Tablescape Thursday/Thanks CC!

It's that time again, when grown up ladies get to play with their dishes! Recently, I was one of the lucky winners of CC's (Catherine's) give-away! You can visit her beautiful blog @ http://catherinesteacups.blogspot.com/

I was the lucky winner of this teapot. I was so thrilled when it arrived the other day! It was beautifully packed and there was a lovely note inside from CC. Blue and white is something I never tire of and it has a beautifully printed psalm. (click for a better view)

I used my recent garage sale finds to set this tea table for two. The lacy table cloth is actually tablecloth fabric purchased at a local fabric store.

I also won this lovely cup/saucer. Don't you just love the blue and white and the scalloped edges.

Another view! Our lilacs are heavily in bloom, so I used ones from our yard for the centerpiece. The little candle chair I found years ago and I still love it. The blue napkins are from GW. I want to thank CC again for this lovely give-away and for the time she put into it.

I just had to share some of our apple trees which our flowering like crazy. The last 2 days have been very warm (90) and everything that was still springing just sprung! We have lots of apple trees at Applestone Cottage and come August, I will be wishing you could all come and fetch some. We will be in overflow and I won't be able to keep up. The deer just love us. Now go visit our lovely hostess Susan @ http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/ for many wonderful tablescapes. Cindy


  1. I love it! And, now I want to plant an apple tree. If I had to choose just one, I wonder which it should be?

  2. Cindy,

    I really like this table set for tea. What a clever idea using lace fabric for the tablecloth. I've always wanted to try something different; like a pretty quilt or sheet. And the dishes from CC are beautiful~you lucky winner!

    You sure do have a lot blooming, neighbor!! We have been at 85 degrees all day! Time to get out the fans (have to scrub them first!)

    You know, you can send some of those apples to me. I don't bake but can manage a great pie and apple crisp! Who knows, maybe you can take a jaunt one day and visit me for apple pie and iced tea!!

    Enjoy the weather if you can, after all, it is what we were wishing for all these long months!!


  3. I do love teapots, teacups and lace! Fun! Have a lovely Memorial weekend!!

  4. You are a lucky girl to win that teapot! Makes a very nice table setting. I love the shot of your apple tree - it is appropriate to have lots of apples at Applestone Cottage!!! :D Jewel

  5. a wonderful teapot...and some other great deals! Happy Tablescape Thursday ~ Susan

  6. Oh that's just too pretty!! The little chair candle holder is so cute.

  7. Enjoyed visiting your blog-

    Your dishes are wonderful.

    Come see me,



  8. Hi Cindy !
    Thanks for stopping by my blog..
    I love your won teapot - how lucky are you ? I like your tablesetting and tea party is always nice !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  9. I love the verse on the cup and saucer--what a good way to start each morning! I wish you could send us all some apples :)

  10. Very pretty.Congrats on your win, it is lovely..
    I wish I had apple trees like that..I can't tell you how much per bag we pay at the orchard!
    Happy Memorial Day weekend!

  11. Hi Cindy! I love your tablescape! The tea set is so pretty and the cup and saucer that you won are just gorgeous! But my eyes went straight ot your beautiful lilacs! What kind of apple trees are those? Beautiful! I've been having trouble with Blogger so I scrolled down to see some posts I'd missed. Beautiful tour of the gorge! Love it! So are you really coming to Asheville? Let me know if you decide on the dates and I'll see if I can come meet you...maybe bring Linda from Nina's Nest, too!That would be fun. I'll be babysitting for my grandson a lot this summer, but I might be able to work it out. Have a great rest of the week...hugs...Debbie

  12. The cup and saucer has to be my favorite...to have the verse on the cup, just would help to bring your spirit up each time it was used!

    Congrats for your lovely teapot and your sweet, blossoming apple trees!

  13. I love your table Cindy... I wish I was there with you to sip some herbal tea and admire the lilacs and apple trees!

  14. I am a sucker for a pretty teapot or teacup and saucer! What a pretty teapot! I love winning things from CC! LOL
    And your trees! You must make "apple everything" from pie to crisp to sauce to butter . . . golly I can just imagine! HOW FUN!!!!

