Outdoor Wednesday or The BADGER STATE is LOOKING GOOD!

Hi Everyone and Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday. Susan is our lovely hostess. You can click on the link above to view her blog and more wonderful posts! Now that spring has finally sprung in Wisconsin I'm starting to like it here again. And a little plug! Go vote for Danny Gokey on American Idol! Go Danny!! (click on pics to enlarge)

But first, a real life fish story! My step-son Jacob recently caught this sturgis in our local river. Jacob only had his cell phone to take a pic with ,so it is a bit grainy but boy is he proud! 50" and caught with a worm. It took Jacob and his friend an hour to get this baby out of the water. But never fear, he went promptly back in. (the fish that is) in case anyone from the DNR is reading this. LOL.

Our high school colors are orange and black. These are planted near the entrance where hubby teaches.

Our fire pit and where we spotted a bear last spring! Haven't so far this year. Now you may think I'm crazy, but I was so excited when I saw that big black bear. ( I had a window between me and him ) might not be so happy without some protection.

The greenness of our front yard!

The river where Jacob caught his fish. This feeds into the Mississippi.

Western Wisconsin is known for rolling hills. This pic taken near our home.

Another view down by the river.

More rolling hills and a farmer out planting.

Crab Apple Tree's in bloom! Spring is still springing here so hopefully I will have better pics in a week or two. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Cindy


  1. Oh honey - - - the Badger State is ALWAYS looking good!!! Summer, Fall, Winter AND Spring!!! I'm sooooo jealous that you actually get to LIVE there.

    Nice sturgeon!!!! Hubby is a big time fisherman and he's NEVER caught one of those.

  2. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Cindy! Congrats to Jacob..that's a big fish! Everything is beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! I'll have a post on Wednesday, far too disorganized to do it ahead of time! Congrats to Jacob on his humongous fish!

  4. Cindy,

    What a fish....love all your outdoor photos..I've never been to Wisconsin before...

  5. That fish is just huge. He sure looks proud and he really should be. Your yard is just gorgeous. I wish we had that much land, but alas, very small. It all looks so beautiful. Hugs, Marty

  6. awesome pictures. I dont think I would have tackled that fish...they have really awful teeth dont they? Your right about spring--its looking really pretty everywhere.

  7. The Badger State _is_ looking good! What pretty, springy pictures and what a fish! That is just amazing. Can't believe you had a bear in your yard!!!! It would be fascinating to watch, but I would be glad for the window also!!!! :D Jewel

  8. Thanks for showing us some great pics from lovely Wisconsin. I'm in Arkansas so I have to vote for Chris but I really like Danny too!

  9. What a beautiful place you live in and that fish is amazing!

  10. Cindy,
    What a great fish, I can't believe how big it is. Great pictures, I always enjoy pictures of the country. Everything here is concrete. Thanks for the escape and Happy Outdoor Wednesday.

  11. WOW! Nice fish!
    And a bear story! How cool is that!
    Beautiful pictures! Come and see my wed. post.
    Thanks friend. I always enjoy my visiti to your cottage!

  12. That is one big.. fish! It is beautiful where you live. I'd probably freakout if I saw a big.. black bear in my yard. You are braver than I am. Hugs, Terrie

  13. WOW... that's a BIG fish! LOVE the tulips!

  14. Cindy, my head is spinning! That expanse was just your frontyard? Wowie! Not to mention that 50-inch sturgis! You get to have so much fun... ;-) I do hope you don't encounter that black bear by yourself...

