Family Time

Look who came to visit us recently?  Little 10 month old Calista and her Mommy and Daddy.
I was so excited to have them for a visit and yet it went by way too fast!  Did I mention that I have to share them with two other families when they are here.  So my time amounts to about 3-4 days.
But still it was busy and fun and the little girls got to connect as cousins again.

Addison 20 months and Calista 10 months.  A toddler and pre-toddler make for a busy place!  Poor little Calista was ill the first few days but after a quick visit to the Dr. and some antibiotics for an ear infection, she quickly perked up!

Feeling a lot more perkier here!  She is so sweet and so good natured but she is going through a Mommy/Daddy phase and not too keen on anyone else holding her right now.

Looking up to my cousin Addison who is 10 months older!  
We've also been busy with a few projects around here and hubby is still working away on the student home.
More pics to follow soon but here is a little sneak peek. 

This is the siding that is going on.  

It's very similar to an old barn board but new and low maintenance too.

Hubby and I are meeting up with a fellow blogger and her hubby today.  Can't wait.....more next week!

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh, Cindy, little Calista is adorable and glad she's feeling better. I love Addison and Calista's matching dresses. Just darling! You are so blessed to have these little cuties!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Hi Cindy, Calista and Addison are adorable. I know you had a great time with these darlings..There's nothing like having grandchildren around.
    hugs ~lynne~

  3. Oh Cindy, they are both so precious. Calista is growing so fast and Addison looks like such a young lady. How fun to have them all together. Hugs, Marty

  4. She looks so much like Addison with blue eyes!!

  5. What cute little granddaughters you have, Cindy! I understand about a busy house since my grandsons are the same age! lol Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  6. You have been busy, and bet you have really enjoyed your company.
    Have an enjoyable time today.

  7. Omg, Calista & Addison are adorable in their matching dresses!! How fun!
    And I absolutely LOVE the siding on the student house!! So excited to see the big reveal!
    June has been horribly hot this year... and the older I get, the worse I handle it.
    I need a road trip!

  8. The photos of those two blondies in matching dresses are beyond adorable. (love the siding, my favorite kind.)
    Enjoy your weekend Cindy!

  9. What adorable little cousins. Looks like you enjoyed the visit.Such fun ages. Your siding looks great. How nice it will be. Blessings ~Sara

  10. How many ways are there to say adorable? Too cute. Just too cute and I love the matching outfits.

  11. My sis and I always had matching dresses. Addison with those little arms crossed. Omg. Too cute.
    Happy weekend and have fun with your friends.

  12. HI!!
    OH how I wish those cuties lived by each other and by YOU!!!They are both adorable!!!!
    I love all their cute matching dresses...good job Grandma!!!!
    That siding looks awesome!!!I need your fix up hubby around here....I want Crown molding put up....could I hire him!!!!
    love ya,
    have fun with your blogger meet up!!!!

  13. The girls look like cousins, even without their matching dresses! So cute.

  14. Those adorable girls are both beautiful and you must be on cloud nine with both of them in your house together! I wonder how Addison liked being the "big" girl? You are one lucky grandma Cindy! Linda

  15. It's so hard to see a little one with an ear infection! I'm glad she's feeling perkier.
    I just read Jane's post and told her that I remember your meeting last year - and that this must make us all old friends!

  16. They are both adorable! Love the matching outfits! My daughters were 18 months apart,I always dressed them alike and people though they were twins! Seeing your grandaughters brought back memories!

  17. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you so much for your sweet and thoughtful note.
    The girls are adorable and I love their matching outfits. Little ones are so precious.
    The siding is wonderful I love the look very much, your husband is amazing, I am going to show this to my hubby.
    Also your red patio settee turned out great, red is my favorite color.
    Have a sweet day,

  18. Hi Cindy, the student home looks great! Whoever buys it will be getting a wonderful place! Your girls are adorable. Imagine they will have lots of fun together over the years. You asked if deer eat daylilies. I'm not sure. They haven't eaten mine (yet, anyway). There are spray products you can use to discourage the deer and I've had success with it. However, we don't have as many deer in our area as you do!
    Hugs, Beth

  19. What precious, beautiful children! You are truly blessed.

  20. Cindy, they are both beautiful and growing so fast. Love their little matching dresses. Too, too cute! laurie


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