Advice Needed, Baby Shower Ideas--Help!

I'm having a baby shower in March for my little sister who is expecting a baby girl in April. I want to use the colors of the baby outfit (above) I purchased for her and the table runner I got yesterday at TJ Maxx. I would like it to be more chic and not too cutesy. I'm looking for ideas on decorating the table, recipe ideas, games that aren't your traditional baby shower.
Cake ideas, beverages, etc. If any of you wonderful creative bloggers have ideas, please let me know. I would love to hear them! I have several pink candles, dishes etc.

I thought I could use this little bunny/candle holder too and then carry my table over to Easter! The shower is planned for March 21st. Thanks in advance for any help/ideas you have. Cindy


  1. I wish I could be of some help...but I am terrible at stuff like this. I'm sure you'll get some great ideas from the ladies here though...they rock at throwing a pretty party!

  2. What about a pink cake with the same flowers that are on the outfit? Pink punch of course. That's all I can think of right now. Sorry.

  3. Hi... I just had a baby shower for my daughter last month... She is having a boy.... (any day now). I put the link at the bottom of this comment and if you keep scrolling you will see all the planning and ideas in the archives...

    I also did a pink diaper cake for one of my daughters friends cause she loved the blue one so much!

    E-mail me if you have any questions... Have fun :)
    Here is the link... http://theprojecttable.blogspot.com/2009_01_01_archive.html

    *Really Rainey

  4. Cynthia,

    A spring shower...so perfect!! I had a shower for my sister in law one spring and I made chicken salad croissants (really easy to assemble just before serving), fruit shish ka-bobs and of course pink punch!! We wrapped the silverware in white napkins with pink & yellow ribbon and had pink & yellow tulips.

    I hope this helps. My sister in law loved it and we had so much fun!!

    Good luck! :-)


  5. We have done numerous baby showers and some things we have used for tablescaping have been a collection of old baby things, silver cups, blocks, pix, etc. silver helps keep it from being too cutesy)in the center of the table. Also, once we covered square boxes of kleenex with pink or blue checked wrapping paper and put one letter on each - spelling B A B Y - or name, if known. We have Publix grocery here and have had little petit fours made with tiny pink & blue roses. In the winter, it's fun to have a coffee punch (I don't like coffee, but I like that - it actually has ice cream in it), quiche (homemade - or petit quiches from Sam's if you are in a hurry), cheese straws, fresh fruit. Have fun! Linda

  6. Cindy, that baby outfit is just precious! You already have the makings of a pretty baby shower. I'm sure, with your talent, it will all come together. That idea of Linda's (the square kleenex boxes) sounds SO cute! I look forward to seeing a posting of what you do.

  7. Thank you for stopping by to see my wordless wednesday. You could do pink lemonaide in a pretty clear pitcher. I just had a bridal shower for my future daughter in law, I found alot of things at thrift stores. Cupcakes are always a hit also. Bunnies make cute decorations for a shower and you can use them for Easter also.

  8. Hi there! How fun! I held a spring baby shower for my best friend's daughter. It was wonderful. The things I enjoyed the best were:

    Prizes - they were not gifts to the guests. They were books to the baby. And when the prize was awarded, that person wrote a little note to the Mom in the front of the book.

    Favors - I found a darling shop on-line that printed darling personalized labels for Hershey bars. I will try and remember the name of it and get back to you, or just google Hershey bar wrappers and see what you come up with.

    Food - I had a tea lunch with different types of teas and tea sandwiches and salads. And an edible fruit flower arrangement that was gorgeous, but very expensive. My friend paid for that, which really helped and made everything else affordable.

    We had the best time! Hope yours is just a s wonderful!



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