Visiting Phoenix, my second home!

Hi friends,
Now who in their right mind visits Phoenix, AZ. in the middle of the summer when temps reach as high as 115 degrees?
Well you do if you have a brand new grand-daughter to meet!
Phoenix really has become my second home and I love going there no matter the temps!
Little Miss Calista is a real joy and I feel so very blessed!
She has my son Joshua's eyes and her Mommy Dawn's mouth.

Only 10 days old in this picture and look how alert she is !
I had a lot of kisses to squeeze into one short week.

Real happiness indeed... Addison and Calista!  Who knew being a Grandma would be so joyous?
I had heard it before but I guess I didn't really believe it until it happened to me.

Little cousins chilling out on the couch together!  One is 10 days, the other is 10 months!

I also had the pleasure of having lunch with my Arizona blogging buddies!  They are the most wonderful group of gals and I so look forward to seeing them when I come to town!
My friend Linda grew up in my neck of the woods and we found each other again through blogging.
We were 4-H buddies way back in the day and she went to high school with my hubby!
Check out her lovely blog... Reminisce....and this and that.

We also celebrated the birthday of the oh so sweet and very talented Marty, ( A Stroll thru Life).
Marty has more energy than most women half her age!

Marty and Ceekay.
Ceekay (Thinkin of Home) planned the luncheon and she did a great job!
Thanks Ceekay!

 Going counterclockwise
Liz, (Rose Vignettes)  Linda, Laura's daughter.. the fashionista, Laura, (Decor to Adore)  Me, Marty and Ceekay.
Such an amazing group of women and bloggers!

And then sweet Jamie ( Mimi's Corner) who was unable to meet up with us because her little grandson was having surgery that morning.
I am happy to report he is doing fine!
Jamie drove over to my son Joshua's home on Monday and took pictures of little
Jamie does photography and I am so excited to see the pics!
Now how is that for a great friend, met thru blogging!

The world of blogging is truly an amazing place!

I hope to get caught up with all of you in the next week!



  1. Home sweet HOT Home! that is our Phoenix! The baby is so sweet...we had such a great time, can't wait to do it again! I also can't wait to see those pictures!

  2. Hi Cindy,
    CONGRATULATIONS on your new little Granddaughter! It's been a while since I've been to visit so I'm a bit behind on things unfortunately. Well now you have more than one reason to visit Phoenix...what a great group of ladies you've met while blogging. It looks like you all had a wonderful time together. I'm going to take some time later today to visit your friends blogs...thank you for sharing them with us! Have a wonderful day and weekend...
    Maura :)

  3. Sweet baby girls, Cindy.

    Loved seeing all of you at lunch! Beautiful ladies!

  4. Oh...I can't tell you how sweet baby Calista looks...she is quite alert and SO pretty! I LOVE the picture of her and Addison sleeping side by side!! Precious!

    Wonderful pictures of your luncheon. I feel like I've already met these ladies! All of you look like you are having a great time. Forgetting that heat!!

    Take care, Cindy!


  5. What a sweet baby Calista is. She has the prettiest little face! It is wonderful you bloggers could get together. Glad it all came together for you!


  6. Both of your Grands are adorable!You probably feel like you are a real pro at being a Grandmother now. :-D Glad all you ladies could get together again while you were there.

  7. Cindy, glad you had a terrific time. New babies and friends across the miles ~ wonderful combination. Precious grands, and you ladies look beautiful sharing a good time together.

  8. Oh it was so fun to see you. I can't wait until you come back. The baby is such a little doll and having the two together is such a treat. Hugs, Marty

  9. Congratulations Cindy! Yes, grandchildren are wonderful! I feel so blessed to be a grandma twice now.

    I lived in the Phoenix area for 6 years. How I remember the hot summers! We spent most afternoons in our pool. :0)

  10. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet notes and came right over! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! Eeeks...I am getting old! Hehe! Russ is taking me to Ft.Collins tomorrow. I hope to visit Hobby Lobby and my favorite antique fleas...so yep...I'm going to have a wonderful birthday! Hehe!

    Well dearest friend, I just adored getting to see all of these sweet photos of your precious granddaughters! Did Katie go with you to Arizona or did you just take Addison with you? Sheesh...I'm so nosey...aren't I? Hehe! I'm just sooo happy for you, Darlin'! Your little Calista is just sooo precious and such a beautiful baby! She looks like she has auburn colored hair? Sooo pretty! I loved the photo of you, Addison, and Calista together! That one should be framed, Cindy! I'm so glad that you got to spend the time in Arizona...I'm sure that you hated to leave. That's awesome that Ceekay planned a get together for ya'll! Loved getting to see those photos too! Ohhh...and I can't wait to see the photos that Jamie took of Calista. Will you share them with us when you get them? I want to see!!!

    Well, I know how it is...much to get caught up on after taking a trip! Welcome home, sweet friend!!!

    Love ya,

  11. First of all congrats Cindy, on this new "bundle of pure joy"...she's gorgeous, I love grandgirls! You girls look like you had a ball, along with Marty and celebrating her birthday, how better can it get?!...so envious...
    Glad you're back dear friend. Lots of hugs for you. FABBY

  12. Congratulations Cindy your baby girls are beautiful....so glad you are getting to spend time with them....

  13. Shhhhh, I'm still flyin' under the radar until after Camp Grandma next week but honey, I saw those chubby little princess cheeks and just had to pop in.

    Goodness to glory I'm glad I did, I woulda missed all these incredible blogsisters I truly adore.

    I'm so glad you got to go to the dessert, even if it was smack in the middle of a heatwave.

    Cindy your two grandbabies are simply precious! Congratulations again.

