Tabletop Tuesday, stuck in snowbanks and Packer Heaven!

Hi All,
Have you ever gotten just one little new thing and felt like re-arranging your whole home?
I found this pretty blue bottle at TJ Maxx and decided that it would look nice in my living room.
It was marked down to $7 so it was a bargain as well.

My bird house lamp, a plate, birdies and my new glass bottle!

I love my little stacked birdies!  They were a B-Day gift from the hubby!

Another view.  It's really white outside these windows!

And speaking of white.  I managed to back my car into a snow drift in our driveway this morning.
The snow has gotten so deep there is hardly anywhere left to put it.

Well I was on my way to an appointment and had to scratch that.  At least I was able to shovel my way out of it.
And since I was already bundled up, I though I might as well fill up my bird feeders.

But first I managed to spill about half the feed all over my dining room table.

And then I trudged through this.  Which was up to my knees.  I sure wish I had some snowshoes!

Because when I was done, my boots looked like this.

But on a brighter note, my hubby is in Packer heaven after the big win last night!
And Jane, (Blondie's Journal) being the great sport that she is e-mailed congrats right away.
My favorite part was when the big guy (Raji) ran for the touchdown.  Now that was quite the sight!
So how has your Monday been?
Been stuck in any snowbanks lately?
Take Care and have a wonderful week!
I am joining Marty @ A stroll thru life for Tabletop Tuesday.  Check out her lovely blog!


  1. Wow!Thats a lot of snow!I watched the game and enjoyed it too. I live in MS but am a Packers fan.The cupcakes look good.I made chocolate mini cupcakes this week. I love your curtains they are beautiful blue and white are my favorite colors.I love the bottle you found!That is alot of snow!I will be praying that you will receive some warmer temps.I feed birds also and they have eat it all up.I put out some peanut butter on a plate with seed sprinkled on it and they love it.But you have to put it flat so they can stand on the plate.I tried hanging one up and the wind would blow it and they kept flying into it instead of getting anything to eat.Have a good one!That is alot of snow.

  2. I love the snow! I wish it would snow more here, but maybe not the kind that I would sink in. lol Lovely blues you got there, Cindy!

  3. I love your new bottle and your pretty vignette, the birds, birdhouse and the lamp are all so pretty with the plate. Now as for all that snow, wow, that really is a ton. I am so glad you are ok. Wish you were here, it is so nice right now. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  4. Congrats to your team....I know your hubby must be very excited...there is quite a frenzy around here...getting ready for all the super bowl visitors...love your blue vase...great price too...man yall have a lot of snow..

    Cute cupcakes! We had the usual brats & beer.
    SO excited they WON and now SUPER BOWL BOUND!!
    Can't believe that you not only have below 0 weather... but LOTS of snow!
    Stay warm & safe Cindy!

  6. I love the vase. I hope that the Packers win the super bowl!!

  7. What a Monday you had girl..Love the blue bottle as you knew I would..Len sat all day yesterday glued to TV watching the games...he also was happy that the Packers won and said they will win the super bowl..Girl I don't care one way or another about football..Wally and I had box seats for the Raiders for 10 years and I just went for the clossal dogs ha ha!!
    Girl you can keep the white stuff..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  8. Your little birdies are so sweet! Wow, you really have some snow going on, there! None expected here in the near future.

  9. Congrats on your teams victory...I have a pair of snowshoes you can borrow :) The cupcakes look yummy!

  10. Wow! Sorry about the snow bank and hope your car is ok! That much snow would should this place down for some time. Really like the cobalt blue bottle - my favorite color of blue.
    Not doing any real decorating around here - just working on "petty" things on the "list".
    Enjoy your week.

  11. You have had a busy time. Glad you're safe and warm now and can enjoy one of those lovely cupcakes. Blue Willow and cobalt blue are some of my favorites.

  12. I think you need to do a Packer table top for Super Bowl Sunday!!!

    The Raji TD was a scream!

  13. Oh Cindy, I love the color of that vase, and it IS perfect in your living room. I love your beautiful drapes in there too. Very pretty vignette, and the stacked birds are so cute. Brrrr, just looking at your boots made me cold! What lucky birds to have you around to put food out for them when you have to go through all of that snow to do it! Bundle up, stay warm, and stay out of the snowbanks! laurie

  14. Beautiful vignette, Cindy! Congrats on the Packers' win. Needless to say, my niece from Chicago is sad:-(....Christine

  15. Love your new bottle. It looks great in your setting and love those little birds.
    We are all in Packer Heaven over here too. We laughed hysterically when Raji ran in for that TD...and his dance with the "belt". Did you see that? Have a great night- we have too much snow too but so far I haven't gotten stuck yet. Of course I do have 4Wheel drive so it is pretty hard to get stuck with that~ Hugs- Diana

  16. A pretty vignette, Cindy. The buying one thing and it leading to changes happens to me a lot.

    My good old school friend lives in Appleton. She is a happy camper today, too!:-)

    Love the cupcakes.

