Porch Party, Paint Party!

Welcome Everyone!   My porch is small but I think it is colorful and cozy.
My hubby and I use it all the time and especially now when we are having such gorgeous summer days!
 An old bench I painted last year.
A tablescape from last summer!  I enjoyed this look!

Our patio is still a work in progress.  Hubby re-did the picnic table and chairs last summer.
You can see the amazing picnic table re-do by clicking here.

And he also did the chairs!  You can click here  if you want to check out that re-do!

Potted plants

Old wicker chairs.

And a table-scape I set-up for my in-laws when they came for lunch!  It was fun to serve them out here.

A table set for two.....

With a view!

Thanks for coming by my friends, I have a busy week and then Dan and I are off to visit Jane (Blondie's Journal) and her husband Al.   I know, I know I am a lucky gal!  We get to stay in their lovely lake home too!
Take Care and I will be by to visit with you all soon!
I am joining Rhondi @ Rose Colored Glasses for her annual porch party!

And Debbie @ DebbieDoos for her summer Paint Party!

I am also joining Marty for Tabletop Tuesday!

When you get a chance check out all of these fun parties and their great links!



  1. Looks so pretty, love how he did the picnic table! I love old metal chairs and have about 7 of them!

    The setting for your in laws looks so nice, lucky them!

  2. I love all the pretty colors you have used on your porch. The view is breathtaking.

    Have fun with Jane.


  3. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I absolutely love your home. Your outdoor spaces are wonderful, Cindy.

  4. your spot is lovely and it doesn't look small to me,, I live in an apartment,, I know small,, have a wonderful time visiting

  5. you are such a delight to visit...i LOVE how much you love your home and family and how nice and pretty you make it for everyone...it's so nice to see someone that LOVES her home....it sure shows...everything is just lovely

    it's always a pleasure to stop by and visit with you, my friend

    sending SUMMER love,
    kary and teddy

  6. What beautiful scenery Cindy. I love the table scape. The red table and chairs is so very bright and pretty. Thanks for sharing. I bet lunch was good.

  7. I love your porch and patio! So bright and cheerful and what a fabulous view!

    ~ Tracy

  8. I love all your bright colors. It makes everything so cheerful! Your porch is so welcoming and I especially love the table set for lunch with the blue & white china. Thanks for joining the party!
    Hugs, Rhondi

  9. What a pretty place to relax - great view. Kitty likes it also.:D
    Have a fun and safe trip.

  10. You have a very welcoming porch, Cindy. I love it!...Christine

  11. What a bright and happy porch you have (and the view's not to shabby either)!

  12. It all looks lovely and inviting. Love your view!

  13. First, I love your big yard the great drive coming up to your home!!!

    Your colors are wonderful...and that picnic table your hubby redid is terrific!! It's so awesome that you guys get so much use out of your great outdoor room!

    Have a terrific Porch Party! dana

  14. Cindy, I hope you have fun with Jane. :) Your tablescape is so wonderful!I just love all of your bright cheerful colors. Just darling!! :)


  15. Beautiful porch! All of the outdoor scenes are wonderful! Love the reds!


  16. Your porch is lovely, I really like the red bench. And your view is fantastic!

  17. I love your porch Cindy....it's just too hot here right now to enjoy a patio or porch...have fun on your trip...

  18. So enjoyed seeing your fun projects again. I love those sweet polka dot pillows you have- so fun!

    Enjoy your visit with Jane. It is always so much fun visiting blogging friends in person!

    bee blessed

  19. That view and the driveway are to die for!! Can you say AWESOME??!! Wow! (And gorgeous summer days??? Do you live in the same Wisconsin I do - or did they add another state with the same name??? Yikes - I'm wearing sweatshirts and haven't seen the sun nowhere, nohow, for days now!!) Enjoy your time away - have a wonderful week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  20. GIRL!

    OMG, I don't think I've ever seen that shot before.
    I would never leave.
    Even in the snow. ESPECIALLY in the snow! :)
    Well, Jane's lakehouse...I might leave for that too...

