My Christmas Mantel and the best Christmas present ever!!!

Hi All!
It's been so cold around here I can barely think!   This morning our thermometer read 0 degrees and we had a windchill of -10 degrees.
Yes it's cold in Wisconsin but not usually like this!
I have a lot of my decorating done but I just haven't had the time to take good pics or for that matter get everything cleaned up at once.
But I do have my mantel ready.  Nothing is new except for the ribbon I used.

He was purchased at Home Goods after Christmas sale.

My crock is filled with frosted red berries.

The wreath was a gift from my daughter.  The little angel in the middle was only $5 at another after Christmas sale.
Same for the little bugle boy in the white coat.

A GW white pitcher filled with Christmas berries.

Carolers were purchased at Jo-Anne fabrics last year.


The apothecary jar is filled with ornaments and wrapped with a ribbon and a red leaf ornament purchased at Wally World.

Now I need to go light this fireplace because like I said, it's so cold around here!

And the best present of all?  Little Addison Lou who is now 2 months old and a joy!
I don't get as much done because I try to help my daughter as much as I can.
But oh the rewards are so worth it!!!
Take Care and I will visit when I can, I really will!


  1. Looks so pretty and Christmassy. I haven't done ANY decorating except the wreaths on my door and porch lights. I don't want to FACE any more unboxing and boxing.

    Maybe I'll get motivated this week - - - -

  2. What a beautiful gift Addison Lou is .. I can see why you want to keep her..she is adorable. Your mantel and all it's finery is gorgeous.
    hugs ~lynne~

  3. First of all, Cindy, I'm jealous! You're getting to spend such marvelous time with little Addison. She's adorable and man, she is growing like everything.
    Your mantle is so cute! I just love it.
    Your fireplace has always amazed me.
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Your mantel looks beautiful, Cindy! Are you using the cordless lights on it...I have been looking for those. I love all the little figures and the carolers. Everything is so pretty.

    So...we are going to have a blizzard? Great, I will get snowed in before my shopping is done!! As long as I get my tree!!!!!

    LOVE the picture of Addison! She gets prettier by the day!


  5. First - The picture of Addison is precious.
    Enjoyed seeing all your decorations. I am not handling this cold very well at all. I was so hoping this Winter would be milder than last year, but it does not look like that is going to happen.
    Enjoy your evening.

  6. Congratulations on that little gift your family received two months ago. Nothing like an early Christmas gift to put a smile on a grandmother's face.

    Sure wish there were a Home Goods store near us. I really miss that store!


  7. Oh Cindy, that sounds so cold. It is the mid 70's here. I sure wish you were here. I love your fireplace and your mantel decorations are so pretty. I love it all. Little Addison is so precious. She is just adorable. I know you are having so much fun with her. Hugs, Marty

  8. Beautiful!! Every bit!! I have to say the photo of gorgeous Addison Lou! Such a blessing and so much to be thankful for this time of year!

    hope you are having a Wondeful Christmas Season!

    Lou Cinda

  9. Beautiful mantel and of course, the baby takes the prize!!!

  10. she is so cute...wow 2 months already....isn't it great being a Grandma....

  11. So very lovely and it's Addisons fist Christmas! Have a blessed rest of the week!

  12. That is way too cold! With oil at 90 a barrel we are all going to be poor!
    The mantle looks lovely, and Addison is adorable.

  13. Addison is precious! Your mantle is very pretty!

  14. Your mantle is so beautiful! and Little Addison Lou is so darling.

  15. Hi Cindy- I soooo get it about not getting nearly as much done. Me too! But, grandkids are the biggest and bestest present in the whole world...and I just adore my little girls and guy! I love that little drummer boy...he is really cute! Keep that cold weather to yourself, would you? xxoo Diana

  16. That is the sweetest little angel and such a great way to have it with Santa's hands holding her picture. ♥♫

  17. Your mantel looks wonderful. Don't you just love after-Christmas sales? Addison is so very precious...who cares if you get all the decorations done as long as you have her to spend Christmas with?

  18. Such wonderful things and wonderful pictures! Esp. that of the baby. Stay warm!

  19. Seeing her sweet little face makes me want to drop everything and run to my little Sophia! Oh my, she is a cutie and how wonderful of you to be able to give your daughter some help. Your home looks just beautiful too! :D

  20. Hi Cindy,
    Your mantle looks so beautiful! Your little Addison is just darling in her Christmas picture. What a blessing she is! Enjoy every moment as you celebrate her very first Christmas together. Hugs Loretta

  21. What a sweet baby doll, Cindy!! She is just adorable! I didn't buy anything new this year either, only one roll of ribbon which I didn't use.
    My, you do have a large mantle! What fun!! How on earth do you hang things on that stone wall??
    I have brick..and we had to drill through the solid brick! What a chore.
    The antlers could kill someone if they fell..so..they are anchored firmly on both the walls but the brick was difficult.

