High School Kids build some amazing projects!

As many of you may know, my husband Dan teaches Building Construction and Woodworking classes at our local high school.
Dan's students use a lot of tools!  In fact he spends a great deal of time ordering new tools, machines, building materials etc.
So when Harbor Freight Tools 
 contacted me to sponsor a post, I knew this would be right up his alley!

All of his students design and complete working drawings of their projects. This provides the students the freedom to use their creativity to design each product to their own preferences.

Students use all types of woodworking tools and equipment during the construction of their project.

This girl, who is also an avid hunter, found some interesting deer antler door pulls to put on her gun cabinet.

This student designed and built a pool table, utilizing his own unique method of leveling the playing surface without the use of slate. This allowed him to keep the cost of the beautiful table to under $400. 
Dan's students use air compressors and nail guns daily while working on their projects and especially at the home his students are building.
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This student designed and fabricated a rustic table that he and his identical twin brother eat breakfast at every morning. 

In 31 years of teaching, this is the first porch swing that anyone has ever built in one of my husbands classes. The girl who is building this project, has yet to stain and varnish it and she is also sewing the seat cushions that will make it oh so comfy.

One of the many excellent values available at Harbor Freight are the tape measures that we buy each year and sell to students for $.99 each. They are 12' tapes that have fractions printed on them that help students learn to measure if they struggle with fractions. Many, many students buy these and use them daily in class. 

Thanks for coming by everyone!
We are expecting a very warm week-end here in Wisconsin, with highs close to 90 on Saturday.
We have a graduation party on Saturday and several more in the next few weeks!
Tis the season!


  1. Wow! Awesome projects! So inspiring!
    And I love Harbor Freight! Way cool that they contacted you!
    Enjoy your beautiful weekend!

  2. Cindy, I am always amazed when I see all the things his students make. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. These projects turned out great. They must be so proud of themselves. I am a city girl and thought that was a rather fancy cupboard for pool cues. Guns never entered my mind. Lol. Love the handles.
    These kids will take this knowledge with them and will think back often to this class as they created or repair things int the future.

  4. Great projects and I love that swing! I hope you show some pics when she has finished staining and sewing the seat cushion. Have a great weekend!

    Susan and Bentley

  5. They have done a great job on their projects - they are all very talented.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Wow, these kids are GOOD! Of course they have a great teacher! Love the swing!

    I like your new header, very colorful and pretty!

    Have you made your reservations yet? I am so looking forward to shopping together and some great meals! :)


  7. Hi Cindy! I think everyone knows of Harbor Freight..but then maybe that's because I come from and have raise a family of woodworkers..who are always needing tools and lumber. Two of my three sons are cabinet makers as is are both my brothers. I enjoyed seeing the different projects the children are making. Not children really, but very young adults.
    I am watching the home building..and love updates..
    My coffee table was built by my son, Michael..and is a family treasure...as is my daughters huge coffee table. I believe it is in the photo's of Easter at her home, and many other photo's.
    LOVED this post.

  8. My two favorites are the hall tree chair AND the gun rack case - - - though nonhunter nonWisconsinites probably don't "get" gun cases.

  9. What wonderful projects! I'll bet those kids will treasure them for a long time....and remember you husband.

  10. Good night! Those projects are fantastic....it's amazing what kids are capable of doing, given some good teaching and coaching! Linda

  11. I'm impressed girl and I don't impress easily! What a wonderful job your dear Hubs does with these kiddos and what amazin' projects they've finished!

    I'm awestruck here!

    God bless and enjoy your week sweetie!!! :o)

  12. Oh my Word! Cindy, Dan has done an amazing job of teaching and inspiring these young people. Their projects are incredible! If they were my husband's students, I'd be commissioning them to build something for my house all the time~ or maybe to even build us a house! So much talent. laurie

  13. I say, your husband deserves alot of credit. It take a a great teacher for kids to be motivated and want to succeed. Beautiful projects.


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