  15. What a fantastic outdoor Wednesday you have presented. It is gorgeous place where you live. I hate to tell you this..but a window would not stop a bear if he decided he wanted to come inside. Pretty darned strong those bears.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  16. Wow that's a big fish. He must be so proud. Your pictures certainly capture the spitit of Wisconsin in the spring. I especially love the picture of the farmer planting his crops. I just love the country. We had a bear last Father's day. It was a rather large cub probably chased away by his mom. He took a tour of our property, walked down our front walkway and down the driveway. He found a bees nest in a rock wall and proceeded to pull it apart looking for honey. He got his nose stung a few times, poor guy, but he was eating something good because he didn't let the bees bother him. My husband and son hopped in the car and followed him until he disappeared into the woods across form our house. Pretty exciting. By the way, bears have been known to break into a house looking for food. One family in our area had a bear in their kitchen eating the browinies that were baked for the kids. Now that's scary. Anyway thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Hugs, Loretta

  17. Hi Cindy, wonderful pictures.....that is some big fish!!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday.


  18. Mornin' Dearheart...

    Just read your sweet note that you left on my PhotoFunia pics...thanks for the compliments, Girl! I'm blushing!!! Hehe! Oh yes, you'll have to go and try it out...there are so many different sets...so you could use any photo...pets, etc.!!!

    Ohhh my...that is one BIG fish that your Jacob caught!!! Hmmm...did he have to throw it back in? Can you eat Sturgis? Hehe! Girl, your property just looks gorgeous...so lush and green!!! It looks like you have quite a bit of land...beautiful!!! You know...I have been in nearly all 50 states but I haven't ever been to Wisconsin...it just looks beautiful!!! I've always pictured it with lots of forests and lakes!!! I love your big old pine trees. We have pines all around our house...I do enjoy them...it's the only thing that stays green here through the cold winters! I think Colorado must be in the same growing stage as Wisconsin...our crab apple trees are just putting on their pretty white blooms. In fact, our trees have just put on leaves but they're really tiny yet!

    What are you up to today, my friend? We are going to a car show this weekend...taking the camping trailer, etc...so will be gone Fri. through Sun. I just got my Sunday Favorites post finished and hope that it will publish on Saturday okay. I still wanted to have Sunday Favorites. Russell is taking tomorrow off, so it's going to get really busy at my place...if you don't hear from me...you'll know why!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday Sweetie!
    Love ya,

  19. Bears and fish! Great post. What gorgeous countryside around you -- beautiful. And that fish -- speechless! What an amazing catch!

    (Did he really toss him back?)


  20. That is one big fish!
    Spring is looking good out there. I love how much open space you have around you and I would love to have a fire pit...however, not enough space. I do have a chiminilla though :0)

  21. I don't dare show my husband the picture of your son's fish. There would be a Mayflower Van in the driveway within the hour. All your photos are lovely.

  22. Beautiful yard and lake. Wisconsin is very pretty in the spring!

  23. Hi Cindy,
    You don't have to say a word, his expression says it all. lol I loved it. i also enjoyed all of the photos you shared, as I would love to have lived in the rolling hills, it looks as if you have beautiful country sides too. thank you for sharing i so enjoyed visiting you.

  24. oops!! Cindy i forgot to sign my name.

  25. That fish needs to be named Moby. He's a veritable whale! WOW! And how gorgeous spring is in your neck of the woods, Cindy. Those trees are exquisite, and I love the surrounding countryside. Thanks for sharing...


    Sheila :-)

  26. You know, I know you are getting sick of me telling you this. But I'll be on the next plane! I'll just pitch a tent - you won't even know I'm there) (Now won't you crack up if I ever really did it?
    OK, I'm over the snow, just for you, when you have country like that around you. Oh my gosh, I am soooooooooo jealous!
    Does that fish have any connection with Sturgis So Dakota? Pardon my ignorance, but I have never heard of a fish called a sturgis. LOL Only a So Cal girl!!!!
    More pictures!!!!!
    Hugs. Karen

  27. Cindy, beautiful nature photos, and that is one huge fish! Is he having it mounted? You'd have to have a big wall to display that! My son would be so jealous if I showed him this. Danny is good, but so are Kris and Adam. Should be an interesting night tonight! laurie

  28. That's one huge beautiful fish! No wonder Jacob looks so proud. Your outdoor pictures are amazing, Cindy. Must feel so refreshing to be in the midst of all that...Christine


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