A Bedroom Re-do for under $110 !

Hello my friends.
I hope you all are having a lovely weekend.  Today I would like to share with you the bedroom hubby and I recently re-did!  I wanted a room for Katie and Addison to stay in when they came to visit.  But since we had quite limited funds, we would have to be creative!
But first I would like to show you a before pic.  The dark color is one that Katie had picked out while still in high school.  I actually liked it but since Addison was going to be staying overnight sometimes, I wanted it more light and airy. When Katie moved out she took her bed with her, so I needed something quickly!  I found the old headboard at a garage sale and painted it a Colonial yellow.   I knew that I would have to work around that color as a new headboard was not in the budget.

 And here's that same room now after our $106 makeover!

We painted the walls a color called Spa.  It's a slightly aqua blue.
Then we purchased the wallpaper that looks like wainscoting.  It's the first time we tried it and I am happy with the results! 
Hubby put the wallpaper up and I cheered him on!  hehe.
I did paint though.
The paint was $20 for one gallon and we just made it with that!
The wallpaper was $26 for 2 double rolls and again we just made it!
My talented hubby made the chair rail from scrap wood that he had so there was no cost to that.

I bought the quilt at Wal-Mart on clearance for only $20.   I found the sham at Kohl's for only $12 and the bolster pillow was only $7 at TJ Maxx.

This is Katie's 20 year old crib.  Not only did Katie sleep in it, but 4 of my sisters kids slept in it as well.  Needless to say, it was in kind of rough shape.  Dan did some repairs and we used 4 cans of glossy white spray paint to give it a new look!  Total cost $16 for the paint.
The bedding is Pottery Barn that my sister found at a garage sale and gave to me to use.

The colors worked perfectly in here and best of all the bedding was free!

Katie bought me this little sign to hang above the crib!  Sorry the pic is a bit blurry but I think you get the drift!

Over on this side of the room is Katie's old high school desk.  It's kind of a catch all but I wanted to show you the shelf above it.
I found that large seashell platter marked down at Kohl's for only 3.50!  Originally, it was $45.00! 
And the apothecary jar was purchased at TJ Maxx for only $7.

A close look at the shelf.

A little nightstand that I bought years ago at a garage sale.  The cute little tray stand was a gift from the lovely Gloria at Happy to Be!

So there you have it!  Our room redo for under $110!
And here is the breakdown.
1 gallon of paint = $20
The color is Spa.
Wainscoting look wallpaper = 2 double rolls= $26.00
Paint for the crib.  4 cans of spray paint= $16.00
Quilt = $20 on sale at Wally World.
Sham, rolled pillow, plate and apothecary jar. = $30
For a grand total of $106.00!!

And the best part of all of this is the little girl that gets to visit her Grandma!

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Have a great week everyone!


  1. Very pretty!!! It won't be MANY weeks until you'll have to move some of those "pretties" that are within reach of the crib - - - those little hands of hers will be getting real busy real soon!

    One week from today, I will OFFICIALLY be a resident of our beloved state!!!!

  2. Cindy, the room turned out oh so pretty! It's feminine without being cutesy. How nice to still have Katie's original crib. You're very lucky to have a hubs who will help you with your projects. Good job, both of you! hugs, Sue

  3. Great job Cindy! Addison looks like she has grown quite a bit in 3 short weeks!

  4. Great job on the room - very pretty! Like the colors. Cute sign! :-D I say fill them full of sugar, hug and kiss them good bye, and send them back home to Mom and Dad. :-D
    Have a great week.

  5. Hi. Thanks for visiting. So fun to have a room for the grandbaby! And what gorgeous baby gifts you received!!! And such a cute pic of cousin and baby.
    Life is precious.
    ~ Julie

  6. Oh Cindy, I love the changes to the room. It is just wonderful. The blue and yellow is gorgeous, and you've done such a great job with all the bedding and accessories. Addison is just precious and I know you can't wait for all the wonderful visits. Hugs, Marty

  7. Hi Cindy,
    I just love what you did with that sweet room.
    Everything is perfect and aren't you glad that you kept the crib. You and your husband have done a wonderful job.
    Your sweet granddaughter is a cutie.


