Making Ice Luminaries

Hi friends,
We are about to get hit with a major winter storm!
Our weather man is predicting 8-12 inches for us and 16-20 for the counties bordering us.
Schools are closing, and blizzard warnings are being flashed continuously over the TV screen.
So if you happen to live in a frozen tundra like I do or in other cold climates you may want to try your hand at ice luminaries.
They are simple and make quite a beautiful statement lined up on the sidewalk or driveway leading up to your home.

Here's how I make them.
I use an empty ice creme bucket...I like the rectangular ones and a 1 quart plastic pitcher filled with floral marbles for weight.

Next I slice up some fruit.  I like limes but oranges, lemons etc. all work wonderfully.

Some cranberries.

And some greenery.  Mine still has snow on it.

Fill your pail with water and add your limes, cranberries and greenery.
Outside it goes, overnight will work for me right now.
There have been days when it was so cold they are ready in just a few hours.

I forgot to take a picture of the next part but I will set my frozen concoction in a sink filled with a few inches of warm water.
This loosens it up and then the juice container will easily pop right out.

 And the finished product!  Stick in a candle and enjoy.

Above view.

And at night!
So now I'm off to check the weather forecast.


  1. Just absolutely beautiful! Love it!

  2. I haven't made them in a long time, Cindy, and I have never made the square ones. I REALLY like the way those look. I think I need to get some buckets out there and get going. We are supposed to get about 16" here along the bay. At least my daughter drove in from Milwaukee tonight- she was going to come tomorrow....Have a great night~xo Diana

  3. What a fun project and they are beautiful too.
    Hoping the number of inches they are calling for doesn't happen...a couple maybe but not a foot or more...NOOOO!

  4. that is awesome Cindy..wouldn't last too long here in Texas...hope you stay safe...

  5. Love the look, but do not want the cold temps necessary to keep them frozen !!! Hope you don't get the snow predicted. That much snow at one time here would shut this place down. :D People here do not know how to drive in white/frozen stuff - period , point, blank! :D
    Ck. your email. :)

  6. Oh Cindy! That is simply lovely! You must try and get a photo of them lining your porch or path. Amazing! And yes, we have heard of the bitter winter weather headed back East. Not exactly sure where you are...but we have friends and family there that are getting hit with the cold.

  7. Cindy, your ice luminaries are absolutely gorgeous! What a wow factor for basically the cost of the candle. Love it!


  8. Cindy, that is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    We're getting snow over here - - - but this is NOT as big or bad as they predicted, at least not yet.

    I keep WAITING for the hype to materialize.

  9. Oh Cindy these are so pretty and such great sparkle. Love it.

    I just read about your mom, I will continue to pray. God Bless. Love you tons and hope you have a Fabulous Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  10. That's gorgeous, Cindy! We got about 10-12 inches of snow. We're walking in a winter wonderland! lol

  11. Oh Cindy, how pretty! I don't want to have cold enough weather to do this, but it sure is pretty. Thank you for your prayers for our little Dylan Cooper. I hope your mother's health is improving. Praying for her. laurie

  12. Merry Christmas, Cindy!
    Oh...What a beautiful addition to your Christmas decorating. The weather outside is frightful...which is perfect for this amazing creation!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Carolynn xx

  13. I've always wanted to make one of these! It sounds easy so maybe I'll try. I am wondering how you are doing with the snow storm! We had the October blizzard, and then nothing since! Hope you still have power. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Linda

  14. That is so pretty, Cindy! Problem here is that with all the rain we are getting, it wouldn't last long. You live in the perfect area for this! Let it snow!!!

    Hugs, Eileen

  15. I LOVE that! I've never seen one before so this is a new and exciting idea for me.

  16. So pretty, Cindy. Too bad I cannot copy cause they won't freeze here....Christine

  17. CIndy, these are beautiful!

    I'm dropping by to give you a Christmas hug and wish you and yours the Merriest Christmas ever!



  18. Brilliant, Cindy! It does get pretty cold here, in Western New York, so I should be able to do something like this soon. So far, we've had a really mild winter - but I know there will be a string of below freezing days soon - so iced luminaries it is! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. I love this idea, Cindy...so festive! Wishing a wonderful Christmas to you and your family!...hugs...Debbie

  20. I shared your link on my facebook page. I love these.

  21. What a cool idea!!!! It's cold enough here in the Kansas City, MO area to do that overnight! That would have been so cool for my dinner party last weekend!!!! Filing the idea away for next year! Thank you for sharing, and have a safe, happy New Year!

  22. This is such a fabulous idea!! I love them, and what a great use of those square ice cream buckets. I usually save some of those for different projects. Love it!


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