Autumn Bucket List number 1...our amazing pumpkin patch and Autumn colors.

Boy am I loving Autumn this year!  Our trees are bursting with color right now and we should peek in about 10 days.
I have seen bucket lists on Pinterest for Autumn.  Well here is one of mine because what is more perfect than a visit to a local pumpkin patch.
And how many not quite 2 year old's do you know that will kiss a skeleton?
Haha... now I did not tell her to do this!  She just has the sweetest little personality and even shares love with the skeleton!

Addison wore her pumpkin dress and boots!  An early birthday gift for our sweet little pumpkin who will be 2 in October.
Our favorite pumpkin patch is only a few miles from our home.
It's so perfect for the little ones with a blow-up haunted house and one to bounce in too.

Fun photo-ops~

And you can't forget the haunted pick-up truck!  Mr. bones has taken on a more ominous look here.  But it always helps to have Grandpa nearby.

She wasn't too crazy about this guy...me neither!

Taking it all in!

And  Grandpa gives her a ride in the wagon while we pick out our pumpkins.
They grow nearly every variety I've ever heard of and then some.

Our trees are just bursting with color!

All these pics were taken around my yard over the past few days.

My new favorite tree!

Love the maples!

Are you getting to enjoy Autumn yet?



  1. I can't wait to take Hotrod this year... Love that pumpkin dress... And the pumpkin wearing it

  2. What a great pumpkin patch! Love the photos.

  3. Cindy, I have really enjoyed catching up with you this weekend, and Addison is so preciious in all of these pictures. I know she must be the joy of your life. What a litle doll1 And kissing a skeleton? She has a sweet heart! Like her grandmother!

    That little pumpkin dress is SO cute. You dress her so well, and she will have so many wonderful pictures of her great childhood. I want you for MY grandmother. LOL!

    Love you and wishing you a blessed fall.



  4. Looks like she was having a good time. It will be a while before the trees change here, and since it was so dry this year, may not get many of the pretty colors. The maples are always so pretty.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  5. Oh wow Cindy, I am so jealous. Everything is gorgeous and the colors in the trees are unreal. It is still in the 100's here and nothing like fall at all. Loved seeing little Addison at the pumpkin patch. How fun. Can't wait until you are here. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a great pumpkin patch! I miss taking the kids to them...maybe Al and I should just go to one and hold hands like goofs! Addison is a doll in that tiny jean jacket, did you make the dress? Our leaves have not changed yet...they are always late in the game. We haven't been to the lake in ages and I always loved fall and the leaves turning there. Al and the guys will go soon to put away all the summer stuff. He finds it hard to be there since we spent such a carefree summer there, but really, we are doing good. I owe you an email. Soon!


  7. Love your blog! Little Addison is such a cutie, obviously well loved! Love your pictures, we've only been up in your neck of the woods (Door County) twice in the fall and the colors are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us since we can't be there to take in the beauty.

    Enjoy this wonderful day!

  8. The trees are beautiful, and it looks like you had a great day with Addison. Grandchildren are so much fun!

  9. What fun with Addison!! It is still very much Summer weather here...but it looks wonderful in your area! I love Fall...we will be in Minnesota and the Dakotas in a couple weeks...so we can enjoy some Autumn weather there!

  10. I've been too darn stinkin' busy to blog but ya'll know I can't resist me some Addison. What wonderful pictures ya captured of the Pumpkin Patch adventures!

    I swear, she's gettin' cuter every day!

    God bless ya sweet friend and have a marvelous day!!!

  11. How fun to have a little one to have with you when visiting a pumpkin patch! Everything is such a fun adventure for them!! The colors are so pretty just like here in Colorado!!

  12. What a lot of fun this looks, we don't have anything like that over here :(
    Addison's dress is gorgeous, and so is she!
    The autumn colours look so pretty. I really enjoyed this post, thank you for sharing your day with us.

  13. HI CINDY!!!
    I have a Bucket list...I scratch things off and I add new things!!!I want to spend Autumn with you and your lovely trees!!!!How pretty is the colors...I think fall colors are my fav colors!!
    We will head to the Pumpkin patch when it is MUCH COOLER!!!!

  14. Awww, Cindy, that first picture just melted my heart! She is such a little sweetie. I love the picture of her head in the scarecrow cut out. What beautiful pictures of the trees. None of our leaves have turned. I'm wondering if our extremely hot summer is going to make us miss the Fall colors. Hopefully, we'll get the turning leaves soon. laurie

  15. She is so cute and how lucky to have the pumpkin patch close to home! We are heading to Michigan in a few days...the trees are just getting beautiful up there (although the forecast actually said SNOW) and I can't wait to see the trees, drink some cider and visit the orchards. My daughter is finally coming home later in the month and she is so excited to be here in the fall. She hasn't seen a true fall since moving to Florida 5 years ago, so we have some plans for while she is here to take some drives, see the fall beauty.

    Thanks for the kind words about our friend's son Luke, isn't it just the saddest thing? It has been so hard to watch these young parents get such bad news.

  16. Hi Cindy, the cutest pumpkin in this whole patch is that adorable one kissing her skeleton friend! So nice of Grandpa to be the engine of the wagon and th strong safe protector when scary things come along! Our trees aren't really changed at all yet--just here and there at the tops. I hope we get some color as we had very little last year after the October blizzard. Linda

  17. What a cutie! I just returned from the apple orchard with our 4 year old grandson and this reminded me of the pictures I took. So fun to be able to do this with the grandkids!
    Sandy ;)

  18. Looks like fun. Addison is so cute!

  19. What a lovely post! I LOVE your Fall and that looks like such a fun day! I had to laugh at Addison kissing the skeleton...Sophia would do just that too! It would be so fun to get them together and watch them play!
    I see that you and I think differently about this presidential stuff that is going on, but I always want to be your friend! Always as close as a heart hug over the net! LOL Lets hang on to that. Love ya. :)

  20. Hi Cindy! I never tire of seeing these sweet little snaps of Addison! She seems older than two to me and I think it's because of all her long pretty hair. This time last year, Carter was still bald! :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  21. She is so adorable in her pumpkin dress..You are so very lucky to have her so close....Fall is my favorite season as it seems to be the same with all us bloggers...but I won't be enjoying the trees changing for probably another month or more....still in the 80's down here....

  22. Just dropping by to give you a Monday Morinng hug. I am on Mr. Magpie's thingamabob, and I'm making typos right and left. It the comment section has small print, it's worse. LOL

    Love you,,


  23. YOU must have had the best time!!! YOur little granddaughter is precious! And I don't like the look of "that guy" either!

  24. A visit to the pumpkin patch is the perfect fall activity. It looks like you had a great day!


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