A festival in the pines and an awesome buck!

Hi All!
I for one am not ready to let go of summer!
We've been very fortunate in August with sunny days and highs in the low 80's!

This past week-end hubby and I took little Addison to a local festival.
The weather again was perfect.....low 80's, low humidity and lot's of sunshine too!
I love these kind of festivals because they are more geared for families and everything was quite inexpensive. Little 10 month old Addison just loved the petting zoo!
She seemed to have no fear what-so-ever and toddled right on over to get in on the action!

Feeding the goats with Grandpa's help!

And then her very first pony ride!

She looked a little bit like she wasn't so sure about things but she waved every-time they went by!

But the highlight of the day was the ventriloquist!
We just happened to catch him shortly before his show began.
Addison was a little unsure at first....I could see the hesitation in her eyes.

But curiosity won out and soon she was toddling over for a closer look!
I have to tell you it was the cutest thing!  To her that big bird was just as real as could be!
It was a fun day and the best part is seeing it through the eyes of a very small little girl!

This is the big buck I saw outside my window early this morning.
We see a lot of deer especially now with our apple trees overflowing.

But I don't often see bucks (with antlers anyway).
Now I don't know why that is but he was pretty majestic looking.
Since bucks grow a new rack every year I am pretty sure his is still in the growing process.
I have a feeling there will be some happy hunters around us this year.
Well that's about it for me.

Take care everyone and let me know what you've been up to!!




  1. Awww! Our sweet grands are growing up so fast.
    Addison is way ahead of her age and she is so cute. I bet those apples do attract a lot of wild creatures. The deer are so pretty.
    Enjoy your evening.

  2. Cindy, Addison is more adorable every day! And she is walking so well for such a young age. I really enjoyed this post.
    xo, Beth

  3. How cute...and wow, those are some gorgeous deer!!

  4. awwwww is right.

    I'm not sure our nonWis bloggy friends can possibly imagine the phenomena that is Wis hunting

  5. Cindy- She is so adorable. She looks so cute in that little RL dress. My little SweetCheeks had that same dress and I loved it on her too.

    We have been seeing some big deer on this side of the state too and I think it is going to be a big season this year. xo Diana

  6. My hubby would be one of those "happy hunters". lol
    What a fun day with Addison! You are so right, seeing it through their eyes makes it so much more fun!

  7. Little Addison is so cute walking, Cindy. She is growing so fast! What a fun age to be playing with her. Your bucks are so handsome, I hardly see them here too. I see more does and babies....Christine

  8. What precious pictures. Grandbabies are such a joy!

  9. LOVE those pictures of Addison and the ventriloquist!! I'm not sure who is having the better time!! The wonder in her little eyes, though, is almost palpable!! What a precious memory caught in time! Now looking deer - kind of odd to see two bucks that close together, isn't it?? How do you manage to keep any plants safe??!! Hope your week is a wonderful one!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (And, yes...GORGEOUS weather - although we haven't seen 80's for some time!)

  10. Absolutely priceless Cindy. What a wonderful day for Addison and you. Love the photos.

    We see a lot of deer at the lake and once in awhile, one with antlers, but not often. We used to see them at the farm quite a bit. Always a fun surprise.

  11. She is so cute girl..I love being a Grandma and see you do also..Love ya my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  12. Addison is getting cuter every day!! That buck is amazing!

  13. looks so fun...she looks like her grandpa...

  14. HI!!
    OH ADDISON looks so cute and so grown up, I love that she loves everything, isn't that so nice when they are so secure in their own little worlds????
    I LOVE THOSE BUCKS, us girls when we go to my friends cabin up north, we always go looking for wildlife and we always HOPE to spot one buck, only saw 1 last year and NONE this year......darn..but those are nice looking ones, probably eating your apples!!!!
    Are your apples good?????Can you make a pie with them???
    Awesome if so!!!

  15. Isn't it fun to see them react to things. It seems as if we can pay more attention than we did to our own kids, we were so busy then! She is precious!

  16. Cindy, that little Addison is growing up right before our eyes. What a little doll. That red head is going to break some hearts when she's older. Looks like a fun day. I might get to come visit you if I show that buck to my husband and our son. They'd be trying to hunt in your backyard! Did you get the ecard I sent for your b'day? Hope you had a happy birthday. Thanks so much for stopping by to visit me. laurie

  17. Looks like she enjoyed the fair! She is very lucky to have grandparents to take her. Very cute!
    Not so much on the deer! I wish they would all move to Applestone Cottage. They do so much damage here!
    Have a great weekend.My 4 gkids and their parents will be here, it will be busy!


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