  17. Cindy, I love your new vase, the blue is one of my favorite colors. Like you we've had a lot of snow and running out of places to push it too. Try to stay out of those drifts. hugs ~lynne~

  18. The vase is really pretty, I love TJMaxx I always find something there!
    We had a big night too the Steelers won and we are so happy...tell your hubby we will see him in Dallas:) Should be a great game!

  19. Boy, you are stuck in snow. Glad your team won. I'm sure that warmed things up!
    Have fun inside working on your pretty vignettes. ~ Sarah

  20. Hi Cindy!
    I love your new bottle...very pretty sitting on your little table. You've sure been getting hit with snow up there...my step family in Manitoba is getting hit pretty bad too and have more snow than they've had in years. Stay warm and safe!
    Maura :)

  21. Sure looks like you had a true Monday! It's nice to feed the birds, they need it. Congrats on the Packers, should be a fun Super Bowl:@)

  22. I luv the stacked birdies...haven't seen anything like that before.

    Hope your outside birds appreciate all you go through to feed them:) My grandson and I are going to make suet cakes this weekend.

    Fun picture of your boots. Don't you hate it when the snow goes down inside the boots?

    I live in Green Bay and all the Packer talk/celebrating is about to wear me out. My dad is 87 and still wears his Super Bowl sweatshirt from 1997. Hopefully, I'll be able to replace it with a new one in a couple of weeks.

    Stay warm. donna

  23. Our snow has melted but it's been cold baby!!! Good golly Miss Molly, I'd sure loan ya my barn boots if ya were here, they go way up to my knees. Of course, my itty~bitty feet have not grown since the fifth grade. Really...TMI???

    I just love your new vase and it looks so pretty in your beautiful settin'.

    Yep, I redecorated my whole family room once from the carpet to the soft because of a vase I brought home from Mexico. I totally understand!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day my friend!!! :o)

  24. Hi Cindy! Oh, I love your new blue bottle and it's perfect in your sunny living room! Love your curtains too! I just can't get over all your snow!! I think I'd need more than my flip flops to walk in that stuff. ;0
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  25. Oh, I think that vase belongs here in our move to our Condo! I am doing quite a lot of blue and white. Thankfully the snow doesn't belong here, but the birds do!!

    I would love the excuse for a nice pair of warm boots! Kim from nannykim (formerly Spindle cottage)

  26. Yikes, that snow can be treacherous! Glad you got shoveled out.
    Your blue and white is stunning! I love your curtains. Blue and white is such a classic combo.

  27. Hi Cindy! Our recent snow did me in for the rest of the winter! lol I kept our birdies fed, too....poor little guys! In shock! Love your little Miss Addison...such a cutie! I hope you are staying warm!...hugs...Debbie

  28. Hi Cindy, Packers are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!! I'm still on a Packer high!!!!
    Go Packers, Leanne

  29. Congrats on the Packers but I'm still broken-hearted the Atlanta Falcons lost out:( Now that birdseed on the dining table, what a mess! Sounds like your day had just a few little mishaps...but nothing that couldn't be fixed and that's a blessing:)

  30. Pretty Blues, Cindy. I love your birds!
    I don't follow football, I would have watched if the Jets won, but they didn't. So now I can go shopping on Super Bowl Sunday, unless it snows again! But nothing like where you are!!

  31. OK well the Blue vase and pretty little birds would total cheer me up! Because baby it's cold outside in your neck of the woods. Cute stuff!

  32. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh noooo...did you say a few "choice" words when you spilled the bird seed? Hehe! Sorry, honey...not laughing at you..just with you! Although, I'm sure it wasn't so funny at the time!

    Oooh...I am loving your new blue bottle vase, Girlfriend! I love that color of blue..it's simply gorgeous!!! It looks sooo pretty in your new vignette! Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean...and I have redecorated an entire room around a new item! Hehe! Well, I just love your gorgeous new blue vase...I know you will be able to get miles of decorating out of it!

    Girlfriend, you are better than me! I would probably starve those poor little birds over the winter...if it meant getting out in all that snow! Hehe! What do you mean...you need snow boots? Girl, it looks like you need "waders" to me...that's some really tall snow you have going on there! wink! Brrr! You know, we have hardly had any snow this winter. We really are in a drought situation...there's just no moisture for snow! It's really been hard on our farmers here with their winter wheat crops! You stay warm, sweet friend! I'll talk with you later!

    Love ya,

    PS...Oh yes, when Kaji ran the ball for that touchdown...was the best play of the game! Loved that!

  33. Cindy, where on earth did this post come from??? Something is going on with Google. I missed a bunch of posts. Now, granted, I was traveling, but I always check for YOURS!

    I love the blue vase and the new birds your husband gave you. And I always like to see what you're doing in your home.

    I heard that your team won so I was sure you'd be celebrating! :-)

    Going to read the other post that I had read but stopped to read this one.

    Stay warm and stay out of those snowbanks!!!


    Sheila :-)

  34. Susch a lovely settings...

    Wow, you have so much snow, like we have in Sweden.

    Have a blessed w/end,


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