Tablescape/Thrifty Thursday/ Red white blue

Hi All! Tonight's a two-fer! Please visit these ladies beautiful blogs when you are finished here for some really cool posts! Thanks to Susan and Leigh for being our hostesses. Last Friday I attended one of those Mega all city garage sales and there were some great deals! This was my first time at this humongous sale but it won't be my last!

Hubby was sweet to get me roses for Mother's Day so I am using them for my centerpiece. The red napkins and red place mats are from the dollar tree. I'm loving red more and more these days. If you want to see a really outstanding red dining room head on over to Chari's. Chari is just the neatest gal and such a great friend. Her beautiful blog is one you don't want to miss @ http://happytodesign.blogspot.com/ She also hosts a blog party on Sunday that is so much fun.

I found this cup and silverware at the garage sales, more on that later. I finally found some salt cellars. I didn't know what salt cellars were until I saw them on one of Laurie's tables@ http://bargainhuntingwithlaurie.blogspot.com/ I thought they were maybe just a southern thing! Thanks for educating me Laurie! If you haven't been to her blog your really missing out it's beautiful just like Laurie!

I found these plates on E-bay. I had originally bought one in a local antique shop for $10.00 and had it hanging on a wall. I really wanted more though and I found these for less than $4.00 a plate. They are called Liberty Blue and are staffordshire ironstone. They have all kinds of neat historical and colonial scenes. Now I'm in search for salad plates,cups etc. I also used some white ironstone that I found at the garage sales for chargers.

I found these cute little salad plates at the g. sale, I thought they worked well and since there were only 2 I used 2 of the white ironstone for the other settings.

Some of the cute little bowls I found.

And the best part is the silverware I found. More on that later.

A different view, looks like my candle is melting away.

Now for some of my garage sale finds. This beautiful silverware set is 1847 Rogers Bros. 52 piece set from the 1950's. The pattern is daffodil. Now the big news, only $5.00 for the whole thing! They are so beautiful and similar sets on E-bay are selling for $100 or more.

Another view.

What a deal hey!

I found these ironstone plates.

The blue and white ones.

And these are from Blue Ridge Southern Potteries. They are quite old and in fairly good condition. I have been looking for some for quite some time. They were hand-painted during the 1930's,1940's, and early-1950's by the Mountain women of Tennessee. They are so Americana to me.

All these beautiful dishes for only $13.00! Don't ya just love good garage sales! Have a wonderful week. Cindy


  1. Hi Cindy...well you had some haul at that sale...I can't believe you got that silverware so cheap...that's fabulous!! ANd I especially love the blue dishes....you need to go to the Dollar Tree and see if they still have the cobalt blue stemmed glasses that Susan had on her tablescape last week...I went this week and bought 8...they look alot nicer once you get them home then they look in the store...

  2. Cindy.. You did hit the jackpot! Those were some awesome deals. Love the Red White & Blue .. great head start on a Memorial tablescape.

  3. Great finds, Cindy! I love everything you found. WOW! I need to go shopping with you!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Hi Cindy! Love all your blue and white dishes...and you found some GREAT deals! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  5. Cindy, you made out like a bandit! Woohoo! And that tablescape is so darling! What pretty roses, too! Great job on that wow of a flatware set!

    I need a favor. I'm posting my very first Tablescape Thursay and I don't know if i did it right!
    AGGHHHHHH! Let me know!
    Your "not so computer literate" friend. Karen

  7. FAB finds... great way to have lots of different dishes for different ocassions!

  8. OK, Cindy, I have to sit down and fan myself - oh, my goodness! What in the world? A bunch of great deals, but the silverware for $5 - that's an outright steal? Linda

  9. Hi Cindy,
    I am still in shock over that flatware !!!!! You got a great deal on those dishes too, can hardly wait to see them in the future.....I really want to garage sale now....
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  10. You got a steal on that silverware! GOOD FOR YOU!

  11. Cindy, I love all of your treasures. The flatware was a steal. I am really getting into white ironstone. Your tablescape is really pretty. I have always loved blue and white dishes. Have a beautiful day.
    Hugs, Terrie

  12. You hit the dish lottery! The little blue bowls are so cute and I love the design. The silverware/flatware for $5.00 you had better run and hide. You stole them gal. Such awesome finds.

  13. Wow, you really found some terrific bargains at the garage sale! LOVE your blue dishes -- I have some of those Liberty Blue that belonged to my mother. Such a pretty table with the touches of red. :)

  14. LOVE the staffordshire plates!!! And the boxed flatware is gorgeous..WOW what a deal!!

  15. Cindy,

    I came for Outdoor Wednesday and you have already moved on to TT!! I am in a hurry so I will come back for your OW!

