Autumn and Baby Addison, oh my!!!

Hi All!
Sorry I have been missing in action this past week.  But a little lady named Addison and her Mommy have been taking all of my attention.  If I haven't gotten to visit you lately I surely will soon.  I forgot how much time a new baby demands of your attention even if your just the Grandma.
This morning I looked out my window and saw these guys staring in at me.  I kind of forget they're around and then all of a sudden I am taken in by their beauty!

Our days have been warm and sunny this week with highs in the mid-seventies.  Our colors are nearing peak, probably by this week-end or early next week for sure.  If I could bottle up these days and hang onto them I surely would.

Dan's niece is getting married this weekend and it sounds like our weather is going to last at least until early next week.   The happy couple are exchanging vows at a quaint little bed n breakfast near the twin cities.
Should be fun! 

And here's hubby in his new role as Grandpa Dan.  I have yet to get a good pic of me holding Addison but I will by next week.  It seems I am always taking pics of everyone else!

Little Addison all strapped in and ready to leave the hospital.  She's been such a good baby so far and such a joy!

  Love that face!  Newborns smell so heavenly!

And a very tired daughter and Addison asleep on the chair. 
Katie is really taking to motherhood well and that makes me so happy!
She is only 20 but all of sudden she has become so mature.
I guess babies have a way of doing that.

And she found her thumb yesterday and of course I think it's the cutest thing ever!  And although she looks a lot like Katie did she definitely has.............

Her Daddy's eyes!
Now I am going to try to restrain myself and not become a Grandma who will bore you all to death.
But it's so new right now and I hope you will bear with me!
I am joining my friend Laurie, @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for Favorite Things Saturday!
Because Autumn and Addison are some of my faves, especially little Addison, she is my new fave and will be for a long, long time!

Thanks everyone!
And have a wonderful week-end too!


  1. I'm loving the deer in your back yard.

    I'm LOVING the fall colors.

    Baby Addison is absolutely perfect - - - you talk about her ALL YOU WANT, it's a grandma's privilege!!!!

  2. Oh Cindy...bestill my heart! That picture of Baby Addison sucking her thumb just was so precious. I miss that. And gosh the years go by so fast, as you know. Enjoy every minute of your precious grand baby, she is beautiful!

  3. Cindy, she is just adorable. I am sure you are having a wonderful time just holding and taking care of her. Enjoy every minute of it. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a perfect little doll. And as a grandmother you can never talk about her too much. Our trees have just started to turn this week. They should be outstanding by next weekend. While I was at our lake house I had three deer in my front yard sampling my bushes too.

  5. Beautiful grandchild...it's like falling in love again, isn't it? The colours are lovely too.

  6. Oh, she's beautiful!! Absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Those leaves are really pretty on the trees. I love this time of year. Those deer are ready to eat something pretty in that yard! Baby Addison is beautiful. Glad everyone is doing well. Those are really sweet photos of everyone with baby. You need one with baby too. Want to see one. Talk all you want about that sweet little pumpkin. She is very very pretty. Babies are precious and she should be called precious Addison. Those little fingers are sweet.Have a great day!sillshill.blogspot

  8. Cindy, I've been away and missed the first post about Addison. So I'm catching up this evening. What a precious little girl. I know you are having great fun. My sister is in France at the moment with her son and new grandchild born yesterday. Another little boy! ~ Sarah

  9. Love it..more..more..more..Grandma!!She is sooo beautiful. That picture of her sucking her thumb..priceless! I know about always taking pictures..all my grandchildren I film and take the pictures..but it's like I am not there..sad! Make sure you get in them.
    Looking forward to more pictures!!
    Isn't it fun and awesome?!

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  10. OH MY GOSH, Addison is darling!
    But I know what you mean, I am exhausted! But loving every single second.
    These are precious moments that will fly by. I can hardly believe that Emolyn is already 2 1/2.
    I am savoring every memorable moment with Elsie.
    So happy for you & Dan!