    :) HUGS! Have fun. Think of me while the two of you are whooping it up up there without me...

    Sigh. Me.

  21. Cindy- It looks beautiful..and I know how hard you work to make everything perfect. It is gorgeous!

    Have a fun time with Jane- I just adore her! xo Diana

  22. I just love your porch and what you all did to it and that view is sooooo beautiful. I could sit their for hours and just relax.

  23. I love your porch! You and your hubby have done just a marvelous job on it. I do believe that anyone and everyone would be happy to sit on your porch.

    Hugs XX

  24. What beautiful colors. What a great job you've done. Love it.

  25. I was like, dang, I can't comment on your 2-die-4 view and porch area, but then I find the comment button on the top of your page. Anyway, I adore your porch. It is so inviting and you have such a dreamy view of the world around you.

  26. What a beautiful view from a beautiful porch! Love your picnic table!

  27. Love your view... I mean, what's a view without a nice little mountain? It's gorgeous there!


  28. Cindy, your color combinations are just gorgeous - love the red, yellow and blue. The red bench is adorable! All of your decorative touches are just perfect....I only hope it is cooler at your house that it is at ours! Linda

  29. Cindy I love your porch it is so pretty and your colors are so cheery and inviting. That view is just unreal. Love it. Your patio is wonderful too and your table is so pretty. Love the red and white. Have fun on your trip and enjoy the lake. Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  30. Lucky you! I hope you have a wonderful time at the lake w/Blondie. She seems very nice! I've always loved your porch with the wonderful pops of red, yellow, and blue. Mostly, I always think of you with the red. It may be small but you have adorned it beautifully!

  31. Mornin' Girlfriend..

    Just read your note and came right over! Girl, you are just the sweetest thing...thanks for all the warm compliments about my home! You just made me day!

    Well sweet friend, I can see that Applestone Cottage is "set" and "ready" for summer! Ohhh...everything looks just beautiful! I have to tell you though...as soon as I seen the photo of the wicker chairs and your view...I just sighed!!! That has got to be the prettiest view ever and I can just imagine how sweet it is to be able to sit out on your porch and enjoy it!!! Love all of your summer sprucing, my friend! Oooh...I love that you brought that big ol' black lantern out and sat it on your red bench...sooo pretty! All of your flowers are looking marvelous too! Love, love, LOVE the red petunias in your polka dot teacup planter!!! It's all gorgeous, Cindy!

    Ohhh...you guys are going to have so much fun this weekend at Jane and Al's lake house! I'm sooo envious! Hehe! I loved our visit...can't believe that it's been an entire year ago! Jane is such a sweetheart too! You girls have fun!!! Take lots of photos and share your visit with us...okay!

    Love you, sweet friend!

  32. Cindy, I love your porch. And, I love your yard. Everything is so pretty.

    Your picnic table redo is fantastic. The colors are so bright and inviting.

    Thank you for sharing.

  33. You're right, Cindy! Your painted bench and picnic table, coupled with the brightly colored metal chairs, really create a cheerful environment in your outdoor spaces!

    I'm visiting from Blondies and would like to invite you to join me at my linky party each week. The link goes up on Wednesday nights. By the way, I just joined you as a follower. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  34. I love your porch, it's so happy and such a cheerful place, you just want to be there!! Your hubby did a great job with the table and chairs. I love your tablescape, beautiful china and so inviting! I just came from TTT, hope you visit too. Love, FABBY

  35. What a great porch!! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!! I am participating for the first time in SWEET Ms. Rhondi's Porch Party!!! I hope you will swing by my porch for some sweet iced tea and a visit!!!


  36. Love the red on your porch, Cindy! What a great area rug, too! It makes it seem so much more like "indoors".

  37. I love your porch & especially the picnic table redo!! I have one that's a few years old that I stained but it's very faded now so was debating whether to paint it or not... absolutely going to now after seeing yours. Thanks!!

