Outdoor Wednesday/ Wisconsin Dells

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! A day we get to share pics of the great outdoors. Be sure to visit Susan, our wonderful hostess, for more Outdoor Posts! Wisconsin Dells is a well know tourist attraction in Wisconsin. It only has 3000 year round residents but you would never know it. They call it the Water Capital of the World because of the seemingly unending water parks. Think of Pigeon Forge, TN. And just like Tennessee there is another side. The beautiful side along the Wisconsin river.

You will see lot's of these.

And roller coasters galore!

But the best part is here, along the Wisconsin river.
(click to enlarge)

And down into Witches gulch.

We'll take a little tour.

To the best part of the Dells.

Hey! I see a Packer fan and building teacher extraordinaire! AKA Hubby.

Through the gorges!

And down by the tour boat.

To an early morning mist...

Blanketing the river.

And a little lone duck, swimming all alone. So if you ever go, don't forget to see this! Cindy
p.s. my blog roll/dashboard is not updating, does anyone no why? Cindy


  1. Oh how gorgeous! I love being on the water and that boat looks like an easy way to see some of the most beautiful part of your state. I have been to Wisconsin as my father lived in LaCrosse when he was a young engineer out of school. He took us back once to visit with friends from days gone by and we had a wonderful time. Such warm hospitable people.
    Happy Twirls

  2. What beautiful pictures, Cindy! We used to live in Waukegan, IL when the kids were small and we would take them to Wisconsin Dells. But that was a long time ago and this looks so much better now....Christine

  3. What pretty pictures. Looks like a fun place to visit.

    Happy Wednesday.

    P.S.- I had trouble with my dashboard the other day as well... it fixed itself thankfully.

  4. Good morning Cindy...thanks for the wonderful tour of the Dells...I really like to tour places like this...and sitting here in my chair makes it nice & easy...LOL ;-) Bo
    P.S. I have no idea why the blog roll isn't updating...mine is REALLY slow to update sometimes...

  5. Cindy, that is totally gorgeous! I love rocks, waterfalls and water!

  6. Cindy... keep this up and you'll be on the "Welcome to Wisconsin" board of directors!

    beautiful photos... happy Wednesday

  7. Cindy, this is just gorgeous! Amazing photographs of natural beauty. I always love seeing what you have in store for us! :-)

    And I noticed that my blog reader on my dashboard is slow, too. There seem to be lots of gremlins on blogger recently.


    Sheila :-)

  8. Hi Cindy, I feel like I have just had a great tour...your pictures are lovely. So inviting!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  9. Oh I want to stroll through Witches gulch. Looks fascinating! Thanks for the tour Cindy! Happy O.W.

  10. Wow! Wisconsin River looks amazing! Hmmm, there's just so many places outside of Cali that I want to visit now.

  11. What a wonderful day you must have had! Your photos are just wonderful. Wisconsin is a beautiful state. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Cindy,
    Now that's something I would love to do, take a nice boat ride and wander on some beautiful trails. I'll leave the water parks to the youngins' :) You took some really beautiful pictures of the rocks and waterfalls. I must live in the most boring town. Nothing like that up my way. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Loretta

  13. what a beautiful place. I love the Dell and the gorge is spectacular. I'd love to go on that riverboat ride. Sounds wonderful!

  14. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Cindy! What a fantastic tour... oh my...so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  15. Lovely pictures! Looks like a place that we need to visit sometime.

  16. We were in Wisconsin Dells a few years ago and enjoyed our stay. We went to wineries around there and to The House on the Rock. We only stayed a couple of days, because we were on our way to Door County. Loved that too!

    Great photos!

  17. What a great place. So much to see. Thanks for sharing your pics.

  18. We took both the upper and the lower Dells boat trips when I was a child. It was LOVELY. And that was back in the day BEFORE all the water parks!!! You had the boat tours, the "ducks" and Tommy Bartlet's water show and that was about it.

  19. Wow very cool!
    No clue on the computer question. But does that surprise you? LOL
    We will just have to get together and enjoy a bottle of wine Girl! Red or white?
    Beautiful post! See you tomorrow!
    Hugs Karen

  20. Hi Cindy, We're frequent visitors to that area.....We've been to the Great Wolf, Kalahari, and Treasure Island. And we never miss going on the Ducks or eating at The Moose Jaw. I'm just sorry we didn't make it to Jellystone before they closed. Just when Jacob and his friends could zoom around the grounds in the golf carts they used to have. ~ Robyn

  21. Absolutely gorgeous Cindy! You should get a commission from the Wisconsin Travel & Tourism Council because you really do show off the best of your state! :D Jewel

  22. My comment has vanished...
    I just wanted to say that your pictures are beautiful..and that you did a wonderful job of taking us along on your outing!

  23. Cindy, I'm so glad I came back to look at this post I missed. These pictures are breath taking. I loved seeing them, and your cute husband. laurie


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