It's a Cloche Party with Marty!!

Welcome to the 1st ever Cloche Party with our lovely hostess Marty. She is one of the sweetest ladies in all of blog land and you should hurry over and see all the beautiful Cloche's she has created! There are so many talented ladies with an army supply of cloche' s that I feel a little bit embarrassed posting this. However, I hate to miss a good party, so here goes, my one and only cloche!(actually it's an apothecary jar, but I guess that works too)

You may have seen it before! It has a rooster decor hand-painted on it and was a mere $7.00 @ TJ Maxx. I am a bit limited by the rooster but thought I could make a little centerpiece for my table. The cute little tray was a recent find and I added some yellow roses freshly picked from my MIL's garden. My little tea- cup was a mere .70 cents at TJ Maxx and I also added some baby's breath picked from my garden and some red ribbon from the craft box.

The apothecary jar is filled with some wooden eggs and a wooden baby chick found at a local gift shop. ( You can actually see them better in the first pic) The roses actually look prettier today because they opened but I took pics last night, and didn't have the energy to redo. I laid it all out on a green and red plaid table runner that I already owned, I love red and green together, and I don't think I will ever tire of it. On another note, we are leaving Tuesday for a little road trip. We are heading south hopefully to N. and S.Carolina. Although our itinerary is a bit sketchy we may head into Georgia and then back up through Arkansas. The weather is like perfect here right now and so it may seem crazy to go south when it's hot, but hey, I'm married to a teacher and we have to travel in the summer! One summer we went to Las Vegas with 2 -13 year olds and it was a 113 each day! I do not recommend this if you want to keep some of your sanity. But since mine is already a little affected why not! LOL, just kidding( kind of). If you live in any of these states please feel free to e-mail me, I would love to at least give you a call if we happen to be passing through your town. thanks for coming to visit me, and a special thanks to Marty, Cindy


  1. I like that painted rooster on this jar! Very nice...

  2. I love coming to visit you - you always have the cutest things!

  3. Hi Cindy! I love your Cloche/Apothecary Share! It's totally sweet, just like you! :) Please do let me know when you will be in GA...if you make it to Duluth. I'm serious about having you and your girlfriend for tea... and I'll do my best to have a few of the GA bloggers stop in too, if they can! I should be in town... :) Be blessed and safe on your trip throughout all those states! ;) ~CC Catherine

  4. Sweet table setting! HAve loads of fun on your trip!

  5. Hi Cindy! Oh, how sweet! I love the painted rooster on this cloche jar! You know I love the yard birds! LOL
    The roses are so pretty! And I like how you've put together this sweet little vignette on your tray.
    Have a nice trip and remember to take lots of pictures for us to see when you return.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Wonderful and colorful and very pretty
    I love the colors and the plaid... I have an addiction to plaid ~!
    Have a wonderful and safe trip!!!

  7. Cindy, How cute is that rooster?! Love what you did! Linda

  8. Cindy my Dear friend...first let me say I hope you have a safe and fun trip...just to spend some time with your honey should be fun and always nice getting away...and Girl I wished I did live in one of state As I would to meet and see you...that would just made me a happy camper..Now I loved this jar when you first show it and I love the Baby breath you put in it...May you have a wonderful trip...I'll miss you my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  9. Cindy, I love your rooster apothecary jar. It is so pretty and your little bird and eggs are so pretty inside. Placed on the tray with the lovely roses and set for tea is just gorgeous. It really looks so inviting. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  10. This is so cute. I love your idea. Thanks for sharing.


  11. And it's lovely to look at this time around too! Love that shape, Cindy, just love it! I can't wait to find one! ;-)

  12. Very Cute Cindy! Love the painted roosters.

  13. There is that VIEW again! (I know you threw that in just for me.) LOL
    LOVE THE ROOSTER! My goodness he is cute! And he's enjoying the view tremendously!
    Thanks for keeping my secret from Mark! (hehehe)
    HUGS! Karen

  14. Hi Cindy !
    I love your setting with your A-Jar, so pretty ! Great deals too !
    Have fun traveling....I always love to travel by car cuz you can see so much. Make sure to take lots of pics to post to your blog in the future !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  15. Cindy...I just read your comment on Marty's cloche party post..and I had to laugh. ME TOO! I actually was grateful I didn't try it! However...I think you could do a lot better than I. I went away just shaking my head...but...I simply don't have that amount of things to work with. Gloria was inspiring...so...I think we should jump right in next time.
    When I do it though...I think I will offer...JUST ONE! LOL
    Wow....those were over the top...
    I was sure you would do it...so I was looking forward to yours. I have a feeling it would be fantastic!! Promise you will do it next time. Ok? :) I have faith in you! :)
    smiles and hugs!

