Spring Fever is biting me in the behind!

While most of the country seems to be warming up we seem to be caught in perpetual winter here in the upper Midwest.  Spring fever has got me bad and I am starting to feel a bit cranky.
So I will dream about pretty flowers that I hope are hiding under all that snow. (well perennials anyway_)
I will dream about sitting out on my front porch surrounded by flowers, flowering hydrangea  and a cool summer drink.

I am looking forward to taking a trip to some of our farmer's markets.
The one shown here in Madison, Wisconsin is one of the best in the country.

And lilacs, oh don't get me started!
I have a love affair with lilacs!  And when they are in bloom I fill my house and every vase I own with their beauty.

And instead of seeing piles and piles of white stuff, I am looking forward to this view instead.  It actually snowed again a little today and yesterday and the day before.
And as I write this, it is snowing again right now.
Come on southerly winds please head up our way!

And simple spring time tables.
I am looking forward to setting table's like this.
In the mean time, I will just have to pretend that it's Spring inside my house.
And right now it's taking a lot of imagination to do that.


  1. It'll all be OK. It's still real early for warmth to return to this here part of the world.

    It IS warming up overall -we just have to be patient a bit longer.

  2. Need Spring here too, soooo bad......Received more snow last night, yuk!!!!!! Thanks for the pretty pictures, cheered me up some, Blessings Francine.

  3. Although it is quite mild here I could use some more warm sunshine as opposed to our rainy climate. The old April showers brings May flowers routine isn't going to comfort me.
    I loved seeing your warm, bright photos. Is there anything as nice as walking through a garden center filled with beautiful blooms. Very uplifting.
    Is your top photo Sweet William? My MIL used to grow them in a large flower bed and then sell them as cut flowers through a garden center. Another lovely memory.

  4. I've got the fever, too! Northern Indiana is the same way! Freezing rain, ice, and snow! The first day of spring is March 21st, but I think we won't be getting spring weather yet, this week. Beautiful pics! I'm dreaming of summer in the garden, too!
    Ann @ Cairn Cottage

  5. What a beeeeeeautiful lamp, in the Lilacs pic!!!!

    I'm sick of being cold. And we are due ice/snow in my neck of the woods. -moan- lol


  6. Oh Spring Fever! I've got it bad, too.
    We had snow on Saturday, and more predicted tonight.
    Love your spring inspiration pictures.
    Although they are making me even MORE impatient.

  7. Oh I wish you were here. It is getting really warm already, and way too early. Either too much snow or too much heat. Never just right. lol. Hugs, Marty

  8. I am right there with you, Cindy. It is snowing here now and supposed to snow until late evening. 2 to 4 inches was the last prediction I heard- UGH....At least I can enjoy LOOKING AT your Spring pictures- xo Diana

  9. Oh, Oh....I am getting ready to post my flowers!! It is beautiful Spring here! and trust me, I am enjoying every minute of it!

  10. Oh...hey....your comment is at the bottom!!! woo hoo!!

  11. Know what you mean! We are back to cooler temps and rain off and on this week. :/

  12. Poor poor poor thing! I won't tell you our temps were 73' today! I'm being mean. Well, you'll have spring and summer soon and it will be so beautiful! I just love your porch with the sweet little red table and chairs. Yes, I am missing my little Carter. She turned 3 last Friday! I just get pictures!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  13. I know how you feel. We don't have snow anymore, but neither do we have any blooms. It's going to take a couple of weeks of sunshine for anything to happen. Come on spring!

  14. Spring fever is spreading for sure...we are starting to bloom around here...

  15. Good morning Cindy...well we too have lots of snow here in southeastern WI...snowed yesterday quite a bit. Got piles of it that will never melt I'm sure of it!
    We had/have Cabin Fever too and took a small getaway but seriously...it didn't help because we still had it when we got back home...lol
    So it's a waiting game I guess.

  16. What beautiful photos, Cindy. I remember your never-ending lilacs. After I had cut most of our blooms, you were still showing beautiful I guess our summer heat gets to them. See, there are some advantages to living in a cooler climate. I hear you, though. I'd be going crazy if there was still snow on the ground. Hope Spring weather will reach you soon. I'd love to join you on your pretty porch, and sit in one of those red chairs and chat with you. laurie

  17. Your tablescape is springy and pretty; love seeing your table with the lilacs, lovely lamp, and teacup. Beautiful! Soon....

  18. Hi again, Cindy! Hope Spring comes to you really soon. I've just seen the sweet snap of little Calista on FB. She is growing up so fast! I do sympathize with you about the long ranged grandmothering - it's so hard.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. Hi, Cindy,
    I have been sprucing up a bit, too. (My patio) I just love the little red table you have on your front porch. You have a lovely home.

  20. I have a bad, bad case of Spring fever too! I'm down in NC and it's still cold! Loved seeing all of the beautiful flowers and reminders of Spring in your post. Guess it'll get here when it gets here. lol

  21. Hello Cindy! I love the flowers, the table and chairs, Oh the lamp is so lovely. To be in the cold you sure warm me up, and got me excited about Spring. Now I want to go to the garden center and get a lovely lilac.

  22. Doesn't the weather know that Easter is in a week? Here hoping spring will be at your doorstep soon.

    Happy Palm Sunday!

  23. Don't feel bad about your weather it's going to be 29 tomorrow morning in Atlanta...that is so unnatural....and it's going to snow in NYC...I have to re-think my entire wardrobe for my trip on Wednesday...out with the cute spring pants and tees and in with sweaters and wool pants....

  24. Hang in there Cindy...then you can have the excuse to go totally crazy-wild, because of the "Spring fever" you have! Love all those flowers!!! :)

  25. Cindy, Your flower pictures are beautiful. I can't belive the weather this winter. It even got cold down here in Tx-not as cold as you guys, but still. Hoping it all melts soon so you can get those flowers and smell those lilacs.


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