Outdoor Wednesday/ Blooming flowers and an Announcement.

 Hi all.  I am joining Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.  Thank-you for all the kind words you left regarding my brother and his wife.  The fire is still raging.  However, today the winds were to die down a bit and no one has lost their home.   Although my brother thinks it will be several more days until they are allowed back into their homes. 
But today, I wanted to share some of my blooming things.  We are like the opposite of my brother right now.  We've had plenty of rain and our fire danger is very low.  Yesterday was warm and muggy and more thunderstorms are predicted at least for this morning.

And my announcement?   I am going to be a Grandma for the first time!  My daughter Katie is expecting and she is due the first week of October.  The pic below was taken about a month ago.  Her belly has grown quite a bit in the last month and she is having a baby girl! 
I am very excited and looking forward to this amazing experience!

Thanks for coming by!



  1. Sorry to hear about that fire...We have had lots of rain, too but it is beginning to be dryer now...Congratulations on becoming a grandmother...It is a wonderful experience...I know you are excited about it.
    Your flowers are very pretty.
    Mama Bear

  2. Congrats to you and Katie! That's wonderful news! I am so glad also to hear your brother may be able to return home soon. Your flowers are gorgeous as ever, but the prettiest thing blooming is your daughter. :)

  3. Hi Cindy! Oh, those fires are so scary. Praying still for you brother and his family and all the other folks in harms way.
    Oh, congratulations!!! I know you're just beside yourself with excitement! Look at your beautiful daughter - she's adorable and she has the cutest little baby bump!! I know exactly how you feel!!
    Woo Hooness!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Congratulations on becoming a grandma! It will be a wonderful new chapter of your life!

  5. Congratulations on the baby on the way.

    Your flowers are beautiful. Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  6. Glad to hear your family is safe and will be home soon. What exciting news, I'm know you are going to love being a grandmother. Katie will be a great mom, she couldn't have a better example in you! My sister's first baby is due in Nov.

  7. Congratulations! Being a grandmother for the first time is very special, indeed! The newness still hasn't worn off for me and my little grandson is over 9 months old already ;)

    Happy Times!

  8. Congrats...you will love being a grammy, I know I do, I have three little granddaughter's who are so pretty and can be so funny at times:)


  9. congratulations Cindy...my 1st grandson is going to be born tomorrow...so excited...my brother and his wife are due in Nov with their 1st baby...and my daughters best friend is due in August...babies every where..hope for the future...

  10. Glad to hear your Brother's home is still safe.
    Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother! :D

  11. Pretty flowers!! And congratulations on the arrival of a bundle of pure sweetness. Having a new great niece in our family has been a joy! ♥♫

  12. I've been a bad blogger. SO busy putting this sorority thing together - man it's a lot of work!
    Prayers for your brother . . . I just hate fire "season".
    Katie looks too flippin' cute to be pregnant! How is she feeling?o
    All your flowers are GORGEOUS! I wish we had rainy summer months. I love the monsoons!
    You are going to Colorado - and now Joy is going to Colorado. The one summer I CAN'T go to Colorado. It is beyond beautiful there. You will love it!
    Are you coming in Aug? I still have my fingers crossed!
    Have a great day and I'll see you on Friday!!! WHOO HOOO!!!!!!
    Hugs! Karen

  13. So glad the fire is getting under control. They said on the news that hopefully most families will be allowed to go back home later this afternoon. That is super news. I love all of your flowers. So pretty. Just won't grow here. lol Your daughter looks so cute. How fun to have a baby girl. Hugs, Marty

  14. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I'm so happy to hear that your brother and wife is doing okay and that their home is safe! I'm still praying, Girlfriend!

    You know, we are having the same kind of weather I think! We've been having thunderstorms and rain nearly every day...those late afternoon, early evening storms. All the rain has really greened things up for us...I love that! I see that all of your beautiful flowers are enjoying it as well! You have sooo many pretty flowers! I love the bright yellow and orange flowers and can't think what they are called? Are the pretty purple vining flowers...4 o'clocks? Well as you can see...I'm not very good with plants! Hehe! Ohhh...and you can tell that by looking at my flowerless yard...eeeks!

    Well Grandma...Congratulations!!! I'm soooo excited for you, sweet friend! Being a Grandma is entirely different from being a mama...it's just sooo much more fun!!! Hehe! Ohhh...and I'm so glad that Katie is having a girl!!! You're going to have sooo much fun with that precious little granddaughter!!! Please tell Katie that I said Congratulations...I loved getting to see her with her baby bump! She's such a beautiful young woman...reminds me so much of her mama!!! Well Darlin', got to run to town today...that always takes at least 3 hrs. or so. I'm still trying to finish up my patio project...I'm soooo slow going! I hope that you have a fabulous day....can't wait to see you!!!

    Love ya,

  15. I am so glad things are better in Arizona. Kevin survived some terrible fires when he was going to school in San Diego. I much prefer tornados And how about this muggy weather and rain. My second day in seclusion!!

    Katie looks so pretty. I love her bump. She is really showing for such a tiny girl...and she looks happy. You must be over the moon!! Give her a hug from me!