  8. The room turned out great Cindy, lovin' the sign-enjoy:@)

  9. She looks so grown up for 3 weeks old. I think these babies are coming extra wise for these days! The room loos really great, what a difference. That must have been fun fixing it all up! It's funny but when we were in Illinois last week, I kept thinking about you! I was thinking a lot..this area and yards looks like Cindy's part of the world! (We were in Nauvoo and the surrounding area. Too bad we couldn't have met! :D

  10. I love it Cindy. The colors are so pretty and the furniture and accessories perfect. This is a wonderful room for Addison's visits to G'ma's.:-)

  11. The room looks great and I thought the wallpaper was real wainscoting. That's amazing. Hugs

  12. Hey there Girl!
    How cute is this! And aren't you guys the thrifty ones!?!! Great job!
    She is going to have way too much fun growing up and visiting Grandma and Grandpa Dan's house. And she'll get to pick apples, and see the deer and pick out the biggest pumpkin she can carry from your stand down the road.
    That little girl is MADE IN THE SHADE!
    :) HUGS! Karen

  13. Cindy the colors are so cute!! Love the vintage furniture. Addison is absolutly adorable!!
    And a big whoo-hoo keeping the cost down!!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  14. Cindy, it just looks so cute! I love the yellow bed with the blue walls, and all of your accessories work so well. Seeing the yellow made me want to paint a bed I have upstairs yellow! I just loved it! And I love it with the blue. I have seen that bead board wallpaper, and yours looks so nice. You just did a super job, and that Addison is adorable. Did I tell you that's a family name in our family?


    Sheila :-)

  15. P.S. I want to stay in that room when I come visit you, okay??? ;-)

  16. Congratulations on a great makeover and such a gorgeous grandbaby!!! She is precious.

    I have always loved yellows/blues/whites used together. It looks like you spent a lot more $$$ on this room.

  17. Wow! Great job. I would have loved to sleep in that room when I was a little girl!

  18. I love it!! You and Dan did a wonderful job!! I love the wall color and the beautiful crib set. And the deals....I could never stay in a budget! But you did and everything looks brand new! How does Katie like it?

    I can't believe how much Addison has already changed. Does she have blue eyes? She is just beautiful!

    I will email you about Lake Geneva. How does 12/4 sound? I'll give you the info on the B&B too, but of course you guys can stay where you want. I'll do this tomorrow.


  19. What a great redo and for such an affordable price! It's great to have a special room for the grands. Enjoy every minute with them. The baby is a doll!

  20. I love blue, white, and yellow together!!! SOOO I had to come take a peak. So charming!

  21. Your little room looks lovely now. The headboard is gorgeous, as is the nightstand. Really nice.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. Wow Cindy your bedroom redo turned out fantastic! I love everything about it, great job!

    Hugs XX

  23. Has it been 3 weeks already, Cindy? Time sure does fly when you are having fun and I can imagine how much fun you are having with precious Addison. The room is so adorable! I love thast little table too....Christine

  24. Cindy, that is a fantastic makeover. I love your new wall color and beadboard wallpaper. The new quilt is just perfect. Very, very inviting!! I know you'll enjoy having that precious baby sleeping in that family crib! Enjoy. Linda

  25. Sooo cute ...great job!
    It all looks so fresh ..love the colors.
    Hugz ..Betty

  26. The rooms turned out so pretty.. You certainly achieved quite a transformation for a small amount of money... good for you ~!!!

  27. How welcomed your family will feel when they see this special place for them! Darling baby, Cindy.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  28. Cindy-I have been itching to get over here and finally made it. Addison is just beautiful and I know you are SO happy and proud! I love her name. The headboard is a real treasure! I love the yellow. The first thing I noticed was the wallpaper. Of course, I did not know it was wallpaper until I read. It really makes a difference in the room. You and your husband have made this a pretty and comfy little nest for when "your girls" visit! Congratulations to all! Oh yes, I saw Jane's gifts--isn't she a sweetie?

  29. A great makeover and one that will be appreciated.

  30. The room turned out gorgeous. I am in love with the white table. Everything is very cute. The baby most of all!

  31. Oh, she's so sweet and she will love her room. I especially like the "what happens at Grandma's sign." Too hilarious. Meanwhile enjoy her. Jane F.

  32. Oh sweet Cindy your girl is changin' already. What a little sweetheart she is.

    Isn't it totally ammazin' what ya can do with a little cash, some hard work and loads of talent! Your transformation is just incredible sweetie.
    You did good girl!

    BTW: I thought the wainscot WAS real.

