The Storm of the Century and my skate make-over!

Hi Everyone!
Look at the snow, it's right up to my kitchen window!  I think we may have had the storm of the century!  Between 18 and 20 inches have fallen.  And to top it all off, we have dangerous windchills of -20 to -35 below zero!  All the schools around us are canceled for tomorrow.
Our patio.

The view out of our living room window.

And here's poor hubby literally trying to dig us out of the garage this morning.  It was 5:00 p.m. before the snow plow came by today and I was getting a major case of cabin fever! 
I had such grand intentions for this weekend.  I would clean my house, wrap presents, write Christmas cards etc. etc. etc.

But this little snow angel got snowed in right along with us.  And her Mommy was unable to come fetch her. 
So I spent my time taking care of little Addison and just trying to keep us warm!

However, I do have one little project to share.  I took these old skates that I have had for many moons!  I scrubbed them, bleached out the laces, polished them up and added lot's of glitter!

And here they are now!  I am going to hang them outdoors on my sleigh! That is if I can find it in all this snow. hehe.   I think they turned out kind of cute and all it cost me was a can of good craft glitter.
So maybe tomorrow I can get going and finally get something done around here.
 And if you are somewhere warm right now don't tell me.  I love snow but I think I may have had enough to last a year or two.  And I don't like bitter cold at all.
Have a great week!
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  1. I love:

    The drift with the sharp sastruga edge

    The glitter skates

    Little Addison - - - she is a doll baby!

  2. WOWZA...I think your place has turned into the north pole..,that is so much snow! And here we had 57 degrees today! The baby is a doll, just too cute! Love the skates, yours put mine to shame, mine are in my front porch with a sleigh and they could use some of that glitter..so cute! ;D

  3. HI!!!
    I have been worried sick about you all day!!!
    I saw the replay of the collapsed football stadium!!!How scary, what is that had happened during the game????
    BE SAFE--BE WARM!!!!
    LOVE THAT adorable baby, she is sooo cute!!!
    OH MY GOSH......those ice skates are to DIE For!!!LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH!!!!
    Great job!!!
    Stay inside where it is warm!!!
    I am NOT going to tell you it was 81 here today!!!
    But I prefer cold in December!!!
    Come to my house!!!

  4. Wow! you really did get the snow. It was predicted to hit here in Michigan, but so far, not so much.
    Your skates are adorable, BUT not near as cute as that little pink bundle.... What a doll!!
    Not too bad to be snowed in with her : )

  5. Cindy,
    Love, love, love the skates! I know you had fun with your little doll!

  6. Well, Cindy, if you must be snowed in at least you had a precious little snow baby to keep you happy! Hope your daughter used the free time to rest and didn't worry too much!Your snow pictures are beautiful. Can you imagine drinking lemonade on that picnic table? Linda

  7. Hi Cindy! Wow that's a lot of snow!!! Snow is nice around this time of year but that much snow can be scary! Too much of a good thing. Now about that little snow angel.....are you sure you didn't "plan" being snowed in with her???? She is cute as a button and gets more beautiful with every picture you post! She looks absolutely angelic sleeping!
    What a fabulous job you did on those skates!!! So glittery and Christmasy! Were they Katie's? They will look perfect on your sleigh! Hugs

  8. Cindy, I guess I will quit complaining about our cold. It is 16 here this morning and very windy, but at least we aren't snowed in. This is cold for the south though. Those are the cutest skates and look how sweet Addison is.

  9. Oh My GOODNESS! It's so pretty to look at but oh so confining!
    Stay warm and safe with that darling baby.
    Your skates are too cute for words. They turned out great! I want some! lol

  10. now that is some snow...so glad your little snow Angel was with you....love the skates....cute idea....

  11. Your skates are totally adorable. What a beautiful transformation! I love it! As for being snowed in, how lucky to be snowed with a baby. So sweet! I know her mother was not too happy, but lucky you! I do understand about cabin fever though, after a few days I am ready to get out and about too! Take care, it's beautiful though!

  12. Your skates are beautiful...as little Addison is!!! Happy Monday, ciao Flavia

  13. Oh my gosh! Truly the snowstorm-of-the-century!
    Love your pictures Cindy!
    Thanks for sharing your glitter skate project. Love the results!

  14. i love the way the glitter looks lik eice crystals on the skates! Okay I bought a pair thi syear and haven't done anything with them yet! Hmm?

  15. Cindy that little ol' baby girl is so precious!

    I love your skates!

    Your snow makes our snow look extremely puny in comparison.;-)

  16. The skates turned out cute. You snow does look like ours :)

  17. Wow! I was going to complain about it being 19 degrees down here in Mississippi but I think i'll take this over being snowed in like that! If that ever happens down here, life would cease to exist! I do love the skates....try to stay warm.

  18. Love the skates and Addison...the snow not so much girl ha ha!! All I can say it that's a ton..at least you have power girl every time we get snow I lose my power and heat ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  19. No snow here - thank goodness, but it is cold. 19 with will chill of 0 right now.
    Look at that sweet face.:)

  20. (chug chug) (whaaaaaaa, whaaaaaaaaa)
    Hear something?
    That's me on my snowmobile (with it's trusty thumb warmer) BLASTING up the road to get to your house and get warm!
    We'll sit in the kitchen and admire the view.
    With a fire in the fireplace.
    A cup of cocoa - (OH HELL - SPIKE IT GIRL)
    and the most adorable little baby right there with us.
    We'll read her The Night Before Christmas.
    We'll talk about baby Jesus, and how we don't think he had to deal with this type of white stuff.
    Then we'll wander around the house and admire all the wonderful Christmas decorations.
    I will go outside and help Dan shovel - can you tell I am from CA, I love to shovel snow . . .
    back inside for more warmth . . .