    Your ribbon is fantastic! I love it! Good job, Cindy!!

  22. You have a beautiful hearth to work with. Adding all the Christmas cheer to it makes it all the more beautiful! I LOVE the pinecone wreath on our hearth. I threw mine out last year and am regretting that move so much!!!! It is perfect against the bold stone. So organic.
    YOur darling new baby Addison is precious. An early Christmas gift!

  23. Just adorable, the pic of Addison is precious-enjoy:@)

  24. Wonderful..... here in Sicily yesterday and even tomorrow it seems to be summer!!!!....hugs , Flavia

  25. Blessing to you and the birth of sweet Addison Lou, what an angel she is.
    Your fireplace is picture postcard perfect.

    God's Blessing this Christmas to you and your family.

  26. Oh my word.... the baby is beautiful and that picture is incredible. I've never seen one like it! Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your very best Christmas present ever!

  27. The weather here in S. Arkansas has really surprised us too! It's been 22* already and it's only December!
    Love your mantle and the photo of the precious baby!

  28. What a cute picture! I'd say you did get the best present of all this year! The mantel looks pretty, love the birdhouse...it glows!

  29. Wonderfull baby! i love your mantel decoration, i love the two little singers!!!

  30. Oh girl, you gonna have the best Christmas ever with the best Christmas present ever!

    Your little doll is growin'. :o)
    What a sweetheart!

    God bless and enjoy this season sweetie!!! :o)

  31. Addison is getting prettier everyday and is growing so fast. I know it is so worth takig care of them. I spent a week last week cruising with my 3 grandchildren and the saddest time was when everybody had to go back home separately. I miss them so much already. Your mantel is beautiful!...Christine

  32. Hi Cindy, the mantel is charming! Love it. I've been busy with grandies, too, and it's hard to get around and visit, much less post! Enjoy! Linda

  33. Addison is just gorgeous! Love your mantel too especially the carolers.
    Merry Christmas!

  34. Cindy, everything looks so festive especially against that wonderful stone wall! Cute picture of the precious grandbaby.

  35. Hi Cindy,
    I love your mantel; it's so whimsical! Your little granddaughter is so adorable! I just got me one of those too! She was born last Saturday and so tiny! She's only 5 pounds but home safe and sound with her family. She's the first girl born into our family and we are just thrilled! We live on the east coast and they live out on the west coast so I won't actually get to hold her until the spring when we fly out but the webcam is great!

    Christmas blessings,

  36. Good Morning my Dear friend...Oh girl I so know why you want to keep her...she just too dang cute...Don't you just love having a grand baby...I have been with Landen James all week trying to get him use to a bottle ha ha!! I swear I thought all babies loved taking a bottle...but then again I'm wrong...that one don't want to give up his mama's booty ha ha!! But have to be done because she has to go back to work next month...
    We took him to the mall yesterday for Santa's picture...Girl for $18.00 one dang picture 8x10 told Candace for that kind of money give me a white beard and red suit and I'll sit there all day and love on those kids ha ha!! and he was a mean Santa why do malls let ones like that be Santa is beyond me...at least I would be nice ha ha!! Hugs and smiles to you my Dear friend...Gl♥ria

  37. Cindy, I love that ribbon! I'd love to find some like that. Your mantel looks gorgeous, and Addison is just too precious! Every time I see her picture, I want to just pick her up and hug her. I bet you're doing a lot of that! laurie

  38. Oh, Baby Addison is so precious! Isn't being a grandma the best?!!! Enjoy.
    Love your road in the snow. It's beautiful!
    Only rain here . . . I think we are having the wettest December in a decade.
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!
    ~ Julie

  39. I just adore how you have decorated and the best decoration is the last one. This Christmas will be a great one for you and your family.


  40. Hello Cindy,

    I just caught up on your blog. Little Addison Lou is absolutely exquisite! Like you, I spend as much time with my Little Darling as possible which results in my not getting anything done at home or on my blog! But, like you said, the rewards are definitely worth it! I love being a grandma! Your mantel looks great! I am so jealous of your fabulous fireplace! I hope to begin decorating for Christmas this weekend. If it does not get done this weekend, it will not get done at all!

    Take care!

    ~ Tracy

  41. Such a cutie in your Christmas stocking! Love all your homey decorations. Thanks for visiting me this week -- stay warm --brrrrrr!


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