Christmas Eve memories and blessings.

Oh my, that chubby little toddler is me holding my brother Tom.  We are only 13 months apart so I can't remember not knowing him.  He lives in Flagstaff, AZ. with his wife Kathy and their beloved dog.   I am so thankful they are still in Arizona and that my son Joshua, dil Dawn and grand-daughter Calista who live in Phoenix, were able to spend Christmas with them.

And here's my brother Tom holding my grand-daughter Calista!  I am so happy they were able to act as her honorary grand-parents this Christmas.

I love my Christmas nativity!  With my 14 month old grand-daughter around I wasn't able to put it out this year and I miss it.  Oh well, maybe next year she will be a little less into things.

Cause this is what she can do already..... scale every piece of furniture around!
My hubby came into the kitchen the another night and found her standing on top of the table!  This is what happens when they walk at 9 months of age



Katie and Addison

We had a small gathering on Christmas Eve at our home.
We will celebrate with my side of the family later in January.
My extended family is very large.  My mom has 8 kids and their spouses, 25 grandkids and now 2 great-grandkids.  Years ago we came up with the idea of going to a water park and renting a condo for the weekend.  It's worked out well and its a tradition we have kept.

Helping grandpa with some last minute wrapping.

And then bonking him on the head!

My mom and her beau!  It's been 4 years since my father passed away and I am glad she has someone in her life.

My brother Matt and his wife Bridget came for Christmas eve dinner.

Helping grandpa open presents.

Brand new fun things to play with!

Katie and boyfriend.
I was so busy cooking and doing other things that I didn't get in one pic!
Told my hubby if I up and die you won't even remember me!
Ok, just kidding but seriously I should get in at least one pic.
Last evening we spent Christmas with Dan's extended family.
It was very nice and the Packers won which was a bonus.
Today I am busy cleaning, throwing out and just generally resting up.
Hopefully you all had a nice Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a very nice and fun Christmas. Yes - those little ones definitely change the way you decorate.
    I avoid having my picture taken. :D

  2. Hi Cindy! What an adorable little toddler you were! :)
    Loved seeing your family and of course those little dolls! My how time flies. Addison is all over the place! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Oh she looks so precious! You have a beautiful family. I'm happy you had a wonderful holiday!

  4. You have a good-looking family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  5. Sounds like a good time was had by all. Your grandaughter is so adorable!

  6. Cindy, what a priceless post with so many of your family pictured. That little Addison is growing up fast and looks adorable in her Christmas finery. I can't believe she was already standing on the kitchen table. Our son was that way. While still in diapers, we found him on the top shelf in a closet of a condo we rented for vacation! Love that picture of you holding your brother. How precious. And another beautiful little granddaughter. Will she get to go on the trip in January with your family? The two cousins together may be a real handfull, but what fun! laurie

  7. I loved reading about your Christmas! It came and went so fast. Addison is at a great age for taking it all in...the good and the bad! The wonder on here face opening the gift with Dan is so sweet! After 3 celebrations out and then the big Christmas brunch here, I am pooped and plan on doing nothing today! You rest up, too, sweetie!


  8. Hi Cindy...what a lovely post AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Merry Christmas Cindy!
    Randy & I hope to get up to Flagstaff this week and take in the beauty of all the snowstorms they've had this month! Can't wait! I desperately need a road trip real bad. Christmas is exhausting!

  10. finally I can comment...sounds like a great Christmas....your babies are adorable...

  11. So much more fun with little ones around for the holidays....they see magic like on one else. (Although Grandpa looks pretty dang serious there....) ;o) Love the photo of you and your brother - and then of your brother holding sweet little Calista...wow...talk about time flashing before your eyes, hey? Our holiday was very quiet and uneventful...which, I guess, can be a good thing too....Wishing you a week filled with joy....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  12. Looks like a wonderful Christmas with family! Love your pics! Happy New Year!

  13. Cindy- It is so nice to see that you had such a wonderful Christmas. I am just like you- always behind the camera...mostly because I don't like having my picture taken~lol

    Your little Calista is sooo cute...just adorable. I had one climber, too. She scared the devil out of me when she was little. She would put a stool on top of a chair and scale both to get to the high shelves in the pantry.

    We got just a smidge of snow (less than 1") on this side of the state for Christmas. Not sure if your early snow lasted.

    Happy Holidays- I am trying to get some down time this week, too. Might not happen- xo Diana

  14. Cindy, thanks SO much for visiting my long-lost blog! I hope to do better in the coming months. I can't believe how much Addison has grown since I've been away. They grow up way too fast don't they? Sounds like you had a fun but busy Christmas, as did I! But today all the decorations came down...except the big tree in the family room. We ran out of steam! But that's OK cause we can enjoy the lights one more night. Here's hoping you and yours have a very blessed 2012.

  15. Tom looks as big as you in the pic where you are holding him! Hey, I have an old hall tree in my entry much like yours! Looks like you did have a great Christmas..Happy New Year to you! ;D

  16. Looks like a good time was had. Happy 2012 to you, many blessings!

  17. Oh Darlin', the family resemblance shouts through loud and strong between you and your bro and those precious grandkiddos of yours.

    Those pictures are just precious of your beautiful family.

    I know what your talkin' 'bout. We spend our time in the kitchen and workin' snappin' a pic here and there (if we get a chance). Most of the pics of me are self photos....I need longer arms! Heeehehe!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic New Year!!! :o)

  18. What great memories, Cindy. You were so cute! Sounds like you have a very busy but fun holiday season. Happy New Year!..Christine

  19. Hi Cindy....a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Addison is getting so big.....she's adorable...you are so blessed having her with you....We spent Christmas Eve with our new neighbors since we have no family here in Georgia....Our girls are coming this weekend so we are excited to see them.....the house looks like Christmas hasn't gotten here yet.....
    I just posted my yearly calendar of Miss Sophie so stop back when you get the chance to see how big she's getting.....they grow up right before your eyes....or in my case in pictures!!....Again...have a wonderful New Year to you and your family....Hugs, Sue.

  20. Beautiful blog...beautiful family photos. You have a nice name, too :) Found you through Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home. Am your newest follower!
    Happy New Year!

  21. Cindy, such great pics and sounds like such a wonderful Christmas. I think you should have been in at least one pic too. I wasn't in any of our pics either, oh well, maybe next time for both of us. When are you coming out, I can't wait to play again. Hugs, Marty

  22. What precious grands, Cindy! They are both adorable, and I know how fun this Christmas was for you with Miss Addison keeping you on your toes. I loved the bonking shot. She is cute as can be!

    Finally got my computer back. I feel like I've been on MARS! Wanted to drop by to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

    Love to you and yours, my friend.


    Sheila :-)

  23. Happy New year my dear friend..what happen to us after we became grandma's so little time for blogging when we are busy loving them babies..love ya girl..Hugs and smiles Gloria


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