Baby love, Meeting Keetha and off I go!!!

I am totally in love with this little 3 month baby girl!
Last week little Addison's eyes were dark blue and now their turning brown!
It kind of shocked me because I  thought they were going to be blue like her Mommy's.
But instead their going to be brown like her Daddy's.

My sister Susie loaned us this fun jumper.  Addison is already jumping with the aid of a pillow!
Babies have it made nowadays, so many fun things for them to do.
She is also babbling, laughing out loud and last weekend she rolled over!
Yah Addison!

Tomorrow I am leaving this......
(I've been totally into making ice luminaries for some reason)

And heading to this!

I think my body may go into shock!
It's been so cold here and 65-70 is going to feel so good!

I will visit with my son and dil.

And some lovely bloggy friends!
Speaking of which, last Friday evening my hubby Dan and I met up with Keetha and her hubby!
What a great evening we had!

And here's the lovely couple!  Keetha ( The Eclectic Company) and I met through blogging and now she only lives a hop, skip and jump away from me!  Ok, well more like 50 miles but still a lot closer than her previous home in
Well my friends, please don't forget me!
I will be back to visit with you all soon.


  1. That baby is just precious, Cindy!

    Have a great time on your trip and take lots of pictures for us.

    Safe journey...


    Sheila :-)

  2. I just love this baby! Have a really great trip and as much fun as you can muster! I just love Keesha too :D

  3. Hi sweet friend...

    Girl, your little Addison just looks like a little pixie! Her features are so sweet and petite! She sure is precious! You're going to really miss her while you're gone..awww! I know, can you believe the fun play things that they have for babies these days? Gotta love it!

    Cindy, I love your ice illumanaries! I didn't know that you were making them...sooo pretty! You'll have to do a tutorial on them one of these days! Darlin', your body really is going to go into shock with the warmer Az. temps! Hehe! Pleaseeee take me with you! wink! You're going to have sooo much fun! Girlfriend, is that gorgeous stone home your sons? Ohhh...I love it! I remember seeing a few photos of the interior but never seen any of the exterior! Well sweet friend, have lots of fun!!! Please give all those sweet blogging ladies hugs for me! I would love to meet all of them!!! Not to mention, getting to see you again as well! I'll miss you, Girlfriend...take lots of photos!!!

    Take care and be safe...
    Love ya,

    PS...loved getting to see your photos of you and Keetha! What fun!!!

  4. I love making ice luminaries. I made some using water in walmart bags. The ice made this free form and I thought they were so pretty.

    LOVE those baby cheeks!

  5. nothing like baby love...she is just precious...I think little britches eyes are going to stay blue....have a fun...safe trip...enjoy the warmer weather..

  6. She is gorgeous! I can see how you would be in love with her! She will be a brown eyed belle for sure! I love your snow luminaries. I could do that myself. We got 5 inches or more today here in SC! Crazy! I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip! Enjoy!

  7. YOur little grandbaby is so cute! Have fun and see you when you get back!

  8. I can't believe this sweet baby is already so grown up! She's beautiful!!!

    Have fun on your trip.


  9. She looks like a big doll, Cindy.

    Enjoy your trip and take lots of pictures.

  10. Oh... sweet baby...What a fun looking jump thingy....

    Have fun in the warm south, I am just a tad jealous.
    My husband is going to AZ. next week for 8 days & I decided not to go along... WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I had a plane ticket & all...
    At least get some sun & take some pics with your tan : )

  11. Awww! She is precious! Yes - Babies have so many new toys/equipment now days compared to what we had when we raised their Mothers. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip to AZ.

  12. The baby jumper looks like a space shuttle. Wow.
    I'll bet Keetha is just as awesome in person as she is on her blog. Now I can go to her blog and say the same thing about you because I'll bet it is true.


    Your little girl is a doll baby.

    Love and celebrate,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green island

  14. HI!!!
    I am so excited to see you Thursday!!!
    YEAH!!!It is going to be warm for you!!!Almost 70!!!
    Yeah for that and so glad you met keetha face to face, lucky you!!!Love her blog!!!
    That baby is soooo Cute!!!WOW
    love her eyes blue or brown, I have brown so partial to brown!!!LOL

  15. Oh Cindy I LOVE those ice luminaries! I wish you WOULD show us how to make them.

    Addison is so precious - - - love the little bunnies on her feet!

    Hey - - - FH and I don't look half bad for old people!

  16. Cindyyyyy...we canno't forget you!!!! I'm going to wait for your post.... have wonderful days..hugs, Flavia

    Allison is beautiful with any eyes color!!

  17. Cindy - Have a wonderful time at your family's home...and please take some of this cold weather with your....or, better yet...bring some of their warmth back here.

    Is that a berm home, by the way,or is that just an optical illusion and it is built close to the hill behind it? Looks like Arizona to me!

  18. Hi Cindy! Oh, that little Addison is adorable and I agree - our babies have it made. Look at that jumper will all the bells and whistles!! :)
    Have fun as you thaw out!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Addison is such a cutie and she is growing so fast. Have a safe adnd fun trip, Cindy. You are so lucky, you get to meet so many blogging friends. I am going to see Vanna (delusions of grandeur) too very soon!...Christine

  20. That sweet baby looks just like her beautiful mother! She has such a funny expression on her face. I immediately thought of a newscaster (for some odd reason) about to deliver some somber news! Don't know why. You be safe and have fun now!

  21. Cindy, these photos of Addison make me want another grandbaby (don't tell my children I said that - I really don't want them to have more children, but I'd love to pick up little Addison and hold her, and giggle with her. she is an absolute doll). Love your ice luminaries. I hope you have a wonderful trip to AZ. I know the people there are still in shock over the recent tragedy. I've been saying prayers for all of them. laurie

  22. I love the first photo, Addison looks as if she's having a deep conversation with the photographer, what a sweetie.
    Have a safe trip.

  23. HI Cindy, the baby is just gorgeous I hope your trip is wonderful sounds like it should be, since you will be seeing your son and DIL and some great blogging friends! enjoy! Hugs

  24. I just love hearing about all your gatherings with blogging friends, especially since I "know" some of them.

    Have a great trip and don't forget the sun screen, lol.

    Here in Florida we are the only state without snow right now, so you may want to think about that in the future…hint, hint.


  25. Cindy she is just precious! Enjoy! ;)

  26. Having just gotten back from the west--I'm jealous. lol You will have so much fun! I just saw Ceekay. Wish it could have happened that we could have met each other.
    Enjoy the weather. We came home to a real shock with 9" of snow. Rare for SC.
    Enjoy your family and all the blogging friends.

  27. Addison is such a cutie! Give that baby girl a big hug from me!!

    Susan and Bentley

  28. Thanks for the congratulatory note, Cindy. Are you back home yet? Looks like you had a great time from seeing the pictures...Christine

  29. I was so glad to hear from you tonight, Cindy. It made my day. I have missed you SO much! Glad you had fun and are heading home and hope you have a very safe trip.


    Sheila :-)

  30. She is such a sweet baby! I hope you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy those temps, it is still freezing back here in the Midwest!

  31. Sooo sweet! Cindy..I can see why you have lost your heart to that child. She's adorable!
    How did you go from Ice candles to ...desert??

    It looks like you had a great time with your bloggy friends. :) I saw the photo (and you were in them) on another blog. I think it was Marty's.

    Mercy, but you do get around.
    Hugs and love, :)


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