Calista's 1st birthday, my fair entry and h.s. student house update!

Yesterday was little Miss Calista's first birthday party!
She turned the big one on August 2nd.  I felt so bad that I couldn't fly out to Phoenix and celebrate with her. However here she is wearing the outfit I made for her.  I think she looks so adorable in it!  My brother and his wife who live in Flagstaff were able to attend.  And Calista's other Grandma and her auntie Peyton who is only 18 are visiting for two weeks.

With some of her buddies who came to help celebrate!

Today is the last day of our County fair. I love the fair!  I grew up as a farm girl and a 4-H member from age 9-18.  I still try to enter a few things each year.  This year was tough because I have been babysitting little grand-daughter Addison and she is an on the go toddler!
I made this tea-pot bouquet and you can imagine my surprise when is was picked best of show in the flower arranging category!  

And here's that little Miss busy herself enjoying a ride at the fair!  She literally squealed with delight when the ride finally got going.  I didn't think she was going to stay on because she was a bit scared acting.  However after finding a new buddy she was good to go!

I wanted to update you on the progress of the student built home.  My hubby has been working alone on this since school ended.  The homeowner has hired him to finish up the house.  Usually students are able to complete or come close to completing the home.  However there were delays on getting this one off the ground and the students were unable to begin until well into October.
I will let my hubby fill you in on the rest.

The exterior of the house is complete except for the ceilings on the porches which will be bead board and the stairs leading to the front porch.

The view of the house as you drive in with the river in the background. The river is quite wide and deep here with pontoons, water skiers, canoes, kayaks and fishing boats cruising by. The lot has a perfect spot to build a dock with easy access to nature's playground.

Looking from the living room into the kitchen, the skylights flood the area with natural light and the peaceful rhythm of raindrops against the glass when we are fortunate enough to get rain. The past 2 days we received over 1" of badly needed rain. 

The cement board has been installed throughout the house in preparation for floor tile. This knotty pine bedroom brings the feeling of being surrounded by wildlife and nature's beauty. Fresh deer footprints are plentiful each morning when I come to work.

 With the interior being filled with cedar and knotty pine walls and ceilings, the owner decided to put floor tile throughout the whole house. Small natural stone tile is being installed in the entryway with much larger earth tone ceramic tile throughout the remainder of the house. The main level bathroom will be tiled with a mix of the ceramic and natural tiles. 

After tiling is complete I will work on the porch ceilings and interior doors.  Then the bath, kitchen cabinets and casings and baseboards will be installed.

Well that's about it for me friends!
I am back to the fair for it's final day and our weather is just beautiful.  We got some much needed rain,  the really hot weather is gone and it's only getting into the upper 70's!  Gorgeous weather!
Have a great week!

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  1. Beautiful little blonde girls. It is sad to miss these special events. I sure iss enough being in Ohio and most of my grands are in Colorado.
    Congratuations on your award. Very pretty.
    Love the house. I'd love to live there.

  2. Oh send me some of that weather. Love the pic of Calista in her cute little outfit. Happy Birthday to her!!! Addison looks like she is having a ball on the ride at the fair. Now Congratulations!!!!!!!! Good for you, Best in Show. I am so thrilled, this is fabulous. Love it. The house is looking super too. What a wonderful spot by the river. Hugs, Marty

  3. Calista is darling! And Addison cracks me up on that ride!
    Congrats on your Best of Show Cindy! Great job!
    And wow ~ what a gorgeous home on the river! Your husband is amazing! How awesome for him to get hired by the owners to finish the home. But his students have a lot to be proud of ~ great job!

  4. Oh- Those babies are just darling - all of them! Your little Calista is just darling in her Bday outfit. Congrats on the tea pot arrangement! Way to go!!!! Your hubby is doing a great job on the house...too bad he doesn't have a little more help though- Blessings and have a great Sunday- xo Diana

  5. Happy Birthday to your Granddaughter ! Congratulations on winning Best of Show.
    I have not been to the fair in years - just not what it used to be. The house is going to really be pretty.

  6. What a great post. Congratulations of your Best in Show, you are a star!
    Calista looked lovely in her birthday outfit, and seeing the joy on Addison's face you just have to smile.
    The house looks amazing. I like the way it fits into the land. What a wonderful setting.

  7. I love how the house is coming out! That is my style of house. Wood, wood and more wood.:0) Celebrating your grandchildren's birthdays from afar is hard...I know! Please send some of that weather and rain out here!!! We are going to be over 100 degrees again and we definitely need some rain.

    Enjoy the fair! I miss the country fairs I used to attend faithfully in New England.

  8. your granddaughters are beautiful...I love that house...wow we never get in the low 70's in August even in the middle of the night...

  9. Beautiful birthday girl! Beautiful home too. I love the walls! Congratulations on your winning floral entry, Cindy! Great job!!!

  10. Cindy!!! You go girl with your tea pot centerpiece!!!! Not just a blue ribbon but BEST IN SHOW!!!

    Calista is a doll, and your outfit is adorable on her.

    That house that Dan's students ALMOST built and now Dan is finishing is gorgeous.

  11. What darling children. Happy Birthday, Miss Calista! And Congratulations, Cindy. Best in Show ~ WOW!

  12. Little Miss Calista has the cutest face ever, I would just love to know her! Way to go with best in show, you do have the eye for beauty! Love the house, awesome work! :)

  13. Happy birthday Little Miss Calista!! I LOVE your teapot flower arrangement!!! And that house is amazing. What a wonderful project for the students to work on. Your husband is a very talented man.