  11. Oh Cindy I'm loving the pictures of the new baby...she is so freaky cute girl...Oh I could just eat her alive...Look at how alert she is already...am so glad to see Katie taking to motherhood and a new baby changes every thing my Dear friend...Hey we can bot baby brag together ha ha!! I'm loving my to the moon and back girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. As a grandma, we just can't help it! It's a little like being insane...we just can't help saying..isn't she cute? There is nothing like this kind of love...you show and tell all you want..me too LOL ;D

  13. Love the pic of your baby with her baby!
    Enjoy, they grow so quickly!

  14. Oh, Cindy, please don't worry about boring us. We oo and ah over her with every pic you post! She is beautiful, but then again so is her Momma and her Grandma too! I think deer are some of the most beautiful and graceful of God's creatures. I don't know how anyone could shoot one. I hope you have a great weekend and that the weather holds up for your niece's wedding. I'm betting it's gonna be a gorgeous wedding!

  15. What A beautiful little girl ! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  16. she is precious...don't you worry we will never get bored hearing about her...your daughter looks great...Congrats to all...

  17. Hi Cindy Sweetie...
    She is just so adorable. I love the photos that you have shared tonight. Grandpa Dan is a precious photo, but I have to tell you that one of Katie sleeping with Addison is so stinkin cute. I couldn't resist that one, I believe I too would have been snapping away with the lens of my camera.

    You are such a cute Gram. I can't wait to see you holding her my precious friend. So pretty in pink.

    Thanks for sharing, oh and ofcourse I love seeing the deer this time of year, and your Fall change. Just DDG.

    Have a great weekend sweetie. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  18. No restraint necessary! Love the photo of Katie and Addison sleeping.

    I was born 5 days after my mom turned 20. I remember being in high school and thinking many of my friends' parents were so old and happy that mine weren't! And my kids love it when their friends say "your grandma has game" when she plays basketball with them!

  19. Ok..Cindy, here is what gets me! That little dolls Gramps has NO gray hair!!! What the heck!!
    She is a beautiful baby! Looks like one of those little reborn babies that I covet. SO pretty...you could post photo's of her every day and I would be here to look!
    I just bought the most gorgeous Christening gown on ebay today...Cindy...WHAT AM I DOING???

  20. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not bored at all. I just sit here and smile while I look at the pictures. Our youngest grandson will be 2 in a few days and it is so hard to believe it went so quickly. I only get to see mine about once a month or so, so time really goes fast.

    I love little girls and so far, we have 2 little boys who I love to death, but hopefully my daughter may add a granddaughter in a few years. I've told her it is a requirement!

    She really is a beautiful baby...I can feel your joy!

  21. Oh Cindy I will never get bored of seeing pictures of Addison! She does have her daddy's eyes! Cherish every moment of these special days! What a beautiful baby she is! Hugs to you Grandma!♥

  22. You go right ahead and bore us to tears. Tears of joy that is! We can certainly understand your excitement and share all your joy right now too. It's so good to hear things are going well. That photo of her sucking her thumb is adorable! Love all those glorious fall colors and that beautiful mum on the table too! Enjoy!

  23. This is not boring at all. I love seeing baby pictures and Addison is so pretty and precious. Isn't it just a wonderful feeling being a grandma, Cindy? I love her pic sucking her thumb, it's just the cutest thing. Your trees are gorgeous. Ours are still green and I love deer!...Christine

  24. OK, I'm gonna jump right in here and correct ya right here and now.


    Whew, I'm glad I got that off my chest! Heeehehee! She is just the sweetest little cherub Cindy.

    God bless ya and have a marvelous weekend rockin' and rollin'!!!

  25. She is beautiful, Cindy! I know you are having a fabulous time getting to know her!

    Your Fall colors are looking great. Ours aren't quite out yet.

  26. Bored with babies? Are you kidding? From one grandma to another -- you've got a beauty there! She's precious -- can't wait to see more pictures of your little doll.

  27. Addison is absolutely precious! There's nothing like a new baby, especially when it's your grandbaby!!! My son & DIL almost named granddaughter M Addison! It just didn't go with the middle name they definitely wanted to use. Enjoy that sweet new baby....just don't spoil her too much!!!

  28. Congratualations Grandma Cindy & Family!! She is precious :)


  29. What a beautiful family and I see tired. I remember those days with babies and grandbabies. Enjoy them, they are so precious.