    You have a terrific day sweetie filled with glorious blessings from above! :o)

  33. What an adorable room re-do and on a budget. I love the colors you chose and the painted furniture is really cute and fresh looking. I'm sure Addison is going to love staying at her Grandmas house!

  34. Happy Blue Mon! It all looks terrific. Love poured into their guest space. Hope they visit you very often.

  35. Cindy, she's beautiful! I just became a first time grandmother myself this Summer {mine is 3 months this past weekend}. I am loving it and I love my little one so much ~ you are going to have a great time! Oh, and the room looks good, too! : )

  36. I was just wondering when we were going to see pictures of the new crib room. All us Nana's are the same, we have to have a crib of our own for the Grandbabies. Of course instead of a crib, it is a real bed for them at our home.


  37. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I have been so anxious to see your beautiful nursery, Cindy! It turned out sooo pretty...so soft...and sooo perfect!!! I just know that Addison will have many fond memories of her room at Grandma and Grandpa's! Uhhh...you may have to remind Katie, once in awhile, the sweet saying that her darling little plaque says..."What happens at Grandma's...stays at Grandma's! Hehe! That is just adorable!!!

    Well sweet friend, let's talk about your fabulous room makeover! I love the color combo that you chose...ohhh, and that really is a beautiful, soft shade of blue! I love it! I was just blown away by the difference that changing the paint color did! It totally looks like a different room! Of course, I guess that was the point! wink! Hehe! I love, love, LOVE the wainscotting...that looks fabulous! Dan did a great job! I love that headboard...it's awesome! It looks so cottagey...and it looks gorgeous painted yellow! Your new quilt is sooo pretty! Wow...you really got a great deal on that...yeeehawww! I was admiring the pretty sheer curtain...with the little embroidered daisies...that is sooo pretty! Girlfriend, you just did a fabulous job designing and decorating this room! Of course, the crib looks sooo sweet! I love that Addison is getting to sleep where her mama slept! And...the pottery barn crib bedding is adorable! You're right...it couldn't have been anymore perfect for this yellow and blue room! Loved getting a peek at all the pretty tabletop and shelf vignettes! Oooh...that seashell platter is gorgeous!!! What a treasure find! And your pretty lacy tiered plates that Gloria gave you looks sooo pretty in this room! Well..it's just all the sweetness that all little granddaughters are made out of!

    Darlin', I love it!!! Like I said, I've been so anxious to see this room...it turned out gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing it with us...and for sharing a new photo of that precious granddaughter!!! You have a fabulous week, sweet friend!

    Love ya,

  38. Hi Cindy! I'm finally back from my "moving again" break and I had to stop in and see you first. I knew that sweet baby would be born during my move and I couldn't wait to see the pics. What a DOLL and all that gorgeous hair! I know your family is on Cloud 9 and I just what to offer my congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild. Being a grandmother is the best thing in the world and I know you'll enjoy every minute.

    Your room redo is magnificent and perfect for Addison's visits to grandma's!

  39. Such lovely pictures. Love all the blue. Such a cutie in the last picture too . Happy Blue Monday.

  40. What a gorgeous room for a gorgeous little girl! I love the relaxing wall color and the pretty quilt. Great job and on a budget, too!

  41. The room is perfect, just perfect!!

  42. beautiful room, I love the yellow headboard and the soft blue walls. Congratulations on your new grandaughter!

  43. Every detail is amazing -- I LOVE your sense of style.

  44. Oh Granny what a fun space you and Grandpa made for your sweet little grand girl...From the bed to the crib...I just know Addison will have many fonds memories of this room as she grows up my Dear friend...you have been one busy granny ha ha!! Love ya girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria
    ps you need to enter my 2 year blog BD girl...as your one of my loyal friends and followers...

  45. What a sweet redo! I love the color you chose for the walls and that wallpaper is amazing! You did an awesome job :)


  46. Good Morning Cindy Sweetie...
    What a beautiful share this morning. I love what you did with Katies room to make it a special place for her and Addison when they come to visit. I love, love, love the paint color Spa, it is so soft and soothing. The crib looks so awesome and how fitting for Addison.

    Can't wait to see what Santa brings Addison for Christmas. I have a feeling she is going to be one spoiled Grandchild. I mean what else do we have to do right?

    Have a gorgeous Tuesday sweetie. Many hugs and SO much love, Sherry

  47. Hi, Cindy... dropping back by to ogle the new room, and to say thanks for dropping by to see me. I love pheasants, and I think it would be so neat to see them in the wild.

