Red and White Winter Mantel and a Mantel Clock Winner!

Hi Friends,
While planning a winter mantel I knew that I wanted it bright and cheery.
Our winters are long and often dreary so the brighter the better.
On top of that, my stone fireplace is dark which also makes it hard to take good pics.
 First I pulled out the little double runner skates which are waiting for my grand-daughter Addison when she is about 3.
Everything on my mantel are things I already had except for the wreath which was clearances for $4.00 and the white berries which were also clearances for $2.00.
So for a total of $6.00 I got a new look that will tide me over at least for awhile.

I like my white birdhouse with the pops of red!
And I do declare that cardinals are my favorite birds!
Especially in the winter, next to the white snow!
And speaking of snow, we have a good bit now and our warm spring like temps are gone.

So I need a little cheering up to make it through a long Wisconsin winter!
A red berry garland, blue vase and few nubby red apples.
We actually have a few apples left on our trees that have frozen and now have a very strange earthy look to them.

Adding my white birdhouse lamp also make it brighter and cheerier in here.

The finished look!
There is one more thing though.  I would like to find a small pair of louvered white shutters to put up there.  The used ones I am finding are as expensive as buying new so I am thinking of asking hubby to make me a pair!
Now on to the give-away!
Thank-you all who came by and left comments and well wishes on my blog anniversary.
I have been trying to get by and say hi to all of you but I am unable to comment on some of your blogs.
Just another blogger issue to deal with I guess...but I will keep trying!

And the winner is.....
my fellow Wisconsinite Miss Keetha!
I used the number thingy ma-jiggy and number 7 was the lucky one!
Congrats Keetha!
Heck I may just have to deliver this to her myself!
Keetha has a fun blog, The Eclectic Company  and she is always quite the character, go say hi when you can!
And thanks again for all you support and well wishes!

I am joining the following blog parties.
Tabletop Tuesday @ A Stroll Thru Life


  1. Congrats to Keetha. But, hey...7 is supposed to be MY lucky number:) Love, love your mantel. Makes me think I need a redo on mine.

  2. I missed it! Oh well, yay for your winner! I love the red berries on your fireplace, wow do they pop! Love the skates too and the white bird house, it all looks so pretty! ;D

  3. I am loving the red and white on your mantle.

    And oh goody, goody, GOODY I won the clock!!!! We could meet somewhere or I could come there - I'm excited!!!!!

  4. Congrats to Keetha! She won an awesome giveaway. And thanks, Cindy, for hosting it. You are one of the sweetest bloggers I have "met". I love your mantel! Red is one of my favorite colors and mixing it with the whites really makes it pop. So fresh and cheery looking!!

  5. Congrats to Keetha!
    I do like your Winter mantel, and you got some great buys. I am tired of Winter already. Got my electric bill yesterday and almost choked.
    Gonna make a skater out of Addison? :-D

  6. Congrats to Keetha! I love your winter mantle. It looks so pretty and warm and lovely- xo Diana

  7. wow that is awesome...a local winner....

  8. Your mantel looks so bright and cheery! I love the pops of red and the little white church. I am still fiddling with mine, I just can't get it right!

    Hurray for Keetha and stay warm!


  9. The mantel looks great! I hope it keeps you cheerful throughout the long winter!
    Go Giants! :)

  10. Love your mantle of red and white. Perfect.

  11. Your mantel looks so pretty! Congrats to Miss Keetha!

  12. Your mantel is beautiful, Cindy! Aw shucks, I missed your giveaway, been too busy with the twins....Christine

  13. Hi Cindy! Oh, I love your wintry mantel! You found that wreath for $4? Wow! Those are the cutest little skates too! I think some shutters would look wonderful on your mantel!
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  14. Cindy, I love your fireplace and your new mantel vignette is so pretty. Those little iceskates are just the cutest ever. Beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  15. I sure wish I had that fireplace instead of my generic builder one. Love the stone and your decorating is adorable.

  16. Woohoo Keetha!!! Congratulations girl, what a wonderful win!

    Hon, your mantel is just wonderful. I love that sweet little birdhouse. 'Just sayin'! Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a fantastic week sweeite!!! :o)

  17. Your mantel is just lovely, I love the red, and the birds!
    Congratulations to the winner, that's a great clock, very generous of you to give it!

  18. Hi Cindy, I love the red and white color scheme for your mantel - those little skates are just adorable! My congrats to Keetha on winning your awesome clock! A very generous giveaway, Cindy.

    Cindy, I believe I know the key to being able to comment on blogs. I was having this same problem and I researched the blogger help forum. Here's what I discovered. If a person has her comments set to be embedded after the post, rather than pop up window or full page - sometimes Blogger won't allow us to comment! So, if you have time, email those individuals and let them know of the problem and the fix. For the two persons I told about this, changing the setting totally took care of the problem.
    My best to you,

  19. Oh those tiny little skates! I want some of those. Your mantel looks so pretty. Love the reds and whites. That white just pops against your stone. You're right-white shutters would be great up there, and you're also right that the used shutters are so pricey! I bet your husband can make some that look better than anything you could buy. laurie

  20. Great looking mantel. I sure do need to work on mine. *heavy sigh...maybe tomorrow. :)
    I love those little skates....:)

  21. You definitely got the cheery look you were going for. I love the red cardinals especially against the white.


  22. That lucky Keetha. It is a very nice clock. Maybe next time.

  23. I really love this! Red and white is so crisp and you did this very well. I use my old skates on the porch for Christmas, but I never thought about using them inside. We are still having a strange winter...just a couple of snow days and only an inch or 2, but lots of wind, thunderstorms and gray days. I don't miss the snow, but gray and muddy just isn't pretty.

    Congrats to your lucky winner!

  24. Congratulations to Miss Keetha! She's going to love her clock! You're mantel looks lovely :)

  25. Ok...I'm told if ya hit the reply button (seems when they installed those is when the comment problem really boomed) under someone else's comment you can write your comment in a reply.

    Worth a try maybe...'Just sayin'....

    Booger Blogger anyhow!!! Heeehehehe!

    God bless and have a magnificent day.

    'Takin' MIL to the Dr. for yet another insurance requested cognitive evaluation. Like her Alzheimer's is gonna get better. Oh the hoops we jump through!!!

  26. HI CINDY!!!
    I AM Starting to feel like my OLD self again!!!YEAH for that....6 weeks of being sick can make one SICK and tired of being sick and tired LOL
    I hope you are still coming to Az soon......LET me know as soon as you know....My Mom is turning 75 and US girls are taking her to Disneyworld again.....in february...glad it was not this month, I would have not been able to go.....She is so excited to go, also to get out of the Chicago cold weather..although she was here 3 weeks in December and first week of jan and she FROZE the entire time she was here, we keep ,our heater normally on 68-70 and she froze...she keeps hers on 80!!!!
    So as she said COLD IS COLD!!!!
    We turned it up to 74 and we were burning up at night, had to sleep with the ceiling fan on!!!!
    OH well, I will be OLD--OLDER one day!!!LOL

  27. Congrats! to the lucky winner!
    Your mantle looks great!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Hi Cindy,
    I LOVE your winter mantle! Those little ice skates are just too cute! The red and white looks great. Congrats to the lucky winner!

  29. Oh Congratulations to Keetha!! :) How fun! :)

    Love your red and white. Those little skates are just to cute! It all makes a very cheery winter scape! :)


  30. LOVE the red birds. I almost spray painted my chubby bird red. LOL I thought I needed a red bird on my mantel too. The tiny skates are so cute. Keep looking for shutters! I love mine.


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