The beauty of Autumn/Outdoor Wednesday/ A Rednesday too!

As our well fed deer polish up what's left of our apples~  Hey I can't keep up~!!

I feel  a cold wind blowing tonight.  It feels more like late November than early October.  A week and a half ago I was wearing shorts.  Now we're digging out the long sleeve shirts and jackets.  I want my nice weather back!!  ( Sigh)   It's also Outdoor Wednesday with Susan and I thought these first few pics captured my mood today.

The stillness of the early morning Cranberry Bogs. 

There is something so beautifully serene out here. 

As the trees turn beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange.  I know winter is not far behind. 

I'll try to remember that the deer need to eat too!   Oh dear, I have more apples to pick~!  (no pun intended)
Thanks for stopping by to visit with me~  Cindy
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  1. Hi Cindy, Great pictures! The bogs are so mystical and pretty! The pics of the deer are really good, too! ~Rhonda :)


  3. The scenery is just gorgeous. I know you are sorry to see summer end, but we are so happy the hot weather is finally over. Today was gorgeous. I hope we have wonderful weather when you are here. Hugs, Marty

  4. Cindy, these are amazing photos. You live in such a scenic spot. Great photos of the deer with the apples in their mouth. Looks like they have been bobbing for apples! Too cute! ~ Sarah

  5. Hi Cindy! Oh, that is so cute of the deer caught red handed with an apple in his tiny mouth! He's going to be the fattest little booger around.
    It's so wonderful seeing the sights of nature where you live. Our areas are totally opposite of each other and I'm so glad I get to live Fall through you! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. That is so very generous of you to share your apples with the deer, they look like they were enjoying their little snack so much. Your pictures are really beautiful. So serene and peaceful.

  7. You have some well fed deer in your neighborhood. :) We had one of those dreary, raining days here today also. I am just not ready for damp, cooler weather, but it is sneaking up on us.

  8. You are way ahead of us with the color. We are just starting to turn in Illinois, but it is cooler here than usual. Love the fall photos...so pretty.


  9. I'm sure the deer are very grateful that you share your apples with them.

    Do you have a view of the cranberry bogs? I bet that's gorgeous when they're all floating on top. That will make a great Rednesday post!

  10. Beautiful photos, it really is gorgeous where you are. My favorite is the little deer sneaking the apple. And the last deer shot is adorable = he looks like he knows he got caught red handed so to speak. Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you! Kathy

  11. There's that deer eating my apples again! :)

    Last night they ate my hosta, roses and black eyed Susan's, so don't worry they are eating well..
    Beautiful pics...
    And I hate to see Fall come..I love it, but what comes next I don't!

  12. Oh Cindy, you take some really amazing photographs -- that cranberry bog is incredible. Such stillness... such color. And the deer and the apples -- it's really adorable, even though I know what "pests" the deer can be.
    More pictures!

  13. Gorgeous pictures and scenery. I love the shots of the deer.

  14. This is such a cute deer post. I am sure they enjoy them and glad you share. I do not understand how anyone could kill something that looks so cute and innocent.

  15. I am glad you have enough apples to feed the deer too, Cindy. They are so cute. We have an alarm system here at home that talks and tells us if someone is in the driveway, garage, front door or back by the pool and garden. Every night, a "Driveway and Garage alert announcement wake us up" and when we check it's always a deer. LOL! Your trees are so pretty but I know it's been cold there already...Christine

  16. The photos of the cranberry bogs are terrific. Soon you will be surrounded by tons of color. What a lovely place. The shots of the deer enjoying apples are wonderful. Thanks for sharing...Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  17. Love the picture of that deer with the apple in his (or her) mouth...even has a guilty look! Funny! Great pic of the cranberry bog, too. We have lots of cranberries here in NJ.

  18. wonderful pictures...i have a love/hate relationship with the deer that snack in my gardens!

  19. How lovely! The mist/fog created a great reflection on the waters. The leaves show a burst of fall colors! You have a beautiful property.

    Ebie's Outdoor Wednesday.

  20. I love the photos of the deer. You captured the mood with the cold grey dreary picture.

  21. Talk about capturing the crime!! Great shot.

    I so enjoy the scenic photos too. Always a lovely stop!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥ ♥

  22. Love the music!!! Good ol' Mamas and Papas.
    Your photos are beautiful... Love the little deer. The mist over the water is so mesmerizing. You live is such a lovely setting.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  23. Hi Cindy,
    I love the pictures of the bogs. I love the early morning mist that burns off when the sun comes up.
    Looks like your deer have plenty of apples to fill their tummies with. They will need those extra lbs to hold them over the winter.
    Your trees are just glorious with color! Oh how I love fall! I can't wait to take our annual trip upstate to look at the beautiful foliage!
    When do you start getting snow? We normally don't get anything significant until January and it usually ends by late March. However the last 2 years we've gotten snow in November! Usually Nov. is just cold and drizzly. I just love the cange of seasons!
    Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Loretta

  24. Cindy, You took some cool photos of the deer. The one w/the apple in its mouth looks like he is a kid with his hand in the cookie jar! The cranberry bog shot is so serene....
    Thanks for sharing your backyard with us.
    hugs, Sue

  25. Great photos! Love the deer shots. My parents also leave the fallen apples on the ground for the wildlife that visit them.

    Thank you for sharing these photos with us!

    ~ Tracy

  26. Hi Cindy,
    What a great post! Love the outdoor photos with the deer. Thanks for sharing and Happy REDnesday.


  27. Cindy....I love the 1st photo...he looks like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar...great photos....love your music...singing along as I type....

  28. I love the pics. The last house we lived in we had Deer that came down out of the woods. Several times there would be families of Deer coming down to eat from our apple trees. I miss them. The only thing we have coming in our yard now is rabbits and squirrels.