    Your tablescape and goodies from the sale have left me almost speechless! The next time you go, I am driving up to Wisconsin to come along!! And renting a U~Haul!!

    Your tablescape is gorgeous and manages to look ONLY pretty and not patriotic in spite of the red, white & blue!! Love it!

    The set of Rogers Bros. Silver has me green with envy. The price~I thought I would keel over!!

    I just love everything!

    I will be back, I'm jumping in the shower and heading for an appt. Hopefully I can hide the laundry baskets and make grilled cheese for dinner so I can blog all afternoon!! ;-D

    Have a great day, my friend!


  16. THANK YOU!
    I'm so tickled with myself!
    Oh I love the blue!! I have absolutely NO blue in this house, but my old house was full of it! Maybe as soon as Justin moves back out (hehehe) I can put my blue and yellow bedroom back together.
    I collect salt cellars! and the spoons. (expensive little buggers!)
    Have a great day! I'll drink a glass of wine for you!!! lol
    Hugs. karen

  17. Cindy,

    Great post...I love red white and blue...love the Dollar Tree also..

  18. I believe your dishes that are white with blue flowers, is Royal Copenhagen.....and worth a pretty penny. Check the back!
    Even if they are a nock-off, they are exquisite.

    I love your tablescape!

    Have a beautiful day.

  19. Cindy,

    What beautiful plates and flateware you got! I cannot beleive the great deals you got! Lucky you. I love how the blue and white peices all go together so well!

  20. Wow, the silverware box is worth $5! I'm very, very impressed with your finds!

  21. What great and beautiful deals! I just KNOW you are trying to steal my blog name. Your tablescape looks so pretty, and what fun to see my blog mentioned! You'll probably start seeing those blue/white dishes a lot of places now. I have a set of at least 20 (maybe more). There are two companies that make them (I guess one of them is a knock off of the older one). I've bought them at estate sales, garage sales, and flea markets. One is more expensive than the other, but sometimes the seller doesn't know that. Myott Finlandia has more of a ruffled edge and is the more expensive of the two (but neither of them are ever real pricey). The other is Churchill. I use the two of them together all of the time, and I LOVE them! What a deal on that flatware!!! I wish I could have gone to that garage sale, but then we might have had to fight each other! laurie

  22. Hey Cindy
    Wow what an amzing time you have had.Just incredible treasures.
    I can't believe the bargain basement prices.Way to go !
    I remember when Liberty Blue came out for the Bicenttenial in 1976 my Aunt Jo had some of these.
    My Mom actually had this flatware pattern ,I don't think she has much of it left after all the many years and assorted family functions :)
    Enjoy your treasures.
    Blessings to you .
    I feel a dose of garage sale fever coming on.

  23. Cindy I am in awe of your shopping savvy. I just love everything you bought, especially the white ironstone plates. Your tablescape is beautiful. I love red, white and blue. So summery! Have a wonderful and fun weekend. Hugs, Loretta

  24. OMG Cindy! How could anybody sell those flatware for $5? I would have paid 10 x more for them, the case is worth more than $5 in itself. Your salt cellar spoon is so cute. I love your tablescape, lovely colors, very patriotic, could use for Independence day too...Christine

  25. Cindy, I just love all the wonderful dishes you found at the garage sales, and such great prices. Your tablescape is just stunning. I LOVE the blue and white and the way you mixed the patterns is so pretty. Just gorgeous. I want to thank you for the gracious comments you always leave on my posts. I so appreciate it. I just did an inspirational post that I hope you will take the time to read. It is such a blessing to our family. Thanks, Hugs Marty

  26. Cindy, you really did get some great buys at the garage sales. I love when they are city wide because you can just spot the signs everywhere and they usually have a map.

    The r/w/b tablesetting is gorgeous.

  27. I love your blue and white with the red! So striking and at the same time so inviting and cozy. NICE tablescape..
    I am so pleased that everyone seemed to like my new house number...or House Plaque as Penny called it! :)
    Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by!
    Have wonderful and peaceful weekend.
    ~smiles and hugs~

  28. You did great! I love your blue dishes and you can mix them in with so many things. What a deal..

    I just saw the pic of your "cottage" in the snow..so pretty!

  29. My grandmother had the Daffodil silverware and it now lives with my brother. I got the Gorham, but loved seeing your find. It makes me sad when families let treasures like that go on instead of passing them to a younger generation. But LUCKY YOU!

  30. Cindy- that silverware- wow!!! $5.00! And how much fun for all those Thursday Tablescapes with all those new dishes!!


  31. Lovely table - and that silverware is gorgeous - I love the design - and the price!!!!


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