  38. I just love the colors that you chose for your porch!! It is so inviting and warm and cozy!!
    So very pretty!!


  39. I actually gasped when I saw your lovely expanse of yard..NOT to mention that table. I went to see the before and once again I gasped!
    What a transformation! What a great paint job he did.
    I do the painting here...and just sort of stand back and throw it on. He does it RIGHT! :)
    Are we in a "fix it up" mode or what??
    That little red bench...well...wanna trade? LOL


  40. Oh, I definitely LOVE the bright colors. That's beautiful!

  41. Your porch looks so pretty, and that view is wonderful. Your husband did a great job with the redo's too.
    Enjoy your visit with Jane and her husband :)

  42. Oh I just love all the red! It is so happy and cheerful.

    Fifi really captured the loveliness in her painting. Very nice!

  43. I love this area of your place...so darling and I would love to sit right there with you! :D

  44. So very beautiful. To have a porch like this is like living in a dream to me...

  45. Sua casa ,propriedade,espaço enfim é encantador.Cheguei aqui por acaso e adorei tudo que vi.Obrigado por nos proporcionar a visão de tão linda familia e tão maravilhoso lar.Abraços.

  46. Cindy, I am so happy to see your colorful porch and patio again. I have loved the red table and chairs since the first day you showed them. They look so inviting. I also love your blue and white tablescape on the table. Between your talent and your husband's talent, your porch and patio look like magazine pictures. Have fun visiting with Jane. laurie

  47. Your porch looks great and I love your views! Have a great time with Jane and her husband at their lake house!

  48. I love the gorgeous looking red bench.. it looks just perfect in your beautiful porch. Loved how your husband transformed the patio table and chairs... loved all the colors and your tablescape for your in-laws with the pretty blue and white china is looking so pretty. Thanks for sharing this beautiful porch with us and for your sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend!~Poppy


  49. Hi Cindy!
    Have fun with Jane and Al!
    I'm popping in for the first time...
    Your home it's setting are beautiful!
    I'm your newest follower!

  50. Your porch is beautiful! I love the style and the colors and how inviting and cheerful it is!

    I also enjoyed seeing the great toys you found for your sweet little one!

    A delight stopping by to visit with you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  51. Good morning, Cindy!

    I thought I commented last night but I don't see it so here I am again :) A joy stopping by to visit and enjoy the beautiful photos of your lovely porch and projects. It all looks so nice and so inviting!

    Not sure what is prettier... your sitting areas or gazing out at your yard and seeing the peaceful green of the lawn and trees.

    Kindly, Lorraine

  52. How delightful. From the darling rug under the round table to the table set for two. Well done. Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm a bit behind in my commenting and trying hard to catch up. Sorry it took me so long to get here! Hope you have a great week.

  53. I always love looking at your wonderful and cheerful decorating.
    Thanks for sharing and by now I'm sure you have been with your friends.
    Hope it was and you are having a grand ole time.

  54. I am in love with your view. I can imagine how peaceful it is! The colors are perfect!

  55. HI Cindy! OH, your porch is so pretty and I love the pieces your hubby has redone. Your little table for your in laws is darling AND the view! Oh, what a beautiful place you have. I've missed visiting with you and had to scroll down and see what you've been up to and there is that little darling Addison! She is darling and I could be jealous - look at her hair! :) Poor little Carter is still on the bald side. Well, she has some hair but it's clear! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  56. Cindy, I'm late to your porch party. Sorry! Everything is beautiful. I love the cherry red with that lovely table cloth and the polkadot pillows. Beautiful setting! ~ Sarah

  57. The view is pretty amazing! the place is very relaxing..

  58. Your place and the view is very relaxing.... wish i would live there.

  59. Love your porch and patio... so vibrant and colorful... Love the red bench and the chairs... the colorful pots and the lovely flowers.... the cup-like pot...!! The tablescape looks so inviting... !!


I would love to hear from you. Come back and visit anytime. Warmest Wishes, Cindy