Outdoor Wednesday/ Cotton, Eagles and fruit!

It's time for another Outdoor Wednesday hosted by the lovely Susan at http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ if you haven't seen her blog yet head on over and you will be in for a treat! I love to post pictures that show some contrast to each other. This first pic was taken while we were visiting Arizona. I believe we were somewhere near Tuscon and the cotton field in the desert really caught our eye. ( click on any pic to enlarge)

By contrast, this next pic was taken in Northern Wisconsin last summer near a little town called Spooner. The majesty of the bald eagle sitting alone in the tree, seems to suggest he's taking in this great land of ours.

My last pic was taken near Traverse City, Michigan. It was the week of their annual Cherry Festival and their Cherry Trees ( which they are famous for) were in full bloom. Cherries are my favorite fruit and I was in hog cherry heaven! Cherries everywhere to see and to eat and to buy ( cute cherry decor etc.) What a treat! Thanks for stopping, Cindy


  1. Very pretty contrasts! Love all the pictures, Cindy, particularly the cotton which makes me nostalgic for my dad.

    Thanks for sharing and Happy Outdoor Wednesday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Hi Cynthia
    First I must tell you that I love your wedding photo & showing us your mom and dad's.
    Second I also LOVE cherries. I love the big BIng Cherries and the yellow ones (forgot their names...it's late lol)
    Third when you posted your comment I'm wondering why i can't link to your site by your name like most. It's happened a few times now.
    Just wondering.
    Happy Outdoor Wed.
    Love Claudie

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Cindy

    Love the contrasting pictures...especially th cotton and cherries (I would be in heaven too as I love cherries!!!)

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. Wow what a great trio of photos. That eagle is amazing and the cotton and cherries are very cool...
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  5. Loved your outdoor photos! I recognized the cotton field photos! Most likely in my neighborhood!

    *Really Rainey

  6. Hi Cindy! Gorgeous photos. Love the contrasts. I am a big fan of cherries, too! Happy Wednesday...Debbie

  7. GM now girl I could eat my way through that cherry tree in no time..great pictires..Happy out door Wednesday..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. what a neat photo of that cotton, i've never seen that before. great pictures, i'm excited for the cherry's to come!

  9. Love the cotten pictures, great post!

  10. How creative of you to post such contrasts. I love the cotton field with the mountain in the distance. The eagle must have been amazing to see in person. I think I've only seen them in zoos. And a cherry tree is a sweet treat!

    All the best, Lana

  11. Great choices for O W. The cotton and the cheeries especially! How very different in color, texture, and how about taste? No don't taste the cotton, lol.

    Kathy b

  12. Love your photos today ... I've been to Spooner many times!!!

  13. What wonderful landscapes you have shared with us! I love the cherry trees especially! :D Jewel

  14. Cindy, these pictures are great! I never think about taking pictures of cotton fields, because they are so common around here, but I bet there are a lot of people who've never seen cotton growing. laurie

  15. What great phtos...all of them! But I think the cotton field is my favorite.

  16. We got a lot of rain today. The clouds were black. I think I heard something about snow. I hope not. The flu has hit our area.

  17. These are great photos, such nice contrast. How neat that you were able to capture the bald eagle - what a majestic creature. Kathy

  18. GREAT pictures. I am envious of your seeing the bald eagle. There is a rumor that one lives in our area, but I don't believe it! Thanks!


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