A Mom Cave for the new Mommy!

I am so excited to be joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch and Home Goods for their Mom Cave Contest !
Last week I shared with you the room we have created for our daughter Katie and her new baby girl Addison.

How we went from this.....

to this....  for only $106.00!

And here's the breakdown of what we did so far.
New paint  in the color Spa.  1 gallon for $20.
Bead-board wallpaper.  2 double rolls for $26.
New quilt on clearance for $20.

Hubby made the chair-rail from scrap wood and that was free!  Katie's old crib got repaired and painted!
Cost $16.
The bolster pillow is from Home Goods on sale for $7.

Pottery Barn bedding free from my Sister, a garage sale find.

Old shelf painted colonial yellow.  The apothecary jar is new from Home Goods $7.  And the seashell platter was on clearance for only $4.
But wait something is still missing in this new Mommy, Mom Cave.

The wall next to the bed is still empty.

I would love to add some wall art.  Like this name plaque with pegs for hanging things.

Maybe a mirror or something else that has an aqua hue!

Some nice white baskets for extra storage near the desk area and under the crib.

And this lamp would work perfect in here!

And for over here where we still have this empty corner.

I would like to add a side table maybe similar to this.

And a comfy and stylish small chair similar to this one!
What a neat contest!  Home Goods is my favorite store and outfitting a Mom Cave for my daughter, the new Mommy, is a project that I have so enjoyed!
Have a great Monday everyone!
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  1. Such a bright and cheery sanctuary you've created for your daughter and granddaughter's visits! I especially love the paint color and the sunny yellow of the headboard!

  2. Oh Cindy you really did do a great job on your new mommy cave...I bet Katie and Addison just love the new space girl...and how are you doing my friend..Are you still keeping baby hours ha ha!! Love ya Sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. You have created a beautiful place for both Mom and baby. I still can't believe the difference ya made with only $106.00. Be careful girlfriend, she'll want to move in! Heeehehehe1

    When I was doin' a guest bedroom remodel Hubby just kept tellin' me..."ya don't want to make it too comfy!" :o)

    You have a beautiful day my friend!!!

  4. You did great with getting all that done for such a small price. I like your other ideas too.


  5. What a pretty and charming room! Everything looks so nice. I know how much you must love spending time with your daughter and the baby. Enjoy every moment. As you know they grow up fast.

  6. Hi, Cindy! I'm back from my trip and wanted to drop by for a visit. I think those things would be a great addition to your room, and I love what you did! Loved seeing the picture of Katie and Addison. I also love their names. My cousin's daughter is named Katie, and Addison is a family name in our family. Makes me smile!


    Sheila :-)

  7. What a difference for so little money! It is really sweet and will be so nice for her and that darling grand baby! :D

  8. You did a great job on the room!It is very pretty.

  9. Our closest Home Goods is in Dallas, which is 90 minutes away. I've been there once. I love that yellow bed. Quite a lovely room you've managed to put together so cleverly!

  10. I really liked this room when I first saw it and I still like it very much, Cindy. And doing that with a small budget makes it even better...Christine

  11. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...you know that I just adore everything that you have done to make Katie and baby Addison's room special...it's beautiful!!! I loved all of the things on your Home Goods "wish list"! I think that a small end table and chair would be especially nice in that corner! A mirror and name rack would certainly be beautiful on the wall above the bed too! Sweet friend, I wish you the very best...I'm crossin' my fingers and toes for you to win the contest!!!

    Love ya,

  12. Beautifully done room. It looks peaceful and cozy and it will be filled with love.

  13. Hi. Oh, I do love your mom cave for your daughter! It's so great that she has a place when she visits. Good luck on winning the Home Goods prize!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.
    ~ Julie

  14. HI!!I love her MOM cave!!How sweet!!
    I know she will so enjoy the remodeled room!!!The baby doesn't care about any of that, if she is fed, well loved and changed, she is one happy baby!!AND I know all those things are done!!I bet you are loving on that little girl everyday!!They get so much better every day!!Mine calls me now!!!Is that the heart stopper of all!!I pick up the phone and hear, HI MIMI!!I just about die everytime!!
    have a great fall day!!
    hugs 2 U
    and can't wait to see you in feb.

  15. First of all, congrats on the new granddaughter! Now, what a great transformation - such a big difference for not so much money, too! Great job.


  16. Just sweet and darling!

    Susan and Bentley

  17. The room is adorable. I love the yellow bed.


  18. The before was great and the after is even better...great job...and at such a great price! Best wishes for you new role as a Mom and good luck with the giveaway, fondly, Roberta

  19. Hi Cindy, I love the changes in the room (saw it last week), and your vision for more to come looks "just right". Hope you are able to make those changes soon. Linda

  20. Great job of pulling all of it together. Very pretty!

  21. I know I've commented here before, Cindy, but I wish you well in this competition and this cute room.


    Sheila :-)

  22. I {heart} your little yellow bed!!


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