Shabby Easter Table and egg coloring fun!

Hey friends.
Are you all ready for Easter?
I have the stuff all ready for my grand-daughter, sent the other grand-daughter her goodies in the mail and I have a table set but that is about it.
I am calling this my shabby Easter table because well... it is a bit shabby! hehe.
I made napkin rings out of green burlap and added green rick-rac to some napkins I already owned.
I purchased the Momma bunny with carrots at Hobby Lobby.
The basket was also from there.
I made the centerpiece with things I already had from previous Easter's.
I made the green burlap runner and just added a ruffle from fabric scraps.
I am loving the green burlap!
And I have yellow too.

Those plastic bunny and chick plates are from Michael's a few years back.  My grand-daughter loves them and I think they add a bit of whimsy to my shabby table.

When I first took pictures that bunny candy dish was full!
Now look at it.
Easter candy is my downfall for sure.
I had to scrunch up the runner a bit but it will be the perfect length when I add another leave for our Easter table.

Addison and I colored Easter eggs yesterday.
She was so proud!
It's a bit messy with a 2 year old but oh so fun!

She was so proud she wanted to show Lily our kitty her creations!
I left the room for a minute, came back and she had pealed her egg and was eating it!
Ha...she has never cared for hard boiled eggs.
I guess it helps when you make them yourself.
There is still a lot of snow out there as you can see.
I guess we will be doing an indoor Easter Egg hunt around here.
We are going to see about 50 degrees tomorrow which sounds like a heat wave right now.
To all of you have a blessed and happy Easter.

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  1. I love your table, the layer of dishes are lovely; everything is so pretty and fun and the Mrs. Rabbit is adorable..but not as much as Addison, now, she is gorgeous, such fun to be making colored eggs with your darling. My granddaughters are in Orlando and I miss them..you know Disney, but I'm sure they don't have time to miss me, lol! Hugs,

  2. Wow! Great job Cindy! And the green burlap ROCKS the table decor. Love it! Gotta get me some!
    Let's plan to go to SAS when you are here in May. You will go wild. Every color burlap, designer fabric, oilcloth ~ all heaped on tables to dig through. And great prices!
    And of course a few thrift stores. :)

  3. Your table is so cute, Cindy! You really are sewing up a storm...the runner and napkins are so sweet! Where on earth do you find green burlap?! That ruffle is darling and I love your plates. This must have been a dream come true for Addison, all the bunnies and candy (you left her some, right?!). I have a recipe for cookies with crushed Easter candies in them, you would love them! And you know you can buy it on sale after Easter and freeze it...I know all the tricks!

    All of you have a wonderful Easter, I hope you snow melts and I'm looking forward to a warm up, too. You, especially, deserve it!


  4. This post is what is it all about!! Love seeing your precious Addison, after dying the eggs - hope she has a wonderful Easter!! I think your table is so full of personality. Love the Bunny and all of the eggs and, especially, the napkin rings that you made - how clever!! Thanks for sharing your cute table and, even cuter, Addison!!

  5. I remember vividly coloring eggs with my kiddos. I have given that job to my daughter now! One year we tried glitter eggs....what a mess!
    Addison is getting so big. She isn't a baby anymore!

  6. Your Easter table is a happy little table to enjoy with your GD. Love the idea of adding ric rac to a plain napkin. I may be copying that one.


  7. Oh, it would change things so much to have Easter with a little one around again. It is sneaking up on us and I swear we are going to end up on Sunday saying, "what's to eat"? With just the 2 of us (or maybe my son too) it just seems like way too much work to make that entire big meal...I guess I should start figuring out. We still have snow from Sunday's blast, but it is warm enough that I took the dog out with no coat on! So strange. Have a wonderful Easter!

  8. It's kind of the wrong year for Easter to fall in March! I know my family in Connecticut is thinking that! I love your ppastic bunny plates. They are adorable. I can see why Addison loves them. Enjoy your Easter, Cindy!

  9. Your table looks great, Cindy. I just love that Addison's sweet little face. She has those "smiley" eyes that I adore. What fun that she helped with the eggs and then ate hers! I hope you have a wonderful day. We are above 40ยบ today!! WHOO HOOO- xo Diana

  10. Pretty Easter /Spring table setting! Addison is getting big - Our girls are growing up. Daughter sent me video of mine learning to count - doing a pretty good job to be 2 and half.
    Have a Happy Easter and a great weekend.

  11. Oh Cindy, I love your table, how fun and cute is this. Love, love, love the basket and your bunny. Addison is growing up so fast, she is so cute, I am sure she had a ball doing the eggs Hugs, Marty

  12. Cindy, your Easter table is a happy one, not a shabby one. LOL Love the sweet vignette and the pretty dishes. Happy Easter Weekend!

  13. Cindy, I love your adorable table! You did a great job making it so cute for Easter. And speaking of cute, can Addison get any cuter? Those eyelashes!!! She is a little doll, but somehow I think you know that already.

    Happy Easter, my friend...



  14. Cindy, the table looks so pretty, and I didn't see any shabbiness. LOVE that runner and those adorable napkins. You make me wish I could sew. The checked plates are such a happy addition to your table. Of course, Addison always steals the show. What a little doll. laurie

  15. Your table looks great, Cindy. This is the stuff from which memories are made! Love the plates and your centerpiece. Addison is a sweetheart. I enjoyed seeing your Easter post!
    Blessings, Beth


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