    Foghorn Leghorn is a bit testy when it comes to his parking lot. I mean, he wouldn't budge, and there were cars honking and people starting to line up outside the gate into the street! It was CRAZY. Finally, someone moved from a parking space, and we swung hard to the right to circumvent him. LOL! What a bird! ;-)

    Hope you have a super week. See you when I get back...


    Sheila :-)

  48. I hope I am not repeating this. I just loved the room makeover. The wainscotting looks real! Your granddaughter is a adorable.

    I am a grandmother of six and I treasure the time spent with them.
    Since I have them here a few times a week, believe me, I have found so many dangers in my home that had to be fixed. I bought these swinging gates from Target which I put in the kitchen entry and the living room entry. They were a lifesaver for them and me!

    I use them now on the bedroom doors to keep the dogs out. They like to go on carpet. I don't know why, maybe because it's warmer than the floors.

    I wanted to point out a potential danger. The blinds. Make sure the rope is not reachable, many children have been strangled by the blind ropes. Eventually she may be reaching that lamp. A hot bulb can burn.

    Are those real doilies turned into bowls/trays? They are so cute.

  49. Oh Cindy, what a precious room for a precious little girl. It is magazine worthy. I love the color choices, and I love that beadboard wall paper. I immediately started trying to think of a place in my house to use that wall paper. The headboard is so pretty - such a soft shade of yellow, and I love the shape of it. All of those pretty bargains on the shelf sure don't look like bargains, and they are such a visual treat. If I ever make it up your way, I want to stay in Addison's room (Katie can just stay home and let me and "grandma" take care of Addison). laurie

  50. Addison is growing like a weed...and getting prettier and prettier. I don't know which I like best...the yellow headboard or that cute side table! And love anything wicker. Your room turned out absolutely precious and I know Katie and Addison will spend some happy times there.

  51. I love giving a room a facelift like that. It looks great!

  52. I really like your new softer look! A very appealing bedroom. I could just crawl into that bed and take a nap! Good job!

  53. Love your re-do -- how sweet! And that Addison...what a doll baby! Thanks for your visit.

  54. Very beautiful transformation, you turned a dark and gloomy room with a pleasent and fresh look, love your SPA colour very much, its really cool and calming... A bit touch of yellow gives room a shine, a sparkle. very charming...
    I would love if you pay a littl visit to me at


    Hope you enjoyed your visit.. and yes little LOu is cute darling


  55. OH what a wonderful room!!! I love the cottage painted furniture and the aqua blue walls! I loved the quilt, and I couldn't believe when I read that you found it at Walmart! :-) $110 is amazing!!

  56. How cute. What a fun and wonderful job you did. I love the colors and the bead board on the walls. I also thought that you'll be having to move that table of little things soon as they will be oh so tempting!

  57. Hi Cindy....let me be the "last" to congratulate you on the birth of that gorgeous grandbaby...LOL. Can you tell I am very behind in reading blogs these days....I hope Katie Rose had a smmoth delivery and is feeling good...The room you re-did looks wonderful...love the color combination....enjoy that little girl...it just keeps getting better and better with every day...

  58. Darling, darling, darling, darling! Need I say more?? It is amazing what creativity and a lack of $$$ can do when wedded. I love it...and the beautiful little one too.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  59. Cindy, your room is so pretty with the blue and yellow! You've done a great job because this can be a room for the baby or a guest room when other adults are visiting! little Addison is adorable! I think she looks like Katie! Linda

  60. You did a great job, Cindy! It looks so crisp and cheerful. Baby is darling!

  61. Hi cindy ... I wanted to post on the swap but couldn't figure out how to .. your new GRANDbaby, sigh just precious! and isn't it funny how we seem to get busier when we think we will have a bit more time?
    Love what you got from your swap partner now I'm going to see what you sent...

  62. Cindy, what a cute cute room. I am sure they will be quite comfortable when they visit. We have a baby bed waiting to be put together. I am going to have to get my husband to get on it. Then I have to find some cheap bedding I hope. I love the PB bedding you got. So cute.

  63. Hi there Cindy,
    I found your blog via Brenda's of the Cozy Cottage.
    I live in a cottage here in Calif. I love the outside of your place, it's so sweet.
    I hope to visit your site again soon.

    Take care, Viola of alongawidowedroad.blogspot.com


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