Winter Wonderland and my Christmas Mantel

Hi friends,
We got our first big snow of the season yesterday and I have to say it's looking like a winter wonderland around here!

The branches are glistening with snow and I am finally feeling the Christmas spirit.
Hubby and I were sick with the stomach flu for a good part of this past week and nothing got done but the basics.  Yesterday I got a surge of energy and finished the mantel.

It's pretty similar to my past ones but I do have that new cute little reindeer in the middle!

A little close-up of my reindeer, I love his little face!

A closer view of my lantern filled with ornies!

 A bit of tabletop decorating...

A basket filled with pretties!!

Another mantel view.

I love filling a basket full of Christmas pretties!

 A few more snowy scenes!  Honestly, it really is gorgeous!

Beauty by mother nature...
Hubby and I bought our tree yesterday and I have been busy decorating that today.
The snowplows came out early so we're able to move about but I am happy as a bug all snuggled in today.
Working on my decorating and hoping the Packers win so that hubby is happy too!
So what's up with all of you?

I am joining Susan for Met. Monday.
Marty for Tabletop Tuesday.
Mantel Party @ From my front porch to yours.
Mantel Party @ My uncommon slice of Suburbia


  1. Beautiful, Cindy. Love, love the mantel.

  2. Hi Cindy...I love your winter wonderland, it's so gorgeous! Our snow came and melted. Love that little deer on the mantel! :D

  3. Hi darling, What a magical Winter Wonderland you have to feast your eyes on. As pretty as it is, I can wait a while for it here.. Your home looks lovely with all your Christmas decor, I love the darling deer, it's just too cute for words.
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Everything is so pretty and festive looking! Yes - Your snow is beautiful, but I don't want any of it here. I will enjoy your beautiful pictures. :-D
    Sorry you had the flu. I got a shot, so hoping I am covered.

  5. Oh how I wish I was back there "walking in a winter wonderland". SOOO beautiful Cindy!
    Now that Randy's concerts are over I can finally think about Christmas. Hope to start decorating this week.
    The rain and cold definitely got me in the spirit of decorating!

  6. Unbelievable scene here! Just picture perfect as is your charming mantel. I remembered last year I really loved your mantel too. Enjoy the rest of the decorating season.

  7. I'm so glad I'm back in time to see your lovely Christmas mantel and I agree, your deer has the sweetest little face!

    Hope all is well, I've missed everyone so!


  8. Beautifully festive touches Cindy - It's looking wonderful. Sorry to hear you two were ill - we've been spared so far. But even still, you're ahead of me in the decorating department! Yeah, we got that white stuff too - it's pretty once - and maybe again at Christmas - and then it can be done.... ;o) Smiles & Snowy Hugs ~ Robin (Go PACK Go!!!) (How 'bout them awesome Badgers???!!!) :o)))

  9. First of all, go Packers. They don't show the game on tv where I live.
    Second, yes you live in a winter wonderland, such perfect whiteness.
    Third, your stone fireplace wall is gorgeous, and your decor on the mantel makes your home look nice and toasty warm.

  10. Your christmas decorating looks so pretty. What a beautiful snowfall you have. I do hope you and hubby get well soon.

  11. Hey Cindy! I love your mantle! Your reindeer is so adorable, it kinda reminds me of Rudolph. I really like your carolers too. So sorry you and the Mr. have been sick. I am glad to hear you are feeling better. Wow! I am in awe of those last photos. The scene outside your home is truly breath taking! Take care, and hope you are feeling top notch soon!

  12. Your Winter Wonderland is beautiful, and so is your mantel :) I'm glad you're feeling better. I always fear the stomach flu at our house. We never have enough bathrooms when it hits!
    Your team is doing great!!!

  13. Your snow is beautiful!!! I can't wait till we get our first snow of the season! The mantle looks great! (I am so jealous of your gorgeous stone fireplace! )

  14. Hi Cindy~

    I can't believe you got snow~ We did not get ANY here yet. I know it is coming but so far we are snow free.

    Love your mantle..it looks lovely and that little deer is very cute.

    I hope that you continue to feel better every day! xo Diana

  15. It may be a winter wonderland outside, but it sure looks festive and cozy inside. Beautiful, Cindy.

  16. The mantel looks so pretty!
    The snow looks pretty the first time, but it gets old fast! I dread winter! Keep it there , ok? :)

  17. It all looks wonderful. I love looking at the pictures of the snow, but I am enjoying the nice California weather. It snowed every other day the last year that we lived in NH.Hope you are feeling better soon and can enjoy the Christmas season. Blessings ~Sara

  18. Such beautiful images, inside and outside! I've always dreamt a white Christmas (and still I do!!!) but in Sicily it remains just a dream! Take care and have a very Merry and white Christmas, Clara.

