Spring Vignette and Keetha and Greg!

Hi friends,
 I love spring vignettes!   I have this little table that hubby built for me and it was in desperate need of a new look.  Something light and airy instead of the dark colors of winter.

So I grabbed this green watering can that I purchased at Wally World many moons ago!
A few spring blooms, a birds nest with little green eggs and a few white lacy birds that I purchased at Michael's.
Nothing new here, just shopped the house!

Normally I have a little lamp here too because it's such a dark little spot.  Right now I am on a search for something new,  at a fabulous price of course!

Yesterday hubby and I drove an hour East to meet up with my blogging buddy Keetha and her hubby Greg.
Now it was supposed to be a couple's day spent at this beautiful restaurant and then later at Keetha and Greg's home.
The picture above was taken a year and a half ago during a previous get-together.  It was January and we were all dressed for the cold back then.  We have so much fun with them and to think, we met because of our love of blogging!

Well  life happens and their was another little guest who came along for the visit!
And because of this little 18 month old darling it became a different affair.  And I was only able to get a couple of pics of Addison and none of the adults.
Here she is checking out some of the decor.  There were bunnies everywhere, just beautifully done.  Addison has a major love/hate affair with bunnies!  She loves them so much but the bigger ones tend to make her quite nervous.  Addi was so engrossed with the bunnies that Dan and I ended up eating in shifts!

But Keetha and Greg were just as gracious as can be and understanding too!
After a fabulous buffet we headed over to see their lovely home.
Keetha has it decorated just beautifully and they have a lovely set-up in their basement complete with lots of toys for their grands!
This made Addison a happy camper and allowed her grand-parents a chance to visit a bit too.
We have plans to get together soon and then I promise some pics of her lovely home! 
 Now on to visit the rest of you...have a lovely week all!
And don't forget to go say hi to my friend Keetha!  She has such a great sense of humor, you will love her blog!

I am joining another blogging and real life friend of mine for Tabletop Tuesday.  Go say hi to Marty!


  1. I will pop over and visit Keetha. Your little Addison sure is cute. Grandparents ALWAYS GET IT when plans change because of the little ones. xo Diana

  2. Hi Cindy, I like your new table top vignette. I liked seeing Addison too of course - what a darling little girl! I'm glad you had a chance to visit Keetha and Greg. Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  3. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note and wanted to come by to say hello! Girl, you're sooo sweet with your compliments...we sure did have fun visiting...didn't we!!!

    I love your little "springified" corner table! Cute water can and the tall spring blossoms are just perfect! The little bird's nest just completed the spring bouquet!

    Sounds like you guys had a great time visiting with Keetha and Greg! Keetha told me that ya'll were meeting up! You guys must live fairly close to one another? How neat that you got to go to their home and visit! So happy that ya'll had fun! Loved the bunny photos of Adi!

    Well sweet friend, hope that my note finds you all doing well! Tell Dan that we said hello! Love you, Darlin'!


  4. So cute! Thanks for sharing! Love the textures and colors! Come and follow me back

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing! Love the textures and colors! Come and follow me back

  6. Love those little birds. It was so cold here today that it doesn't even seem like spring in south GA. Of course, we had spring all winter so guess somehow our seasons have gotten mixed up. It's nice though as we usually have very little spring before it gets blazing hot! Glad you had a nice visit with Keetha...now if my two grands had been along I doubt much visiting would have occurred! But we grandparents do what we gotta do!!!

  7. Great pictures of little Addie with her beloved bunnies!

    And what a sweet post about Greg and Keetha - - - you even make us sound like NICE people!


    It was a fun day, and Addie just spiced it up a bit.

    Now - - - go take a nap, Cindy - - - you have EARNED it.

  8. Oh Cindy, I am so thrilled you two got to visis again, how fun. Yes, I love being your friend in real life and getting to visit when you get here. Hope you are back again real soon. Love the vignette and putting the little birdnest in the top is such a cute idea. Addison is growing so big. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  9. Love the makeover you did by just shopping around your home!! And your grandbaby is adorable!!

  10. Like your Spring vignette! Those sweet little grands have a tendency to change plans don't they? :-D

  11. Your friends look like sweet people! Blogging is an amazing thing. I love it. Addison is such a gorgeous baby..always has been from birth!
    I'm glad you had a nice time..

  12. Ooooh nooo.. I forgot to mention your vignette for Spring! Since..I have that watering can and love it...you KNOW for sure I love yours!
    It really is cute, isn't it!

  13. It sounds like a wonderful day, Cindy, made all the better by little ol' precious Addison!

    Love your Spring vignette!

  14. I love your new table top! How wonderful meeting blogging friends.I love Addisons little dress and sweater,so cute!

  15. What fun it must be for you guys to get together every now and again!!! I wish I could do this more.

    Blogsisters are the best and so are grandkiddos!!!

    Beautiful vignette Miss Cindy, I just adore the colors!

    Have a blessed and beautiful day sweetie!

  16. Spring has come to your home. Love the pitcher and all the spring branches.
    Your little Addison is precious!

  17. I love how folks are more kid friendly now a days...good thing...or us Oma's and Grandmas would never get out...lol...great photos of that little cutie pie...

  18. Cindy, I can't believe how Addison is growing! She is sooo photogenic. Just a little doll. Love your pretty springtime vignette. laurie

  19. Life does happen...often around here. Ours tends to revolve around the dogs right now. I've decided that a failing, older dog while still very loved, just might drive me crazy. We have the little grands coming for the weekend and combine the kids, the old dog and the puppy!!!

    I love your vignette. I'm all about the bird nests this year. Hope all is well at your house. We did a bathroom redo and a trip, so I'm way behind around here!

  20. Your Spring vignette is very pretty! Sorry you didn't get a little break and adult time, you need it!


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