Our neck of the woods

We live in the area known as the driftless part of Wisconsin.
An area which the glaciers did not touch.  We are blessed with rolling hills, bluffs, the Mississippi river and areas of great natural beauty.  On Sunday we headed over to the picturesque little town of Alma, Wisconsin.  Alma is situated right along the Great River Road and is a hopping little town especially during the warmer months.
They have a great little Art and Music festival once a year during Labor day weekend.
One of the highlights of the day was a presentation by a trainer from the National Eagle Center just up the road a bit in Wabasha, Minnesota.
My little niece Chloe and grand-daughter Addison sure enjoyed getting up close and personal with this majestic bird.

She brought with her one of their smaller Eagles.  This one only weighed about 7lbs. and was a Florida Eagle.  The eagles around us get up to 18 lbs..I think she may have wanted a lighter load this day.
The bluffs are truly magnificent!  If you want a great autumn drive well let me tell you, the Great River Road is just one of the best.
Besides music, food, art and other fun things the little girls enjoyed just strolling along the beach.

The husband/grandpa too. 

They had a great time dancing and entertained a lot of the senior folks in the audience.

A real treat was seeing the American Queen pass through the lock and dam in the little town of Alma.

A crowd came out to greet them.

It was one of those days I wish I could bottle up and do over.
So what's up in your neck of the woods?


  1. Oh wow, Cindy, this is all so pretty and looks like such a fun day. The girls are so precious. I can't wait to see you next month, hope it cools off some. Hugs, Marty

  2. I was in that area years ago and have forgotten just how beautiful it is. Thank you for bringing back some happy memories. The girls are so darling and much give you so much joy!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  3. Hi Cindy, this is going on my list of "must see" places, which is growing longer each day! We are starting to think about retirement days and traveling around the country. And I would LOVE to travel on the American Queen!! Those little angels must have put smiles on so many faces with their sheer joy. It's interesting to see what fascinates children--like the sand on their bare feet. Thank you for telling us about this area. Linda

  4. Cindy- That is such a pretty part of WI. We hope to get a drive in there this Fall, too. What a wonderful day for you and those girls are just precious. Addison is getting so big. I remember when you posted when she was just born. Where does the time go? Our SweetCheeks started first grade yesterday. I can hardly believe it- xo Diana

  5. What a pretty place to visit. Looks and sounds like it was an enjoyable day.

  6. We usually try to make at least one trip along the Great River Road in the fall. We just do it a bit further south in the Alton, Grafton areas of Illinois. It is gorgeous down here too. I'm always amazed that we drive 90 miles or so and leave the flat plains of Illinois for the high bluffs and raging river. The girls are darling! Looks like they were having a blast!

  7. The Bluffs are gorgeous, Cindy! I know the winters can be long and cold but you really do live in a very pretty area!

  8. What beautiful country! I have been to Wisconsin a few times, and each time I found it lovely.

    The girls are adorable, and what a nice family outing.

  9. Beautiful!! Now I wanna go to Alma too. I've heard about Wabasha and the Eagle center.

  10. Cindy, this looks like so much fun. Wow! That Eagle is really neat, and we already knew Addison has no fear of anything. Apparently, her cousin doesn't either. The girls look so cute dancing. I would have been entertained by them too. Guess I'm one of those elderly citizens. I love seeing riverboats. They are so romantic looking. You might me want to drive to Alma. laurie

  11. What a beautiful area! Both girls look so happy, clearly enjoying themselves.

  12. How beautiful! I just love how God made differing yet beautiful and varied features of nature.

  13. What a fun time. A beautiful place and to meet an eagle close up and personal -- wow!

  14. Great post, Cindy! Maybe I'll visit someday, perhaps on that lovely riverboat.

  15. What a magnificent view and a fun day for sure, Cindy. The 2 little girls are so cute and so sweet that they enjoy each other so well....Christine

  16. Cindy, I loved every single thing about this post! Seeing an eagle up close and personal has to be such a great thing! I have only seen them in the wild and then very few. We came upon a HUGE nest in a neighborhood tree a couple of Springtimes ago, and watched the baby eagles trying to fly...wonderful!
    See your little ones running about and dancing..gorgeous children...and the boat, just all of it. The scenery...it all sounded like such a great day. That was your husband walking the children?? He looks like a boy, for heavens sakes! :) But then I am OLD!
    Everyone looks like young to me anymore. :):)
    Hugs..take care, Cindy!

  17. The girls are adorable ...what fun it would be ( for anyone of any age ) to be that close to an eagle! :)


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