    God bless and have a most beautiful weekend sweetie!

  14. Ahhh Cindy it sure does not get any better than that! Congrats to your family. She is so very precious, and yes I can't get over how alert. She was ready to see the world. You are so right about Marty too, I think of that often when I visit her blog. I envy her energy, and hope I have it going on like she does. Have a great weekend.

  15. Congratulations on another wonderful baby! There is nothing more precious in the world to grandparents than a new baby. I never believed it either until our own came along.

    How wonderful that you could spend time with your blogging friends. I know one of the people you met with, CeeKay, but don't know the others. What fun!

    Wisconsin is cooling off! xo Diana

  16. Such beautiful grandgirls, Cindy!! They obviously get their good looks genes from you - you're absolutely adorable!! And little Calista looks so much older than her days!! Wow!! How very fun, too, to be able to meet up "live and in person" with some blog friends - they look like a fun bunch of gal pals....Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. Darling, darling little grand daughter Cindy! So fun to see you all in love with these sweet babies. I recognize some of those blogger ladies too! How fun! ;D

  18. The grandgirls are lovely. I think it is awesome that you had dinner with blogging friends. Too cool!

  19. Oh, what a beautiful post full of beautiful photos, both babies and bloggers :) You are so blessed. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. It really is good to be back to blogging.

  20. Nothing anybody ever told me really prepared me for the flood of love I felt when my grands were born...so dear Cindy, I totally understand.

    Calista is adorable. How wonderful to have such a big family of blogging friends to share time with when you're in Phoenix.

    Sending love from cool and foggy Maine,


  21. Dear Cindy,
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing these photos and getting a peek at brand new baby Calista! Yes, grandparenthood is the best part of getting older! My dream is to have a blogger party just like yours ... how fun it must have been.

  22. Congrats again, Grandma! Your granddaughters are beautiful and you look so proud. So nice to see you meet with the AZ bloogers again. Thanks for sharing the happy momemts.....Christine

  23. Congratulations for your new granddaughter! She's adorable.

    You seemed to have a good time with your friends as well.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  24. Cindy, Your baby girls are adorable and I loved seeing the pics of the bloggers! Congratulations, Cindy!
    Hugs, Beth

  25. Your new granddaughter is so precious! And I love her name. How nice that you got to meet blogging friends in person, too!

  26. Ok, I for one would have not been able to leave this sweet little dumpling! She is completely adorable. Over the moon for those eyes and that head of hair!

  27. You new gdau is precious! You brought Addison to AZ with you? I am confused, I know your dd lives near you.
    How wonderful you get together with so many other bloggers! What fun!

  28. She is so precious and you are blessed to have 2 such pretty little granddaughters. I love my little guys so much, but I have to admit a twinge of jealousy that you get to buy all those cute pink things!! Oh well, as long as they are healthy I guess I can stick with trucks and transformers!

    It looks as if you are having quite a week...enjoy!

  29. Cindy I just can't say enough how sweet and darling looking Calista is...just precious.

    What a great looking group of Ladies!
    Glad you were able to connect.


  30. Hi Cindy! I don't blame you, hot or what I'd be going to see that little doll! OH, isn't little Calista beautiful! Look at all of her hair! Carter is still bald! :)
    How nice to get to be with all of these wonderful bloggers! wish I could make to Arizona some times! This grandma business is pretty fun isn't it?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  31. What a wonderful trip for you! The pic with Addison and Calista on the couch is adorable. Congratulations.

  32. Hi Cindy!
    It's so much fun to see the faces of the women I follow and blog with. Such sweet people.
    If I remember right, I think Marty and I went to the same highschool. I don't recall what year she was there though..I should remember to ask her.

    Your family is just beautiful! How proud you must be!
    It's always so nice to see pictures of you.. :)

  33. The baby is adorable! She is wide-eyed and alert and looking so cute.
    I know you had a great time with family and the blogging gang!

  34. Oh, I'm so envious...a new grandbaby AND meeting up with some of my very favorite bloggers!!! Calista is just as pretty as her name and her cousin Addison. And, dear lady....you are absolutely gorgeous. Love you in that black outfit and the jewelry is fab!!! I looooove jewelry! I've been away from blogging for awhile but glad to be back. I've just had a lot going on while at the same time spinning my wheels! Hopefully I'll catch up with everyone sooner than later.

  35. Hi Cindy...

    How are you doing, Girlfriend? Are you getting back into the routine of things since your trip? Just wanted to stop by to say hello! I hope that my note finds you and Dan both doing well! I'm sure that Dan is back to school now...right?

    Not too much going on here at our place at the moment. Russ has been so busy at work with summer projects that he hasn't had the time to take his last week of vacation. And...he is so ready for a break. We may still head up to the mountains when he can get away. Even though it will be much cooler up there...I would love to see that autumn foliage. The aspens really turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red! Well sweet friend, sure enjoyed your visit the other day!

    Love ya,

  36. It looks like you had a wonderful time visiting with your blogging friends!! And your new grandbaby is so sweet! You are so blessed, with two sweet grandchildren!!

  37. Those little ones are so adorable. There is nothing better than being a "Gramma." I live in AZ, too, and it is certainly miserable right now. Have fun with those little sweeties!
    :) CAS

  38. HI CINDY!!!
    YOU are right, it has been a very HOT August, so HOT!!!You did well. I can hardly stand it and I live here!!
    Those darling grand daughters are so beautiful, you are one lucky grandma. I am almost done with the pics. I will get them to you. How is new baby and family doing????I hope you get back out here soon.
    Have a Great day

    I feel the same about you, my dear sweet blogger friend!!!


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