    Maybe someday! Huh?

    It was 90 here yesterday - supposed to be 85 today - and I HATE IT!!!!!!!
    But it is so crystal clear I gotta admit - the days are beautiful as are the SUNSETS! Oh my!
    BIG WARM HUGS! Stay safe! :) Karen

  21. Wow what a storm, kinda would like som snow here or the holidays. The skates are beautiful, love what you did with them. Keep warm and safe and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  22. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your skates!

    I'm really trying not to look at your photos of the snow and read those negative temps. For the last half hour, I've been emailing with two blogging buddies who live in my area. We've all met each other on separate occasions, but never the three of us together. We're trying to decide if it's too cold to go to the Botanical Gardens Thursday night to see the lights and if we should just meet for dinner. Floridians are such WIMPS when it comes to cold weather, lol.

    I'm glad to see little Addison all snuggled up, looking warm and cozy. Great company to have when you get snowed in!

    Stay warm, I'm going to brave the cold tonight to go to a cookie exchange at the hospital my daughter works at. Don't laugh too loud, it's supposed to be 24 degrees and very windy in Florida tonight! That's cold enough to complain, isn't it?

  23. Good grief! I know you had a deck there somewhere. LOL! Snow Angel has the right idea for a snow day.You did a beautiful job with the skates.

  24. Oh Cindy...if you ever see a pair of skates would you get me a set. We just don't see them here. I would just LOVE to have a pair so I can copy your wonderful idea!!

  25. Cindy, I love your blog, makes me miss you so much! Where have the years gone? Our kids are grown and in college...Remember how we met? and our road trip to Madison in that horrible weather???? I love your home and I love all your creativity in your home and your writing!! I just love you!!

    Cheri Buckmaster

  26. OMG Cheri!!!
    I can't believe you found me!!! Thank-you for the sweet comments! And I miss you too and remember our fun days together! E-mail me (applestonecottage@gmail.com) when you get a chance!
    I just was thinking of you today when I got out my Christmas cards to write! And can you believe it? Katie is a Mom herself already!
    Big Hugs,

  27. Katie a MOM?????!!!! You a grandma???? I want pictures!!!!!! I don't miss those cold horrible WI winters but I do miss YOU!!!! I sent you an email so you should get it soooonnn!!!!
    Love your ice skates and your deocorating.. you are a pro!!!

    Love and Kisses,


  28. Wow! That pretty much looks like how it was in the early 80's when we decided to move to FL from Waukegan. My sister is stucked in FL because they cancelled flights to Chicago. It's ok to be stuck at home as long as a little precious angel is with you. The skates are gorgeous, great job!..Christine

  29. Addison and the skates ~ just beautiful!
    The snow ~ not so much!! We've got it here in Virginia too and I am sick of it already! Maybe spring will come early since winter did?? We can always hope!

  30. Oh my goodness Cindy! That's a LOT of snow, and sooooo cold! I think you planned the whole thing. When you heard you were going to have the storm of the century, you offered to babysit that little sleeping beauty! You knew you were going to get "stuck" with her! Those skates turned out soooo pretty! Your creativity is showing again! laurie

  31. Aw...I love the sweet reunion I just see happening here! How wonderful!

    Cindy- Your place looks wonderful...cold and snowy...I think you got more than we did here in Green Bay. We topped out at about 16". We were drifted in until 11:30 pm when the plow finally got here. UGH...I got nothing done either!

    At least you had a sweet little munchkin to keep you company. Hugs-Diana

  32. What a beautiful baby, she has the right idea, sleep right thur that winter storm!
    Love the skates, beautiful job on them!
    We got snow last night but nothing like you, it's cold though around 14 out there!

  33. I want your snow. Send me some! At least if you have to get snowed in with someone your granddaughter is the best. Lucky you! I love what you did with the skates. The glitter is such a great idea!

  34. Oh my goodness, that's alot of snow. I think if it snowed that way in my part of Texas, we'd have to close everything. lol Stay safe out there!

  35. Hi Cindy, I am in shock over all that snow. Down south, if we get 2 inches, we are out of school and in a frenzy! How fun to have your little snow angel with you! I can't believe those skates - adorable - love the glitter & bows. Linda

  36. that storm never made it to us we got a little this morning but nothing really. what a sweet baby. And I love the skates
    we are still waiting for your first grand child any time now maybe santa will bring her.

  37. But Cindy, you DID get something done. Those adorable skates! And that precious child needed tending to.

  38. This is how we looked with 3 back to back blizzards last year in 2 weeks ... so love it! If you are tired of it, send it my way!

    Addison is just precious, she so resembles you, Cindy.

    The ice skates are fabulous ...

    Christmas hugs & joys ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  39. Wow Cindy!! The snow is beautiful, but it sure sounds cold! You did get snowed in with a little beauty though :-) She's adorable.

  40. As you can tell...I way behind in my reading. We had our little grands snowed in that weekend too. It was fun, I didn't get a thing done.

    I have my old skates on my porch. I love the glitter...may have to do that next year!


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