Beautiful Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN

Summit Avenue, in St. Paul, Mn is one of my favorite places. We are less than 2 hours from the Twin cities, and this is a must see if you ever visit. Don't forget Mall of America is there waiting for you too! Summit Avenue stretches almost 5 miles and is considered the longest uninterrupted stretch of Victorian Architecture in the U.S. The houses were built between 1856 and 1880, and 85% remain original.

There are two national historic districts along here. The Governor's mansion is here as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald's home around the corner from the Commodore hotel where he is said to have written the Great Gatsby.

The style of home includes Queen Ann, Romanesque, Beaux Art, Georgian Revival, Tudor, Spanish, Colonial and more.

I believe this is a Queen Anne.

Another pretty view, it was hot that day so we didn't walk real far. F. Scott Fitzgerald called Summit Avenue a mausoleum of American Architecture.

My husband and I were walking along and saw a little opening, when went to look this is what we saw. I wonder if they have a gardener?

A sweeping view of the Mississippi River where Summit Avenue begins. I love history and I love homes, so going here is always such a treat! Thanks for stopping by, Cindy


  1. Thanks for the tour Cindy, this was awesome. I fell in love witht the homes. :-)
    Have a super w/k. hugs ~lynne~

  2. I love those houses! I have been on that street but I don't remember them... weird but not unusual!

  3. Hi Cindy...It's beautifu! And I love the little peeks into the gardens! I used to have a little 100 year-old Victorian cottage...cute as a button, but we FROZE every winter...and with a HUGE heating bill to boot! lol So I think I'll just enjoy looking at them! Thanks for sharing...Debbie

  4. Wow! What great architecture! I have only been to MN once. I was on a business trip and flew into the airport, stayed at a hotel near the airport and was taken on a team building meeting to the Mall of America and another evening at a restaurant in the Mall of America. I never got to see anything like this!!!!!! M of A was nice, but I would have much preferred to see some of Summit Ave. Next time, I will insist! Thanks for sharing these!!!!!

  5. so beautiful. that victorian home is sooo unreal.
    thanks for sharing this, I can pack this away for a nice trip this summer.

  6. Cindy, I loved the post. We are about 3 1/2 hours from St. Paul. Of course, I love The Mall of America.

  7. Hello there! I am so glad I 'stumbled' onto your blog...I lived in Minneapolis for 24 years and also have always loved Summit Avenue. I actually had a co-worker who owned a home in the area you photographed. Sadly, someone built a thoroughly modern and quite ugly home next to his and he moved! My son lives in Richfield and I must confess I was there the night Mall of America opened! I miss big city life at times and I certainly miss my son.

  8. Beautiful pictures Cindy. I love that garden. I want a garden like that, AND I want their gardener too. Thanks for sharing. laurie

  9. Hi Cindy! Gosh I just love, love, love those houses! I am a nut for houses kind of like guys dig on cars! LoL! Big *sigh* it is my dream to own a house like that someday...that was a wonderful post!Hope you are having an awesome week!~Smiles~Tam!


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