  30. What a precious blessing, Cindy. Congratulations!
    The deer are amazing. So beautiful!

  31. Oh, Cindy! You know I do sooo understand! My 8 month old grandson gets a lot of my attention! lol Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  32. AWWWWW, Cindy, she is adorable! I can't believe she has already found her thumb! Very smart and coordinated little girl! I remember when my daughter was pregnant, and when my son's wife was pregnant, I kept thinking that they weren't ready to be parents, and I really worried about it. I was so shocked and pleased when they turned into loving parents the moment their babies came into the world. I can tell you are having so much fun, and let me just warn you - grandbabies are absolutely addictive! You are gonna be a wonderful grandmother. thank you so much for linking this beautiful little pride and joy to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  33. Hi. Thanks for visiting. I enjoyed getting caught up on your blog. I wish I could visit the blogs I follow more often. I don't know how you keep up with 400+ followers.
    Oh, your little Addison is soooo sweet! Congrats, grandma! We had our first grandbaby daughter 1 year ago. It is so wonderful. You just won't be able to get enough of that grandbaby. We are going to visit ours Wednesday. They now live in Boise (only an hour flight from us). Can't wait.
    My daughter was 21 and is the best mommy to Tayvee. It is great to see our daughters become mothers.
    Wishing you a lovely time with your family and new baby!
    ~ Julie

  34. You wouldn't be a grandma if you weren't braggin... :-) And, you have every right to be. This little doll-face is sooooo beautiful... It looks like she's already stolen your heart grandma... it's just the BEST fun.

    Huggies and Congrats!

  35. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh Cindy...your little Addison is just adorable! I loved getting to see new photos of her...and Addison with all of her family as well! Now, the photo of Dan holding Addison is just precious!!! He's got that look of Grandpa...his eyes are just shining smiles!!! I love it! Ohhh...and the photo of Addison sucking her thumb...is soooo cute! Isn't that funny how thumb sucking is so instinctive? Loved getting to see Addison with her mama and daddy too! Darlin', I know that you have been a busy little Grandma...enjoy!!! And...you'll never bore us with photos of that precious baby girl...bring em' on, Grandma!!! Hehe!

    Well, it looks like Autumn is nearly "full bore" at your place...it's gorgeous! I'm sooo glad that you shared a few photos of that beautiful autumn scenery with us! Ohhh...I bet it's just heavenly in Wisconsin this time of the year!

    Love ya, Girlfriend!

  36. No boredom here,,I love seeing pics of your grandbaby or any baby for that matter. She is just so pretty. I'm so looking forward to the day when I will have grandbabies myself.

  37. what a precious beautiful baby!!! congratulations

  38. Ahhhh! Cindy, how blessed you all are! She is adorable!! & look at all that gorgeous hair.

    May you all be showered with love, joys & blessings with Addison ...

    Have a beautiful eve ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  39. Cindy, you guys sure don't have to decorate for fall! Those trees are beautiful! :)
    Your new grandbaby girl is just beautiful too!
    Congrats!!!! I can't wait to have a grand baby. You are lucky! :)


    P.S. Your name is in the pot twice! Good Luck! :)

  40. She is beautiful! You have every right to brag. We are waiting for our granddaughter to be born in Dec near the holidays. My husband also teaches building construction. I will visit often to see more pictures of addison and to see her progress. you are a very lucky gramie.

  41. HI CINDY!!!
    OH PLEASE always be that GRANDMA!!I LOVE everything you write about her!!You can never say or post to many pics for me!!HAHA
    She is absolutely the most beautiful baby!!Love all that dark hair!!I cannot tell for sure if she looks like either of them, but you would know!!I do agree, she definitely looks like Daddy!!And of course MOMMY!!
    So true about mommyhood, no matter your age, it is there!!And she has embraced and loving every moment!!!
    YOUR deer are awesome!!And the fall leaves...ahhhhh pure bliss!!My son and his girlfriend went to a wedding in Michigan last weekend, they said it was near 80!!!But they brought me home some fall leaves!!!YEAH!!!!!!!
    Well honey, I am off to Orlando to see the daughter( second one) and of course Mickey/minnie --so I will be MIA for awhile!!

  42. OH Cindy your new grandbaby is GORGEOUS! No wonder you are away from your computer..who wouldn't be when they have their first grandchild to visit and hold. Congratulations again to baby Addison's mum and dad and to you and your hubby. Enjoy!
    Maura :)


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