Autumn Mantel

Autumn has certainly arrived around here!
Our nights have been down right cold but our days have been sunny and beautiful.
I lost my hydrangeas Saturday night but everything else seems to have made it.
And our trees are starting to sport their red, yellow, and browns.
My fat little squirrel is my favorite part of my fall mantel.
 However he may have had a few too many acorns.

And my wooden acorn is another fun find!
Both purchased at a local gift shop and both were quite reasonable too.

Indian corn, a grapevine pumpkin $2 at Target and my old pine-cone swag.

I would have to say it's a bit eclectic. 
Real white pumpkins, faux gourds, stacked birdies, just a little bit of what I have mixed in with a few new items.

A metal pumpkin from Target.

A fall arrangement flanked by real white pumpkins and another smaller wooden acorn. I have two mini cornucopia's flanking either side of my mantel.  Only a $1 at Target....love those dollar buys!

And old wooden box filled with sunflowers.
A $1 estate sale find.  
The Cider sign was a gift from my daughter a few years back.
Now on to the outside to decorate.  I have my pumpkins after a great visit to our local pumpkin patch.
I hope to share more on that later this week.
Is it Autumn where you are? 


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  1. Pretty! You got some nice decorations at great prices.
    I have some of the large acorns but have not done anything with them yet this year.
    Has been pretty chilly in the mornings the last few days, but has warmed back up during the day. Leaves won't be turning here for a while yet.

  2. Your mantel is so cute...it has so many little vignettes all rolled into one. Your home is so suited for fall decorations with it's warm, cozy colors. I love everything, I just have to get off my bum and get my bins out. Well maybe first I should clean the house (I hate Mondays!!).

    I'm loving seeing pictures of Addison having fun this time of year on Facebook. She is so open and ready for all life has to offer. What a great little girl! I know you just eat her up.

    All is going well here, we are adjusting. No major problems, just a lot of aches and pains. I will email you soon and bring you up to date. Thanks always for thinking of us!


  3. it's certainly autumn here in pa, and i couldn't be more excited. if it wasn't for pesky squrriels, i'd have pumpkins lining my stairs, but they gnaw at them like crazy. love your mantle, those acorns and pinecones are my favorites!

  4. Oh Cindy, I LOVE acorns!! Love your wooden one. And that metal pumpkin is awesome!
    Your Autumn mantel is by far my favorite so far. I want to copy everything! ha!
    We're suppose to have low 90's by the end of the week, with lows at night in the 60's!!! Music to my ears!

  5. I like the mix of real and faux....cute squirrel and it looks like a turkey on the end with the pumpkins - cute! I envy those cold nights....we're still a little warm here, but the fall decor helps me to pretend :) Linda

  6. That is the cutest squirrel! I'd say he's down right full and ready to explode! LOL... When I first saw the vase with the dry arrangement I thought it was a turkey... my first glance saw it that way! I live in northern Michigan (Traverse City). We're a lot cooler here too- especially at night! I hate to admit we have the furnace on again but it was getting a bit nippy in here!
    Anyway, I like your eclectic mix of things on the mantle! Looks great!

  7. great job Cindy...nice buys too...were are still with summer weather here in Texas...I'm enjoying it all...

  8. Beautiful mantle! Love your wooden acorn! Very, very pretty!

  9. I like eclectic, Cindy, it's more interesting, I think. I love your mantel fall decor. My pumpkins are still in the attic....Christine

  10. Hi Cindy, Your mantel is so pretty! In fact, love your fireplace - the stone surrounding it is so very lovely and rustic - perfect for Applestone Cottage! I like the little pumpkins and the wooden acorn. I emailed a response to your question about my blog design/header; not sure if you received it. My blog redesign is by Karen Valentine Design. Email if you have any questions. Have a great week, Cindy!

  11. Cindy, that squirrell is just too cute! He looks like he's ready to hop off the mantel to find more food! That wooden acorn is beautiful. such a pretty mantle scape. What a great buy that pretty metal pumpkin was. I love when I can get to Target and find some bargains! Hugs, laurie

  12. I think I've had a few too many acorns too!! We actually had a little frost down here this week, took us by surprise. Now, we have rain since 5 yesterday morning...very humid and quite ugly around here. We are heading to Michigan in a few days and I'm hoping to see some beautiful trees, ours are still green here.

    I love all your decorations. I did get mine out too, need to get a blog post written, but wanted to check in with people first. Have a great day.

  13. Your decor inspires me to "think Autumn". It sure helps in "letting go" of Summer.You have a lovely fireplace to display yours also!

    In JOY, sandy

  14. The mantel lloks great! Love that acorn.
    Still warm here, 70 at 10 p.m.! Doors and windows open.

  15. Hi Cindy....no fall here yet....still in the 80's but lot's of fall activities coming up....it seems like it's everyones favorite time of the year....As always I'm enjoying seeing your grands on Facebook....

  16. Hi Cindy, When your blog opened on my screen it was centered on that fat squirrel and I laughed out loud!! Scared the dog! He is so cute! We haven't really had any fall yet here in CT--I think it is late this year as there is almost no color in the trees. I'm hoping to get all my basil and mint in and dried or made into pesto before the first frost, so every night I cross my fingers. I really need to get to a Target. There's one in a city near here but going there involves parking in a dark garage and walking up stairs, in a not so good area, so I'm holding off. No sense in going with hubby for protection because then I can't buy anything :) Have a wonderful day. Looking forward to seeing your pumpkin pictures. Linda

  17. It wouldn't seem like fall without seeing your mantle, CIndy.

    Have missed you, my friend. I am just dropping by to with you a HAPPY FALL.

    Still no 'puer, but I hope to rectify that at some point.

    Love you...



  18. It has been busy around here and I have not had a chance to blog or to read any blogs. So, I am very late in visiting here. But, better late than never, right? :0)

    I really like the look of your autumn mantel, Cindy. I would have to say that my favorite is the acorn. That is one thing I do not have in my supply of Fall decorations! I also like how you used your Indian corn on the mantel. I am always looking for a place to hang mine and now you've shown me that I don't have to hang it. Very nice!

    We are having above normal temperatures right now, so although a few leaves have changed, it does not feel like Fall. This weekend we are going to be at 100 degrees and above! Our normal high is about 82 for this time of year. Yikes!!! I am not looking forward to it.

    Have a nice weekend! Eileen


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