Outdoor Wednesday/ Foxes and Fur

Isn't the summer just flying by! We are finally going to get some summer like weather this week with highs in the upper 80's to low 90's. Up until now it's been cooler than normal with highs in the upper 70's to about 80. My husband says that he likes it that way but I would like just a little bit of hot weather. I have seen more critters this summer than I can keep track of! The critter below was sitting in our yard one afternoon. Since foxes tend to be nocturnal and quite shy you have to wonder if he was OK. I took this pic through our large living room window so it's not the best but I knew if I tried to go outside he would take off before I got the pic.
We found another critter, our feline Lily all curled up in some flowering shrubs taking a nap. It was late morning and she looked so peaceful and cute all curled up in there.

And another fleeting view of our visiting fox. See what I mean, his fur looks a little mangy and he might not be in the best of shape.

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  1. Hi Cindy! Oh, I loved seeing your photos of the little fox! Poor thing, he does look rather mangy. I'll bet he was hot or thirsty being he was so near you house! The surname "Fox" is in my lineage! My great grandmother's maiden name was Fox and she was supposed to be an American Indian. Now with my fairness and shortness, I didn't get any Indian looks! :)
    Your little kitty is adorable!
    Thanks for popping in!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Wow Cindy! I love the wildlife you share with us. That poor fox is so skinny! It's been plenty hot here lately, but we did get off to a mild start. :D Jewel

  3. What great pictures. I love them. Hugs, Marty

  4. I haven't see fox here, but plenty of deer, pheasants and wild turkeys..
    He does look rather thin and mangy..
    Glad you are getting some summer...how are those apples coming?? :)

  5. It does seem a bit unusual to see a fox so close..., great capture though!

  6. Oh Cindy
    When Randy and I were out and about last week, we came upon a fox also.
    My pics didn't come out as good as yours.
    How wonderful.
    Happy OW
    Love Claudie

  7. Hi Cindy, Wow, great pictures of the Fox, the poor lil thing looks like it needs some food! Thanks for sharing your fantastic pictures and I hope that you have a awesome day!

  8. Hi Cindy!

    Your little cat looks so cute, all curled up in the cool leaves.

    And that poor fox -- he doesn't look very healthy. If he's around during the day, that might be a rather alarming thing. Maybe you should check with your local health department to see if there are any reports of rabies in the area; that can cause unusual behavior like this. I don't want to over-react, but we've had some rabies cases among animals in NJ in recent years -- better to be safe!


  9. Isn't this a beautiful fox!
    Very nice pictures.

  10. Cindy, your yard has become a wildlife sanctuary! I hope your pretty "Lilly" doesn't get caught napping by the fox! Great photos. laurie

  11. What amazing photos of the fox!

    Stay cool!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  12. Hi Cindy,
    I'm sure your little fox was just out looking for something to eat or some water. We've seen families of fox out in the daytime on our property. Every evening at around 6:00 momma fox would come out with her kits and they would roll around on the grass play wrestling while momma kept a watch at the edge of the woods. It was so nice to watch them. Adult fox almost always look that mangy. I've never seen one that didn't look that way except for the babies. I was disappointed the first time I saw one thinking that he sould be all fluffy and well groomed. What a treat to see him though. Definately watch out for your kitty. You don't want Mr. Fox and kitty to meet! Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Loretta

  13. We have had some foxes around this year, as well. I don't know if they are having trouble finding food, or what.

    I do know we had an interesting morning a couple of months ago as one tried to get into our chickens.

    Becky K.
    Hospitality Lane

  14. Great pics. We are also having unusually low temps for this time of the year. If it weren't for my hot flashes I would probably enjoy the weather.


  15. Years ago we had a fox in the field behind us. It was such a fun time watching as pups were born and they played in the white winters snow.

    Great shots

    Thanks for sharing.

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  16. Ah, that poor little fox. There possibly is somethng wrong with it. Your kitty does look very content, it must be warm under there. Lovely photos! Hugs, ~cindy s~

  17. Oh, the little red fox, just so he minds his business! And I must say your daughter is a 'fox' too, beautiful girl. . .Great pictures, fun that you caught Mr. or Mrs. fox on camera.

  18. Awwww I love foxes...how cool you get to see them in your yard! We haven't really had a summer here either this year. Up until a week ago it was too cold to really enjoy the pool. It's so nice to have the warmer weather finally move in. Although all the rain has sure kept our gardens lush.

