Upcoming CSN Review and Kransa Kake !

I feel pretty excited about getting to do a review for CSN stores. See that cute dining room table above.  It's called Carolina Cottage Prairie table and you can find it here at dining room tables.   It's only 299.99 plus free shipping!   Got to love that! 

In early May, I had a give-away sponsored by CSN stores.  They generously sent one of my readers this very beautiful , Evening Sun Pfaltzgraff 20 piece set of china.

And I also have my eye on their baby store.  With my daughter expecting, check out this beautiful bassinet!

I really love this one!!!

I am going to be reviewing some of their cookware.   Who knows, maybe it will make me a better cook!
And speaking of good cooks, I want to show you the Norwegian Wedding Cake that was served at my In-laws recent 60th wedding anniversary party.

Isn't that pretty?
It's called Kransa Kake and it's a traditional Scandinavian Ceremony Cake.
My in-laws are both 100% Norwegian ancestry.
In fact, my MIL's Mother came over to this country through Ellis Island when she was a wee girl of 7.
That was in the early 1900's .  My in-laws spoke Norwegian until they started school at the age of 6.
My FIL is still quite fluent.


The Kransa Kake is very good and has a hint of almond to it.
Of course there were traditional cakes served as well.

And here is my sweet MIL, (wearing the corsage) being greeted by a friend.
Thanks for coming by everyone and I hope your having a lovely summer day!



  1. My in laws are Norwegian too! What a great thing,,60 years! WOW...loved the darling cake too! I also love that bassinet, send that to my house please..so cute! :D

  2. Happy Anniversary to your MIL and FIL, Cindy! That's so neat that they've been married 60 years! WOW! Loved hearing all about the cake and their Norwegian ancestry!

    And as to your review... that's a neat table and chair set for a good price. Cute!

    Hope you are doing well today. It's hot here and threatening to storm. Of course I need to drive to St. Augustine, but the threat of a thunderstorm has me hesitating. I don't cotton to the idea of driving in blinding rain! X-ray vision, I don't possess! ;-)


    Sheila :-)

  3. Hello Cindy,

    Happy 60th Anniversary to your FIL and MIL! That is so awesome! The Kransa Kake looks great. Since it has almond flavoring, I am sure I would love it!

    Speaking of CSN, I do not know where my brain has been! I need to go and check out their baby items to see what I can get for my little darlin! I bet you are getting so excited about the pending birth of your grandbaby!

    ~ Tracy

  4. That cake is adorable, sounds like something that would appeal to me...almond is one of my favorite flavors as long as it isn't overpowering.

  5. G'day Cindy ~ What a gorgeous cake...the table setting is lovely & I am sure all had a grand time.

    What a dynamite bassinet ... I love them! When is the baby due? I missed that data ... congrats!

    This is my first participation ... pop by for a visit.

    Happy 4th!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  6. That Kranza Kake is AWESOME - - - and was a new one to me even after having grown up with all the Norwegian things in Hayward.

    Oh my goodness - - - It's a REALLY good thing Brunhilda wasn't at that reception - - - can you just IMAGINE what she'd have been doing with those little Norwegian flags from the top of the cake!!!

    Love you

  7. Hi Cindy,
    Congratulations to you inlaws, 60 years is really something.

    Have fun reviewing for CSN, sounds like fun.


  8. Cindy, what a neat cake, and I love the Sweedish flags on top. It must have been a wonderful celebration. I can't wait to see what you cook in your CV cookware. How fun to get to review their products. Maybe they'll want a review of that pretty bassinet. I'm sure when your grandbaby arrives, he/she will be pretty enough to use in an ad for the bassinet. laurie

  9. I LOVE the bassinet!! Are you going to get it?? It is so pretty~ all those ruffles!

    Sounds like you went to a great party. Congrats to Dan's parents. The cake looks awesome..so did the other two!!

    We had a gorgeous day! I had to drive a million miles to get a trailer hitch put on my SUV to pull the wave runner to the marina. Thankfully we didn't have storms! Hope you had a great day!


  10. 60 years is a great accomplishment, and the traditional cake looks unique. The bassinet is so classic and traditional, wouldn't that be a nice one to have?

  11. What a beautiful cake, and congratulations to your in-laws. 60 years is incredible, isn't it? My parents will be celebrating their 62nd this coming month.

  12. Hi, Cindy,
    That table is really adorable, and a great price.
    The cake certainly is unusual looking but I know it was good.
    Hot and dry down here. Had to to turn the sprinkler on.

  13. Oo I love the bassinet too and the table and chairs! How cute!

  14. Cindy, thank you for sharing such a wonderful celebration with us..
    thats a beautiful bassinet for sure . I especially like the storage baskets underneath..
    I know you'll do a great review for that store. Seeing folks honest opinions of items really helps shoppers. I always read the reviews..

    hugs and happy 4th

  15. Love the cake, and your mil looks amazing! 60 yrs, wow!
    I wanted to get a bassinet like that for my first gchild, but I got voted down. I hope you get your way, I am only the mother in law!

  16. HI!!!
    One of my dearest and sweetest friend who is from Wisconsin, she is Norwegian too!!!!She HATES AZ, and Loves the cold midwest weather and the green countryside!!!!The only reason they are in HOt AZ, is her hubby has had 3 or 4 brain tumors, all benign but he has some hardware in there and cold makes it unbearable, so they live in the desert, she thinks it looks like death here, like dead skulls everywhere, she only comes out at night!!!!haha
    How funny that Norwegians picked Wisconsin to migrate too, because it was like Home to them@!!!!

  17. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just got your sweet note and wanted to come over to say thank you! Shoot, I missed this post...Girl, I can't keep up with you! Hehe!

    Well, I just love your in-law's Kransa Kake! It really is beautiful and so unique. I've never seen one before...thanks for sharing it with us! It's looks like everyone had a fabulous time at the celebration...it was great seeing a photo of your MIL!

    Girlfriend, I am sooo excited for you! I think that's awesome that CSN is having you do a product review! You'll have to fill me in on all of the details when you get here! Hehe! I know...I know...I'm counting down the days as well...I'm sooo excited!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend!

  18. Since I was the lucky winner of those dishes, I can say that you're right.they are beautiful! I use them all the time and last week my cousin and my daughter were visiting and they drooled over them!

    That cake is stunning. Sixty years of marriage? They deserve a cake like that!

    I can't wait to read your cookware review from CSN Stores, love them!

  19. Cindy, I am a week late with my visits to the new founded sorority sisters. I had company last week but I am settled in to visit a few blogs now. I think I may have to join in a few give a ways, you have been very lucky and have many lovely treasures to find just that special place for. The one nice thing is that we all like the same
    thing. Family blessing to you on this
    holiday weekend.
    Amelia Rose Cottage.........Sharon K


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