Addison Lou, Pretty in Pink!

Addison Lou at 18 months!

Oh my, how this little girl has grown!
In such a short time, she has captured our hearts and brought us so much joy!

To celebrate her 18 month old mark and because Grandma or (Namma) as she calls me, found her this cute dress!

And as a gift to her Mommy, my daughter Katie, to celebrate her 22nd birthday on May 1st we had these pictures taken.

Her mom likes to dress her a little more trendy and funky!
Namma likes more traditional.
Either way I think she wears it well!

Two peas in a pod!
Honestly, Addison is a mini-me of my daughter in so many ways!
They look so much alike (although Adi got her Dad's brown eyes)
And their personalities are so very similar!
As I've told my daughter, "I've had a lot of practice raising a little one like Addison"
In other words, she is as lively and active as her Mommy was.
Because look at her here!
Minus her frilly dress, in her overalls chasing the domestic bunnies that have taken up residence in our yard.
And boy oh boy is this little gal quick!
Just not quite quick enough to catch those crazy rabbits! 




  1. Oh Cindy, both are so beautiful. Such wonderful pictures. They really do look a lot alike. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Hugs, Marty

  2. Your header and all around blog looks fab Cindy, it really does. My how we have grown, haven't we???
    I like the way you captured sweet little Addison. Her mom is soooooo pretty. LOVE LOVE LOVE all pics of your baby girls.
    So, your birthday is in Aug??? What are your plans my friend? Coming to Montréal??? Just saying, lol....

  3. Happy Memorial Day, Cindy. Your little Addison is just so precious. SweetCheeks has that SAME dress (the first one). I just love it....I got it for her...and, my daughter's choice is a bit more funky,too-like yours. Your daughter is a beautiful girl and I know how proud you are of your sweet family. Blessings- xo Diana

  4. I can vouch for her speed.

    She is not just PRETTY in pink, she is GORGEOUS in pink - - - of course there's no alliteration in "gorgeous in pink."

  5. Thanks for sharing these great pics of 2 pretty young ladies !
    Hope you had a fun and safe holiday weekend.

  6. she is too precious...I know what you mean having an active one around...Hotrod is on full speed most of the time...

  7. She has gotten so big...and your daughter is beautiful!

  8. Hi Cindy. Oh, Addison is a little charmer and love her pretty little dress you bought. Your daughter is so very beautiful! You're a blessed lady, Cindy.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. HI!!!
    I LOVE all those pics...I too prefer the more traditional dress for littles....but this generation of Mommy's like the more fashionista way of doing things!!!I like it but LOVE seeing them in dresses like our girls wore!!!
    Addison is adorable and LOVE her spunk!!!

  10. What incredible pictures of two beautiful girls! Like mother, like daughter! Precious!

  11. Beautiful, just beautiful. Great photos but of course the models are gorgeous.

  12. Hi darling, oh my goodness she is so cute. What a joy to have her around. Trendy or traditional she'll have all the bases covered. Love the bibs!! Your daughter is as beautiful as her mother..
    hugs ~lynne~

  13. I SO relate to the different styles that the different generations like. Either way, your granddaughter is a sweetie with a beautiful Mom! Aren't grandkids GRAND?

  14. What beautiful girls! Addison is starting to look less like a baby. They just grow up too fast. Love the picture of her chasing the bunnies too. What a delightful childhood she is having. laurie

  15. She is so precious and it does seem as if she has grown up so quickly. I think your daughter is gorgeous...I can see how she "made" such a beautiful child!

  16. Cindy, Both Addison and Katie Rose are beautiful girls! I love the dress you bought for Addison! What a blessing your little granddaughters are!

  17. Addison..I remember telling you to pack her little duds and send her off to me. :) How I love having babies around..probably why I had seven. Addison is and was one of the cutest baby girls I've ever seen. Her Mommy is a beautiful young woman too.
    I don't understand about the food either..it really does puzzle me why my daughter acts the way she does over my blogging. Food? I don't know, Cindy, something is amiss here. I thought I knew my children well..but for some reason she is really down on me for some of the strangest things.
    I know she did not want me to remarry and was furious when I did. So..it's a mystery. I try not to let it get me down but now and then it is really upsetting.

    You can tell by Addisons bee line for those bunnies that she was determined! :) What a doll baby!

  18. Still love seeing your beautiful girls! Thanks for popping in and I like your new header too!
    Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Cindy!
    thanks for posting these beautiful photos of Katie and Adi..
    when first opened..all i could say was "be still my heart!"
    where did our baby go? has it really been that long??
    She has turned into such a beautiful little Charmer..
    you are correct..she is as mini mommy!
    and how is Katie doing?Is dad an active part of Adi's life?
    I'm just being curious....
    now for you..Be CAUTIOUS..
    bears have been known to break into homes.
    or garages where trash(garbage) is kept!
    love visiting!!
    warmest hugs..


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