  16. I LOVE your jar...it works for me...and it might not be a bona fide cloche...but I LIKE it. I didn't even have that to use.
    I have a cloche..but...it's nothing special..yours is beautiful!!
    I thought you had one and just didn't want to do it..and here you have this one. Adorable...anything that has red and chickens or roosters in marvelous to me!
    At least you did something...I didn't even try...and I thought you hadn't either...now I am really ashamed of myself. NEXT time for sure!
    Mona :)
    Maybe I will invest in one.

  17. Darlin'...I just adore your pretty rooster apothecary jar...I do believe it's "one-of-a-kind"!!! And I just adore that little wooden chick and eggs...so cute!!! Well, this is such a beautiful vignette...it couldn't be any prettier all set up in front of that big picture window in your dining area...what a beautiful view...sure makes a gorgeous background for your vignette!!!

    Thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my new vignette...you're always so sweet and complimentary!!! Well Darlin'...it sounds like ya'll are going to have a blast! I love the kind of vacations where you don't really have concrete plans...just go where you would like and stop when you want! Hehe! You guys have lots of fun and be safe! I'll miss you! Talk with you when we all get home again! Hehe!

    Love ya,

  18. Dear Cindy,
    have a safe and fun trip
    I loved your rooster jar the very first time you showed it and I love it all spruced up...very pretty.

  19. I've never seen anything like that at our TJ Maxx...I love that!!!! It makes it so pretty and unique and there is another one with a pretty ribbon tied on..man my 'use ribbon' part of the brain must need batteries..I don't never think of doing that!!!! lol lol Great post sweetie...have a beautiful weekend!

  20. I thought that was baby's breath- you grow it? wowie... your jar is so cute, w/the rooster painted on it. I need to dig out my old wooden eggs, you have inspired me... Sue

  21. Hi Cindy. I love it! Who doesn't love a rooster? I think it definately counts as a cloche. I love the whole setting. After seeing all the beautiful cloches today I know I need to work one into my decorating scheme. I especially like them at Christmas time with the little houses and snow. Thank you for sharing yours today. Hugs, Loretta

  22. Hi Cindy, this is so sweet....just charming!!!!!


  23. I love your jar Cindy! I wanted to participate..but I have no cloche! I hope to get one for my birthday next month! I am in Georgia.. central part of the state... I have responsibilities that keep me close to home lately... (sigh)...sounds like a fun trip!

  24. Love the display. Having the rooster painted on the jar, makes yours definitely unique. Have fun on your trip. I live in southern California, so I'm sure that is a little out of your way. But if you do come out this way, you can take a dip in my pool.

  25. Cute cute rooster on the jar! Just love those roosters!! Huggy Hugs!

  26. Hi Cindy! My eyes were drawn right through to your window behind your cloche (apothecary jar)... your grounds are BEAUTIFUL...hey, have a big ole time on your summer travels! ;-) Bo

  27. What a pretty treasure sitting there in front of your beautiful picture window... a perfect setting...

  28. Hi Cindy
    YOur cloche contribution is lovely! That is a very sweet rooster jar and you've made it so lovel with your whole arrangement! Never underestimate yourself!!

    You are going to have such a great trip I know it! Won't that be nice to be able to call bloggers on the trip. We really enjoy road trips too. have a wonderful time! We'll be waiting for pictures.


  29. Pretty! And yep I love that view.

    Have a safe relaxing trip.

  30. I like the way you have it on the tray!

  31. Love your rooster cloche/apothecary jar, Cindy! It's so neat! :-)

    I wish you were heading to Florida. I'm love to meet you!

    Have fun on your vacation...


    Sheila :-)

  32. Cute rooster apothecary jar! TJ Maxx is my favorite store here in town (all the other favorites are out of town!)


  33. Cindy your cloche is the cutest ever! Love the sweet rooster! :)

  34. Very cute, I love how it has a rooster on it.

  35. I love it, Cindy! It's very pretty! The painted rooster makes it unique too...Christine

  36. Hi Cindy,
    Oh my gosh, I graduated from Whitehall too! What is your husbands last name? Tell him I am the Linda Larson that graduated in 1975. (there was another that graduated in '73)
    Were you in 4-H? I knew of a Cindy from Melrose.
    I was a part of the Northfield Go-Getters and involved in the Jackson County Fair, the dress revews, etc.
    Wow, small world!
    And lots of my relatives live in BRF too.
    Have a fun vacation Cindy!


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