A Cottage Garden Wedding, a Graduation, tis the season!

Good Morning Bloggy Friends,
Hubby and I were busy this weekend with a wedding and high school graduation.
And what a beautiful wedding it was!  
The trellis is the name of the wedding site and it truly was a perfect setting!
Designed and built by two sisters just 3 years ago. 

As you enter, this path leads you to the gardens. 



The bride and groom were so lucky!  It rained all day long and about 2 hours before the 6:00 ceremony the sun came out and shined gloriously.

There were beautiful urns overflowing with flowers.

Fountains everywhere.

And angels

A place to rest and take in the view. 

And this delightful cottage where the bride and her wedding party set up.  The bride's parents are good friends of ours.

The bride was simply stunning!  I absolutely loved her gorgeous dress, she looked like an angel herself!

The sister of the bride looked smashing in this gorgeous blue gown!

And the proud papa escorting his beautiful daughter down the aisle.

She has the perfect figure for this style of gown .

There is the groom off to the side.  A simply adorable couple!

A view of the cottage.

The cherubs were just so charming!
After the ceremony they held their reception at a beautiful country club.
Now I need to back track to Friday night when my nephew Justin graduated from high school. 

Justin is my sister Susie's oldest child.  Justin graduated with honors and is pictured here with his sister Kristen.
Yah Justin, were proud of you!

His proud mom my sister Susie pictured with her youngest child Chloe and little miss Addison.

Now aren't these two cousins cute together!

Chloe  turned 2 in April and Addison is 7 months.  As Addison gets older they will probably get into a bit of mischief together.
Addison is crawling now and oh is she ever raring to go! 
I keep telling my daughter, babyproof everything you can think of!
Well that's about it for us....how was your weekend?
We finally have some glorious spring weather and boy am I loving it!
And I love hearing from you all!



  1. Awwww, those baby cousins are so cute! Congrats to Justin! That wedding site is so beautiful, so perfect. I would like to get married there too, lol, but too bad I am already married. I love the urns and all the other garden structures. The sisters did a great job decorating the garden...Christine

  2. Gosh you grow pretty girls around there! Must be the air and water!

    Lovely, lovely garden setting and the bride and her sis in the blue dress look great.

    What a wonderful memory for all. Even me, way out here.


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  3. What an amazing way to spend the weekend. How romantic was that wedding setting? Wow!

    Love the babies. Congrats to all.

  4. What a wonderful way to begin my day! Weddings and graduations are Spring's magic. I agree, the bride's gown was perfection, bridesmaid's gown too. Babies, angels, cottages .... all of it perfect.

  5. You had a full and fun weekend. Such a pretty setting for a wedding. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

  6. How lucky that the rain stopped in time. It is a fabulous place for a wedding. You sure did have a busy weekend.
    The photos make me want to go out in my wet garden and clean some stuff up. Maybe...after my coffee.

  7. Hi there. You had a busy weekend too!
    The bride's gown is STUNNING! She is beautiful!
    And what a wonderful place to get married. So pretty! Wouldn't that be fun to do? Buy a piece of property like that and host weddings. How fun would that be?
    Miss you Girl! HUGS!

  8. Looks like a fun weekend Cindy! The wedding was beautiful and the girls are so cute together. We're waiting for spring to return here in Philly:@)

  9. Cindy, such an amazing place for a wedding. The gardens are fabulou and the bride and groom look gorgeous. Congrats to them and your nephew. Sounds like the perfect weekend. Hugs, Marty

  10. I'll take two of those swings like the one hanging from the tree! Love that!


  11. HI CINDY!!!!
    First off Congrats to your Nephew!!Yeah for this step in life!!!Off to College I bet!!!Your sis has a son graduating from H.S. and a 2 year old????GOD BLESS HER!!!Yes, those 2 little girls will be best of friends!!!Crawling, oh yeah!!!Our little guy I swear is army scooting already, he is so chunky and strong, he can push himself along!!!I-WE do not want him growing up so fast. No more babies for them and my other 2 aren't working on giving me more, so I want him to stay little!!!
    THAT wedding Venue is lovely!!!What a perfect setting for a beautiful wedding!!!They fixed it up real nice and after that winter you had, they have been busy getting it ready for the season of weddings!!!I loved every picture!!
    I am so excited to see you in July!!!!it is going to be HOT!!!!!