  15. Congrats on winning CC's lovely giveaway, Cindy. They are just perfect on your table and so timely for Tablescape Thursday....Christine

  16. Hello Sweet Cindy! The Teapot and cup/saucer have found a lovely home, with a most hospitable hostess! It looks absolutely stunning on your table today! I especially love the lace cloth you purchased, I did that many years ago and the lace is still like new. The plates and napkins are perfect with the set! Love it! So glad you won! ;) ~CC Catherine

  17. Hi Cindy,
    The tea pot and cups are just precious. I've never seen anything like them with a scripture verse on them. What a wonderful way to start the day sipping tea from those cups! Just lovely. Your apple trees are simply beautiful. Don't you wish they would stay in bloom a little longer? Oh and your lilacs are so beautiful and I'm sure they have perfumed your whole house. My lilacs bushes are only a few feet tall. I suppose I won't have flowers for a while yet so I will enjoy yours on your beautiful tablescape! Have a restful and safe holiday weekend. Hugs, Loretta

  18. Hi Cindy! Oh, this is so sweet and I have to tell you - I love that little lawn chair candle holder! It's adorable!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  19. Oh what pretties you've put together. I would love to have a "spot" of tea with you today.

  20. Cindy, looks like the cute teapot and c/s have found the perfect home with you! So glad you shared them with us and your pretty tablescape as well!


    Sheila :-)

  21. Pretty teapot and lovely tablesetting. There is always time to relax with a cup of tea! I love your apple trees in bloom! How many trees do you have? I planted one miniature Golden Delicious apple tree about 4 years ago and it gave me only 2 apples last year. The tree is blooming now...I hope I get more fruit this time around, but I don't think it likes my southern california weather too much... but my little tree tries and I love her! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs!

  22. Hi there Cindy!
    Want to stop by to say hello and take a peek at your tea table. Congrats on winning the teapot! Yeah for you! Love, love, love your apple tree - I love apple blossoms! Reminds me of my Grandfather's trees in WV when I was little girl.

  23. I would be overjoyed to have just one apple tree! Just beautiful..and the little teapot and cup with that beautiful saying on them...how sweet! I love it. I am glad you won..you have done it justice... :)

  24. Cindy, Congrats on the lovely gift you got! We have a miniature apple tree in our yard. One year I got enough apples to make 1 apple pie - that's all - but it was good! Linda

  25. Congrats on winning one of CC Catherine's giveaways. I won the one with the blue & white plate. I love your table set for tea. Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  26. What a pretty tea pot and cups! Lucky you! Love your apple trees. Do you make a lot of pies or apple butter?

  27. Cindy,

    love your little candle holder...very nice table

  28. Hello Dearheart...

    Ohh my...I've missed coming by for a visit for a couple of days now...was missing you and thought I'd come by to say hello!!!

    Girlfriend, I just adore your pretty new teapot and teacup and saucer!!! It's soooo pretty! I'm so glad that you won that giveaway...it couldn't have happened to a sweeter lady!!! You set a beautiful tea table too!!! Love the blue and white...oh yes, and your pretty purple lilacs!!! Ours are also blooming...I need to cut some for a fresh floral arrangement! Love the smell of lilacs!!! Girl, your apple trees are just gorgeous!!! I've never really been around apple trees...do the blooms have fragrance? Ohhh yes, I bet you're gonna be busy putting up apples! Hehe!!! Sounds good!

    I also visited your last post about the Wisconsin Dell! I've never heard of it before and so I thoroughly enjoyed all of your photos!!! The gorge area is spectacular...was looking at all the moss covered rock! Something that we don't have much of here in the arid part of Colorado where we live! It's certainly beautiful! Did you take a tour of the river on the boat? What a fabulous trip!!!

    Well my friend, ya'll take care and have a blessed and safe Memorial Day weekend! Do ya'll have plans?

    Love ya,

  29. Cindy, your tea pot and tea cup look so pretty with your new china. I'm so glad you won that lovely set (even though I wanted to win it!). The lilacs are the perfect flower for this sweet tablescape. Your trees look gorgeous! laurie

  30. The teapot is so pretty...and I love lilacs. I also really love that little chair voltive holder...how cute is that!!!

  31. Cindy...May you have a wonderful Memorial day weekend my friend...Love ya sis...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  32. Are those real lilacs on your table because I think I can smell them from here. How I miss lilacs. They won't grow in Arizona and I don't blame them. Too Hot! Thanks for letting me wander in and visit.

  33. Cindy... thanks for your comments on my stuff post... I think it was more introspective... but I was afraid people would take it the wrong way...

    When you post about your stuff... I feel the "people" in your life. Some others posts feel very empty, thought they are filled with stuff.

    I think it was the walk through the cemetery we took last night, that provoked my thoughts and my post... thanks for "listening".

  34. Hi Cindy! Thanks for coming by. I hope you are having a nice Memorial Day weekend!...Christine

  35. Evening, Cindy! Thank you so much for your sweetness to me about my little sun porch! I'd love to have you come visit!
    Yep, Cynthia's a great name, Cindy! LOL
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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