  16. Congratulations on the new grandbaby. Our Son was born Oct 5 and we have more birthdays and anniversaries that month. In fact October is a very good month for us, so hoping is it for your family too.


  17. Hi Cindy,
    What gorgeous flowers! I have to say though that the prettiest flower of them all is sweet Katie! Look at that cute baby bump! She is blooming perfectly too! :) What a wonderful new chapter in both of your lives! Blessings to your family as you anticipate this wonderful event!
    So glad your brother and his wife are doing okay and are safe. Hope conditions continue to improve and they will be home soon. Big hugs grandma! ps October babies are the best! Mine's the 19th!

  18. You will love being a grandma!!! There's nothing sweeter than those babies and for you a sweet baby girl to bring so much joy. I'm thrilled for all of you. Katie looks beautiful pregnant.

  19. Congratulations! What wonderful news! There's nothing like a grandchild!
    And your blooms are pretty too!

  20. Enjoyed your pictures. I love it when all the flowers are in bloom. Congratulations on being a grandma! Girls are sooooo (or tooooo) much fun to shop for! Have fun.Please come by and visit my post about our farm experience this past week when you can! Debbie

  21. Congrats, my friend! My cousin I saw recently has her first grandchild (also a girl) due in October as well! Katie looks radiant. And so do your flowers.

  22. congratulations,, such an exciting time I'm sure.

  23. Sending my prayers towards your brother and his wife ♥

    Such beautiful flowers! And congratulations on your daughter's pregnancy!! You must be so excited! :)

  24. Oh! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is just awesome!

    Cindy thank you for coming by and saying such nice things about my little craft room. But I have to tell you, your home is soooo sweet. I love your porch. I would be out there for breakfast every morning! :)


  25. Cindy, what wonderful, exciting news. It is just the best being grandparents. A little girl- they are just so much fun to shop for!

  26. Your flowers are gorgeous and congrats! on being grandma soon... I received my first grandchild (a boy) approx. 4 months ago... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him!

  27. Congratulations! She is so pretty so I am sure that your grandbaby will be beautiful as well! October is a great month for a birthday. How fun!

  28. Cindy,
    Congratulations! How exciting :) Your daughter is very pretty. So happy for you!

  29. Wooo Hooo!!! Come on in, the grandma water is FINE!

    See you tomorrow!!!! :-)

  30. Good new for your brother for sure! And such good news for you...you will be a different person from now on..it is the best thing in the whole wide world! :D

  31. A blooming wednesday!!
    so pretty:))
    and congrats on the new baby!!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday:)))

    Kay Ellen

  32. Oh, I am THRILLED for you, Cindy! This is a day for doing the happy dance!

    My great niece is expecting in September (also a girl), and I can hardly wait! This is going to be a good fall. :-)



  33. Continued best wishes for your brother and SIL, and a big congratulations to you and Katie! I knew my grandchild would be special to me, but I underestimated how deeply I would fall into his eyes and his smile. You'll be a goner....just like me and this is a very good thing! :)

  34. Thanks for the update on your brother and his family, I would think of them every time I watched the news.

    I took yesterday off to meet up with Ms. Magpie for lunch, so after my post I was gone like the wind, so today I'm catching up with OW posts. Your flowers are gorgeous, but your news is SO EXCITING!

    Congratulations doesn't begin to express how I feel about becoming a grandmother. It is simply the best thing in the world! My granddaughter was born when I was just thirty-nine, she is my only grandchild, but she is the light of my life. She's nineteen now and still my absolute favorite person in the world! Enjoy every single minute, I have no doubt you will be a doting grandma and honey, you are in for the best days of your life! Oh, I am so excited for you and yours!

  35. Cindy, congratulations on your expected grandbaby!! I am thrilled for you!

  36. Thanks for the update on the fires! Glad to hear fairly good news.

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother, a wonderful new chapter of your life!

    I like your Sorority hanging picture!


  37. Hi Cindy, thanks for sharing all of your beautiful flowers with us.That is good news to hear that your son and his family are safe..

    Congrats on being a "Grandma" soon..Katie looks pretty with her glow from pregnancy..I have 6 granddaughters and 8 grandsons, and love them all!! You will have a great time loving and holding your granddaughter.. hugs, Baba

  38. Cute creation, love the bling! So glad to meet you sister!

  39. Thanks for your sweet visit -- congrats grandma to be -- there's nothing like it~

  40. Congratulations to you and to Katie! Your flowers are just beautiful, too. Glad you are part of the Sisterhood; glad you and Keetha had the chance to meet. Keetha seems to have quite a sense of humor! Bet you all had some laughs! I like the Sisterhood little hangy thing you made, too, Cindy!
    Blessings, Beth

  41. Hello sis and I am so happy to be your new sister. I ask you to forgive me for pasting the same message on all of the sorority sisters bloggys as I am never a “cut and paster” but with the recent death of my son, I am overwhelmed right now and just wanted everyone of my new sisters to know I am following you and hope I will soon be able to truly visit you so we will get to know each other as a sister should. Thanks for visiting me. Mollye

  42. Cindy, how did I miss this post with all of this blooming? The flowers are beautiful and so is Katie! Congratulations! You're going to be a fabulous grandmother, and you are definitely going to love it! laurie


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