and pray your mother gets better. My mother is aging and has had some issues too, so I am spending more time helping her. It is a blessing not to have to work so that we can be with and care for those we love.
    xo Beth

  4. Love your jars and the flowers, so pretty. Addison is just the cutest and the bunny, how fun is that. Bless your heart, you do have your hands full. Hopefully you can be here before long and warm up and rest a bit. Hugs, Marty

  5. The jars make great vases - pretty! Sounds like you have been busy.
    Happy Birthday to your daughter. Hope you Mother is better soon.
    I had to break down and bring in some of my flowers yesterday. Hoping the ferns and begonias still outside did not get damaged during the night.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Love the flowers. Addison is quite the little lady, so grown up! Beautiful collage. I've been babysitting this week too. My granddaughter, Rheagan, has had Strep Throat, and been out of school. We did lots of drawing, watched a cute movie, and rested. Hope your Mom improves. Have a great week!

  7. I like your bistro set a lot better than mine. But..this one does the job..and it's not something we sit in all the time..so..I head for the porch swing. On the front porch we have the comfy ones. And..by the way..:)it is because of YOU that I painted my original bistro set red bistro set in the first place. Then I got my second one.
    That gorgeous Granddaughter of yours just gets more adorable all the time. She was a beautiful baby. I cannot believe how much she has grown, Cindy!

  8. I've always thought your daughter was so pretty and now she has her own pretty one too. What a wonderful collage of pictures! I love the jars...love the color! I can't believe a rabbit will be that friendly. Ours run like crazy and I can't even get pictures of them! We have a little bit of sun and warm today (after days and days of cold and wet) but it isn't supposed to last. Rain is on its way once again. I feel as if I live in a swamp.

  9. Hi Cindy! Addison is just as cute as ever! She must love seeing the bunny come to the yard! I can't believe it lasted through your winter--they must hibernate! Your bell jars are so special with your yard flowers. Mine are coming along very slowly this year. It hasn't been very warm yet. I can wait for the extreme heat, but I'm happy to see the end of the snow. Both your girls are beautiful and I do think Addison looks like her Mom. Linda

  10. Yes to bright color! I love it! I hope spring is starting to peek its head up in your neck of the woods. Yeah that the darling rabbit made it through winter!

  11. Beautiful photos, Cindy. You have a darling family. You can send us some of your rain. '-)

  12. Happy Mothers Day Cindy...I hope you have a wonderful day with your girls....isn't it funny how our girls grow up so fast and then their girls grow up so fast...it seems like it was yesterday when Addison was born...I remember seeing the first pictures of her....she is a doll...enjoy them both and have a great day! Sue

  13. Little Addison is so cute feeding the bunny but feeding herself first, lol. The blue jars are really pretty...Christine

  14. Cindy, I hope that you had a most wonderful Mother's Day.

    I loved seeing this post again, and with flowers on my brain, I am wild over the blue of those ball jars. I need some, too. I might head out to my Ace to get some. That color is just gorgeous, and I would like to put some Confederate Jasmine in them while it is still blooming. We have tons of it on the fence, and I love to have it inside. And I have some pink pintas that would look siffy, too. I love all the colors you put in them, and I particularly love the daffodils. Those will forever remind me of my mother. Many times you could find daffodils blooming in a field in sort of rectangle, and it generally marked the site of a home that was no longer there. We had them in our yard, but sometimes we would go to the pastures to get them. They will always remind me of my parents, particularly Daddy.

    I adore that picture of Addison with the bunny. We had a white bunny named Frisky when we were young, and we used to love to take him out of his bunny cage and let him crop clover. He was fast, but fat enough that we could sprint after him and catch him. Plus, he was a sucker for a carrot.



  15. Happy belated Birthday to your daughter!!!

    Love the mason jars!! The flowers are beautiful, a certain sign that spring is in the air!!

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  16. Hi Cindy! Love your jars with the pretty flowers! Love your bunny and little Addison is so precious! I can't believe how long her hair is - it's so pretty! That's a darling collage of the girls! ;)
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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