  12. Beautiful gardens for a wedding and a beautiful bride. Love the dress.

  13. gorgeous setting for the wedding. How fun to have a "family weekend"

  14. Lovely spot for a wedding, so blissful and gorgeous!

    Congrats to Justin for graduating with honors!

    The cousins are adorable together and you're right, they will probably find some mischief to get into, but they will probably also be there for each other for a lifetime. My cousin and I are just nine days apart. We were best friends growing up, then separated by many miles in our 20s, now we've been back together for ten years and I couldn't imagine my life without her.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful family and friends memories with us, this is what it's all about — time shared with those we love.


  15. The wedding looks beautiful, bride, groom and party. You had a great busy weekend I can see! Congrats on the nephew and the little cousins are totally adorable! Have a nice week.

  16. Now THAT's what I call a fairytale wedding! Gorgeous! Gardens like that in Wisconsin? Really? You must live in a different Wisconsin than I do. Not flower season here yet - still waiting on the lilacs to bloom. Congrats to your nephew! Ahhhh....what a wonderful time of life...The whole world ahead of you just waiting to see what you will do with it. Thanks so much for sharing, Cindy!

  17. What a fabulous weekend you had! What a beautiful place to have a wedding and the bride was just stunning!

    Congratulations to your nephew! Chloe and Addison are absolutely adorable!

    ~ Tracy

  18. What a wonderful weekend you had...the bride looked beautiful and the grounds were amazing!

    Congratutaltions to the bride and groom!
    \Congratulations to Justin too!

  19. What a beautiful bride and gorgeous dress! Such a pretty place to get married! Your little granddaughter is such a cutie pie! I always suggest to new moms...get down on the knees, or even the tummy, to see the house from your child's point of view. And then childproof by looking up to see what she sees and what she can reach and grab.

  20. Gorgeous wedding. I will have to show this to Xanti.

    Congratulations to Justin!

    Loved the baby pictures. Cheered me up on this dreary day!

  21. What a stunning place for a wedding and isn't she just gorgeous? The little ones look so cute together!

  22. What a beautiful wedding venue...and those little ones are too precious!

  23. Hi Cindy, I think you go to the best parties! The bride and her sister are beautiful and she was so lucky to have the sun come out on her special day! Congrats to Justin too. And little miss Addison and her cousin just steal the show wherever they go! Linda

  24. Hi Cindy, What a beautiful setting for a wedding and such a lovely bride! I really enjoyed your photos. Of course, I enjoyed seeing Addison and Chloe too!
    Hugs, Beth

  25. Cindy- What a beautiful post! The bride is gorgeous! The setting is just stunning and I am so glad the day turned nice. Congrats to the graduate and the babies, as always, stole the show (post)! xxoo Diana

  26. Wedding looks beautiful! Good luck to them!
    It has been rainy here for days, very gloomy.
    The babies are adorable!

  27. Beautiful weeding and bride...but your family is fantastic , hugs, Flavia

  28. WOW..what a weekend! Such a gorgeous place and couple, I LOVE the tree swing..want it! Congrats to your nephew too..it sure is a busy time of year! :D

  29. Cindy, I have missed you SO much and enjoyed seeing this post. What a gorgeous bride! And what adorable kids... all of them and a handsome grad, too.

    I'm late visiting from my post last week (still recuperating from an old injury which has kicked up again), but despite my tardiness, I still wanted to thank you for your sweet comments. I appreciate them and you more than you know.



  30. Such a beautiful settin' for a beautiful bride. I wish the happy couple many, many years of fussin' free bliss! :o)

    Congratulation to the very handsome graduate.

    Yep, I'd say your right...those two cuties look like they'll be the best of buds!

    God bless and have a peaceful evenin' sweetie!!!

  31. What a gorgeous venue for a wedding; beautiful bride, beautiful wedding!

    Your sister's family sounds like mine: my sisters were 15 and 16 when I was born!


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