  14. Oh Cindy, your granddaughters are just sooo precious! That little outfit looks adorable on Calista. I'm not surprised that your arrangement took first place. It's beautiful. I am absolutely enthralled with the house that your husband and his students built. I'd love to have something like that as a weekend place to go relax. He has used the perfect materials and design for the wonderful setting by the water. I'm sure the new owners are thrilled. Have a great week. laurie

  15. What a darling one year old... Happy Birthday little Calista! Congrats on your blue ribbon. Your arrangement is beautiful!!!!

  16. Your little one is real cutie, Cindy! Gotta love those party hats -- little cone head babies! Addison looks like a real "thrill seeker!" We have nicknamed our youngest granddaughter (18 month old Avery), Miss Busy! She's a teensy little thing, only weighing 20lbs., but doesn't stand a chance of gaining any weight because she is in constant motion except when she's sleeping. Aren't they just such a joy?

    Your teapot arrangement is lovely! No wonder you won a blue ribbon!


  17. Sneakin' in the backdoor to wish that precious little Calista a very belated but happy first birthday. What a cutie that one is! Of course, I'm not tellin' ya anything ya don't already know.

    I love the pic of that little speed demon 'Addison'. Ya can tell she loves the speed. Can ya say Danica Patrick? All sweet little Addy need is a Go Daddy sticker on her race car!!!

    Congratulations on the blue ribbon, it truly doesn't surprise me....your always a blue ribbon gal in my book.

    It's unreal how busy we've been here on the Ponderosa this summer but ya can bet your bottom dollar I'll be back to Blogland as soon as it slows down a bit.

    FYI: Nine days and eight nights is too long for Camp Grandma. 'Just sayin'! Heeeehehehehe! (laughs the crazy exhausted one!)

    God bless and I hope your havin' a bright and beautiful summer sweetie. :o)

  18. HI CINDY!!!
    She is adorable!!!
    CONGRATS AGAIN on winning at the fair!!!HOW FUN!!!
    NOW on to that house!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!
    it is amazing to say the least!!!
    I want to live in it!!

  19. Hi Cindy, Congratulations on your blue ribbon!!! Your arrangement is beautiful. I love going to state and county fairs and am planning a few visits this year too. The local ones haven't opened yet. And Happy Birthday to your little darling granddaughter. You are just so lucky to have two sweet cuties! Addison looks absolutely delighted to be zipping along in her speed-mobile! Hope it stays cooler out there. It is cooler here today too. Linda

  20. Hi Cindy! I never tire of seeing your darling little gals. Isn't it amazing how fast they start to grow up? We're going to see Carter next month and I can't wait. I'm so amazed at how gorgeous these houses are you hubby and his students build! :) Wow!
    Thanks for popping in to see my painting.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Happy Birthday darling Calista. She is just gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, that house is amazing. Your post is so inspirational. I would love it if you could share this wonderful post at our WIW linky party. I hope you can join us.


  22. Excuse me......... can I come and live in that house?????? Wow!!!!!!! How amazing!!! I'd love to live there. Congratulations on the award and on those wonderful little girls! Take care and enjoy your time, Clara.

  23. Wow! Very impressive. Your hubby's very talented and Cindy, your granddaughters are so precious. They are so beautiful! Belated happy birthday to the birthday girl. She looks so cute in the outfit you made for her....Christine

  24. I loved catching up with you this morning, Cindy. I am way behind! Just been clicking Like at FB.:-) I think things are beginning to settle down into a routine here at the lake.

    Loved seeing the birthday pictures!

    Oldest daughter was one of the first girls admitted to FFA, way back in the 80's. Although she raised livestock, she did not enter any into the fair. I have not entered either and always say I will. My grandparents always had something or other..livestock, canned peaches etc, in the fair. Your bouquet is beautiful. I can see why it got Best of Show!

    The guys built a wonderful house this year. Of course I always enjoy seeing the fabulous work they do with their great teacher.

  25. Oh My! So much to comment on...but first Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. Your little granddaughters are dolls. Just little dolls!
    Congratulations on your delightful bouquet. Is there anything you cannot do? :) Arranging flowers is not one of my strong points at all. I try..but never happy with any I do.
    The house is coming along beautifully! I love the interior walls...so country cabin! Love it, Cindy! Thank you for stopping by. I've been very remiss in visiting and I apologize.

  26. I always knew you were a blue ribbon girl! :)

  27. It is so hard to have family far away on those special days. She is such a little doll and looks so darn cute in the outfit! Congrats on the blue ribbon, you go girl! The house is so impressive, doesn't look at all like the simple houses our high school students made back when I was in school!

  28. With my married daughter in Los Angeles, when grandkids do (fingers crossed!) come along, I'll be in the same boat -- TOO FAR AWAY! Callista is adorable, all dolled up for her big day. First birthdays are so special.

    Beautiful floral arrangement -- very graceful looking, and congrats on your win!

    Another winner -- you amazingly talented hubby. That house is gorgeous, and just perfect for that riverside setting.
    Lucky homeowners!

    Are you still chasing that busy little toddler?
    Exhausting .. but such fun. Lucky grandma.
    Love, Cass

  29. HI CINDY!!!
    First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Calista...she is an absolute Doll baby...her face looks like a doll....So sweet!!!
    And that flower bouquet...good for you!!!!MY MOM would say GOOD/GREAT JOB!!!
    And that house...oh MAN I want that house...and by the river ...OH man!!!!!I think we are deciding on if we want to build a Mother in Law house in our backyard.....thinking about future........and some great plans.....so if you lived here...Dan could build it for us!!!!
    Hugs 2 U
    How did you do that pic collage on the front of your blog???I love that!!


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