  19. Great pictures of the fox! I love them : )

  20. Oh, that poor little fox does look a bit malnourished. Maybe that's why he's out during the day. Your kitty sleeping in the garden is adorable!


  21. That Fox did look a little rough around the edges! I bet he was hungry!

    Donna Marie

  22. Mornin' Dearheart...

    Just stopping in to say hello this morning and see how you're doing!

    Girl, can't believe that you were able to get photos of that red fox! Wow...that is just awesome! Hmmm...he was looking a little worse for wear though! Every now and then, we'll see a fox around here! They're amazing creatures!

    Ahhh...I just loved the photo of your sweet little napping kitty! hehe! You're right, he looks so peaceful!

    Well, I've been busy trying to get my mud/laundry room back in order! We painted the room Sunday and Russell put cabinets up above my washer and dryer! Anyway, I took everything out of that room and stacked it in my kitchen...what a mess! Hehe! But it always has to get bad before getting better...with these home projects! I know that you know what I'm talkin' about! Hehe! I'm so pleased with my new cabinets! I just had a shelf about the w/d before...it always looked so messy...so I'm just elated! But I spent Monday and Tuesday...deep cleaning! OMG...how can a room get so filthy when I clean it all the time??? We have a great big computer desk in this room as well (it also serves as our office). So after pulling the w/d, and that big ol' computer desk out...eeekks...I had lots of cleaning to do! Hehe! But the whole ordeal has set me back in the blogging dept. Not sure when I'll post this week!

    Well Darlin'...I've written a book! Hehe! I'll talk with you later! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sweetie!

    Love ya,

  23. A fox! wow!
    Poor guy. He/she didn't look so good.
    Your kitty is just to sweet.

  24. Hi Cindy,
    What great pictures of the fox!! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Oh poor fox, I hope he is not hurt, looks a little skinny too. We have foxes crossing our backyard sometimes too but I can never catch any of them. They disappear when I grab my camera.....Christine

  26. That guy does not look very healthy. Hope he stays away from the cat! Glad you were able to capture him on your camera before he scampered away.

  27. Great photos. Yes, the fox does look a little worn.

  28. I enjoyed seeing your photos, but a fox in my yard is a big fear of mine because of my sweet little kitty. do you worry about that? I know we have them in our woods,so I don't let little Maggie out after dark. Amazing pics you got! Our weather sounds just like yours!

  29. Wonderful photos, Cindy. Great Outdoor Wednesday post.

  30. Hi Cindy !
    We got us a fox too ! Aren't they neat....except when they eat all my chickens, LOL ! Your fox isn't as fat as mine....better get him some chickens....

  31. Cindy, these are incredible. Man alive that fox was pretty brave. We've had the turkeys and the coyote but no fox yet this year.. I'll have to keep an eye out for them..I love the kitty snoozing.. hugs ~lynne~

  32. Great photos! We've had our share of hot weather this week, but it has cooled off a bit today, with low humidity. I prefer it this way, as opposed to the heat.


  33. Hey there! Long time no talk to! I am going through blogging withdrawls! I need to find a good connection and FAST!
    Love the pictures. I agree, the fox is a little sad looking, but the cat is adorable.
    I posted a very short post this morning to update all.
    Had a few tears last night, but am over it and looking forward to whatever may come my way!!! I know there is always a reson - just can't figure out what this one is.
    HUGS - I MISS YOU!!! Karen

  34. GM Cindy...Oh girl I am so glad to be home and I want to first tell you I love the new header picture you made..How have you been my Dear friend..Hopw all is well on your side of the mountain today...Thanks for coming by and seeing my little family...YES that Kyra is a doll and we thank God each day for her health and how good she is doing...I cried like a baby when I seen all her scars but am so thankful that the doctors could save her sweet life...Now those kids are talking about having another one by next year...want 4 before Heather is 30 WOW!!I loved seeing your poor mangy fox girl..poor thing looked hungry to me...We have the gray ones here all the time..May you have a great weekend My Dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  35. Hi cindy - love your post today....we have a family of Fox living around us and they make the round every morning and evening...every so often there's one who hangs out across the street in the vacant lot and he follows my husband up the street right next to the car! I love watching them and oh, how precious is Lily!!!!
    thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  36. How cute. Great pictures of your little friend.

  37. Wow! What a neat thing to get to see a fox in your yard. That is strange that he was out in the day like that. I hope he's okay. Thanks for sharing him with us, Cindy!


    Sheila :-)


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