A student Built House for Kim's Before and After Party!!!

I am joining Kim @ Savvy Southern Style, for her very first before and after party! This was originally posted about a year and a half ago, so I thought it might be worth showing again.
I do think this is a great before and after.
Of course the before is a empty lot!  hehe.
And good luck Kim on your new weekly meme! 
  My husband teaches Building Construction classes to high school students. This year is the 9th year his classes have built a home. They start in September right after the school year begins and they finish in June. The classes work 1 hour and 45 minutes per day (they have block scheduling) The students frame, roof, put on siding, hang the windows, insulate, sheet rock, put in tile flooring, build the deck, hang doors and more....
In these pics you will see last years home. They are currently working on another home for the 08-09 school year.

The students work in all kinds of weather. The homes are built for a specific person and they must be within 3 miles of the school. The owners receive a ton of free labor and so the savings are huge. The owners sign a contract with the School district and their only cost to the school is about $2000, to replace tools etc.

To me, its amazing what my husband can teach these kids to do while also keeping students from cutting off a finger or sliding off a roof.

The 07-08 house is 2100 sq ft.

This years home also had students from landscaping classes and FACE classes(Family and Consumer Education) designing and planting shrubs and picking out colors, flooring, cupboards etc.

The back of the finished home. This pic was taken during the open house in early June. The grass had just been seeded so it looks kind of bare.

A local furniture store provided furniture and decor picked out by the FACE students for the open house.

Master bath.

I loved the walk-in shower.

The dining area.

The kitchen. The kids learn how to hang cupboards, put in ceramic tile flooring and more.

A view of the living room, the fireplace wasn't quite completed yet. Students in this class must have had several woodworking and construction classes before they take this advanced construction class. They must have also received a B or higher in their previous woodworking/construction classes.

Master Bedroom. The students work in teams and have a foreman (another student who shows leadership quality) helping to guide them as well. My husband generally has a teachers aide in this class and she is becoming quite knowledgeable in building construction as well.

Office or third bedroom. I'm very proud of my husband and the work he does as a teacher. Last year, several local TV stations came and did stories on the project. Thanks for stopping, I hope you enjoyed the tour. Cindy


  1. You may get this twice...I'm in a hotel and the internet service is lacking! I am always amazed at the houses students build (good teachers). They do such a great job and it must make them feel so good about themselves.

  2. I remember this post...what an amazing job Dan and these young boys did, and for such a great cause.

    I also just checked out the Mom Cave post...it's great! Such a great pic of Katie. I can't think of any place in my home that I have my own space...I'm sort of all over the place!!


  3. Well, this was some first girl. A whole house from start to finish...now that's a before and after!!! This is such a great experience for the class. Our High School Vo-tech class does the same thing every year and each year the home gets larger. Kudos to your hubby!!!

    God bless ya'll and have an extraordinary day sweetie!!!

  4. I do remember this post. I would think your husband is a very patient teacher, not only teaching, but having to constantly watch out for their safety also.
    Thanks for sharing this again.

  5. Cindy, that is great that your husband gets to teach these kids how to build. How rewarding is that. That home is lovely. So nice of a furniture store to provide furniture for the open house, too. Thanks for the shout out and for linking tonight!

  6. Our high school does this too..it's amazing how well they can build a house! The master bed looks just like my daughters, I had to look twice at that picture! ;D

  7. I remember seeing this house and it is just amazing that these students made such a wonderful home. It is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  8. I remember this post, Cindy. And I am still amazed at your hubby's talents!..Christine

  9. Oh Cindy I also remember this post and how fun to be able to teach these young people a craft like this...GREAT job Dan...So how's that sweet Addison doing...Had to laugh about your feeding and taking a nap ha ha!! Girl my Candace lived with me until she was 3 years old and she became more mine than Dawna's ha ha!! Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. What a great experience! I wish we had more hands-on like that in schools. Kuddos to your husband and the kids, and thanks for sharing!

  11. I remember reading about this wonderful project, Cindy. I think it is amazing. Kudos to your hubby and his students.

  12. Cindy, your husband is doing a great thing~! I doubt he even thinks about it...but I have such admiration for someone who can teach children such things. It's something they will USE all their lives..and remember who taught them!!
    My hat's off to him! Please tell him so!

  13. Cindy, you know how much I love this! I remember this well and was just in awe with what Don did with his kids. He is one talented guy, and I think it is wonderful that he shares those talents with young people. I wish I had had someone like Don in my early life to teach me the skills of the building trade. I would have so benefitted from that since I have spent my life renovating houses. Think of the money I could have saved, not to mention the satisfaction I could have gained from hands-on projects!

    Kudos to Don!


    Sheila :-)

  14. This is such a great post. Bravo to your wonderful husband!!!


  15. Cindy, I remember how impressed I was the first time I read this post. I'm not any less impressed seeing it a second time! Amazing what he is doing with those students. laurie

  16. Such beautiful decor! I love the dining area~!
    ~Angela Harris


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