  29. Your photos are stunning! You should frame some of these. Makes me feel sort of nostalgic. Pretty countryside scenery often does this to me!

  30. What fabulous photos! I envy the apples and the cranberry bog. We're in upstate NY and it's been cold here too - we're getting high winds today...hoping it won't take the leaves off the trees...we're not done with them yet :)
    Have a great day!

  31. Oh, what beautiful photos! Yeah, that's my mood today also - it's raining here in New England today. I love the look of deer, but HATE them trampling through my flower beds all the time! I wish I could put up invisible fences! Have a great week!

  32. Cindy your photos are wonderful. The shot with the mist having in the background is spectacular. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  33. just a gorgeous place!!

    Would love to spend an afternoon there.

  34. I sat here and looked at your pics and couldn't help but really wish I could be there. Then I heard your music play and couldn't help but laugh! I'm in So Cal and yes, you'd be warm...warmer. It's going to be a nice balmy 75 degrees here and it's bright and sunny. Here I was loving our Autumn weather and I saw your pics and thought...how magical it must be to experience a real change of seasons. Thanks so much for sharing. You have no idea how your photos affected me. Smiles and all. I'd been MIA for a while now and just came back to blogging this week and I'm so glad I did. Hope your day is a great one and keep warm. I'll send a bit of Cali warmth/sun to you!!!

  35. Love your photos. Those look like very happy (apple-fed) deers :)


  36. Great Autumn Pics ! I love the deer!
    ~Myrna Lee

  37. Love the Mamas and Papas. Beautiful pics, our trees are behind yours here in Missouri. My flower gardens are looking as tired as I do. I need to give up the ghost and just clean them out, then I see a bloom and think..maybe?

    I got my blog list up. I'm just a tad embarrassed when I saw how easy it was not realizing all the options in the gadgets. Thanks for your time. Time is a rare commodity these days.

    Have a wonderful day enjoying the beauty that surrounds you!

  38. Fabulous pictures, Cindy, and those deer are so sweet they make me want to cry. Those eyes! Oh, how sweet... even while they are thieving your apples. ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  39. My Dd had over 12 apple tree. I remember picking up windfalls...

  40. I supposed those deer are a bit of a pest but I really enjoyed seeing their pictures! Look at all the apples! I was just trying to tally up how much I spend on apples every year and if I shouldn't find a way to grow them. It is so damp here that I expect they'd rot on the tree. I love apples...

  41. Oh how "sweet" those deer look eating apples. I will continue to smile this evening after seeing your shots.
    Joyce M

  42. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Just wanted to stop by for a visit...I've been kind of busy this week and haven't been at the computer much! Been missing you...wanted to come by to say hello and see what you've been up to! Are you still subbing at the Middle school? I've been working on slip covers for my dining room chairs...and then yesterday ended up in town all day running errands. We are suppose to get snow today and snow all weekend...I don't plan on getting out in that! Sheeshh...I'm so disappointed...our trees haven't even completely turned their autumn colors yet and now we're getting snow! It's only supposed to get up to 37 today and on Saturday we're only to have a high of 19 degrees...brrrr!!! Anyway...I totally sympathize with you and how you're feeling right now about the weather...your photos are beautiful but it does look cold! Hehe! So...those are cranberry bogs? I've always been so fascinated with how they grow and harvest cranberries...they really are pretty!!! Loved your cute little dear...caught in the act with an apple in his mouth...too cute!

    I also took a peek at your Met Monday post...love the changes that you made to your beautiful bedroom! I love, love, LOVE your new curtains!!! The Battenburg lace was pretty but you're absolutely right about the long panels making the room feel larger...they really did open the room up...love that!!! Plus, I love your deep window sills...they're gorgeous!!! Now you can see them with the long panels...that's a really nice feature in your bedroom!!! Love how you changed the little tables around too...and I noticed that you did changed the wall art over your bed...really pretty, Cindy!!! You did GOOD, Girlfriend!!! I think this is the first time that I've seen your bedroom...it's beautiful!!! OMG...I love your beautiful antique bed headboard...it's fabulous!!! And your bed is dressed so beautifully with the blue and white comforter!!! Loved getting to see your pretty bedroom...what a sweet treat!!!

    Girlfriend, I'm so exicted for you!!! Making a trip to see your son and DIL!!! How long are you going to get to stay? I sure will miss you while you're gone but I'm so happy for you!!! And...what a great time to go...getting out of cold country to warm and sunny Phoenix! Hehe! Ohhh...and I know that you and the blogging ladies are going to have a fabulous time!!! Of course, you'll have to tell us all about it when you get back! Take lots of photos, Girlfriend!!! Well Darlin'...hope that my note is finding you well...talk with you later!

    Love ya,

  43. Hi Cindy, I missed visiting you! Great pictures of your area and those apples, wow! Lucky deers!

  44. DEER Cindy,

    Your photos are beautiful!


  45. Awesome pics! Pop over for a visit.
    Have a snuggly warm eve. TTFN ~Marydon

  46. Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for the sweet comment about the guest room make-over. I love your's too. That table cover is so pretty.
    The deer with the apple in it's mouth is too cute. Great photos of your beautiful surroundings.

  47. great photos, I would love to see deer in my yard eating.

  48. Hi, Cindy - Great pictures! We have deer here also but I never see them. I just wake up in the morning and find that my flower beds have become a salad bar for them. ha ha! Love that you have apples for them to eat.

  49. Your photos are beautiful Cindy. I'm so amazed that you are able to capture such good photos of the deer (I guess all of those apples on the ground help!). The fall leaves are so pretty. laurie


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