  19. Your mantel is beautiful Cindy! I love the little deer, so cute!

    Your snow photos are gorgeous. Our snow hasn't arrived yet. They keep telling us to expect it but so far no snow.:-)

  20. Hi Cindy, Sorry to hear that you have been ill but glad you are recovering. These photos, both inside and out, are really beautiful! I love the stone around your fireplace! I started a new job last week. No snow here yet; we've had two minor snowfalls that didn't last. Merry Christmas!

  21. Like your mantel, your snow pictures are just gorgeous! These look like they were copied straight from a Christmas card! Beautiful, but I don't want the snow here, lol.

  22. Wow Cindy, it really is gorgeous. It definitely looks like a winter wonderland. I love your mantel, it is so pretty and I think your fireplace is beautiful. I love the rock. All of your table decorations are so pretty too. I love the one filled with all the pretty ornaments. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  23. OF COURSE the Packers would win (although it was a little nerve-wracking at the end, wasn't it?)! Love the snow pics, and that is the cutest reindeer I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing!

  24. I would love to see that winter wonderland for myself...I remember them quite well. God painted you a beautiful picture...

  25. I love your winter wonderland!
    Your mantel is beautiful!

  26. WEll!
    You know how I feel!
    And that's not the stomach flu talking that's the envy showing thru.
    Sigh. You have such a beautiful little spot in that white wonderland. All that beauty - just outside your door. Every day.
    Naughty deer and all.
    If you hear the doorbell...
    HUGS! Me.

  27. Hi Cindy! Oh, your mantel is darling and I'll bet little Addison will love it! Your snowfall is just gorgeous. Love that last shot with the snowy trees! Keep warm.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  28. Cindy, I didn't realize the reindeer was so BIG!!! I thought he was just a little thing. He looks FAB on your mantle this year.
    We still have nothing. It's misty today, weird. I feel like I'm living back in Van. I tell ya.
    Time to post something for Brittany's 23rd.
    Gotta go.
    P.S. Could you send me your address please via email? I'm sending out cards.

  29. beautiful images, lovely blog ;))
    i am following

  30. That really does look beautiful, Cindy, and must really put you in the Christmas mood! Your mantel looks great. I love the lantern filled with ornaments ~ great idea!

  31. so sorry to hear you were under the weather...glad your on the mend....beautiful photos....

  32. Beautiful and festive decore - and how perfect that Mother Nature decorated outside for you!

  33. Beautiful and festive decore - and how perfect that Mother Nature decorated outside for you!

  34. Oh BRRrrrrr, Cindy! It looks so gorgeous. I'm excited that it is actually cold enough here in the desert to wear sweaters & scarves....lol, & we can see some of your kind of "stuff" in the very far distant mountains!

    Your stone fireplace is beautiful & looks all cozy and inviting with your sweet decorations. Love your little reindeer -- adorable. So glad you are feeling better and can start having some Christmas fun!
    :) CAS

  35. Woohoo, it looks fabulous my dear!!! I finally got my hall decked yesterday and have begun my candy makin' today!!!

    I'm on a roll! Heeehehe!

    God bless and have a magnificent day sweetie!!! :o)

  36. Very pretty mantle and it truly captures the season when you see gorgeous snow like that. Linking up from 'From my front porch to yours'.

  37. Cute reindeer! And I like your carolers too. It looks like a winter wonderland out there. Enjoy it! I hope you are enjoying your Christmas season, Cindy!...Christine

  38. Gorgeous decorations and those snowy photos look fab. We are having such mild weather in the UK. It is only just starting to get cold. Hugs Sara

  39. Everything looks beautiful - inside and out. That little reindeer is so sweet (I thought you had enough deer visiting without putting one on your mantel!). I love the ornaments in the lantern. Keep thinking I'm going to get around to copying that idea. The snow on the trees is so pretty. It looks like a Christmas card. What a fun Christmas this will be with that little one running around. (I hope your tree survives little hands). laurie

  40. Hi Girlfriend...

    I just wanted to leave you a note on your beautiful Christmas mantel! It turned out sooo pretty, dear friend! I love your new little reindeer! He looks like he is made of wood? I love it! Everything is looking soooo Christmasy at your place...inside and out! Your snowy photos are gorgeous...what a beautiful home and property you have, dear friend! Your Wisconsin woodlands are truly magnificent!!! So glad that you share them with us...and all of your Christmas pretties too!

    Love ya,

  41. WOW - that sure is some GORGEOUS WHITE SNOW! ;) The kind you sit all cuddled up near the fireplace and just look outside the window while you sip on your hot cocoa! ;) Here in GA we don't have a speck...but, that's okay. I'll enjoy your pics and dream.... :) Hugs friend!


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