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Hi All,
At least I am looking at some sunshine this morning.  Although we started out warm this week it quickly changed to cool and cloudy.   But the sun is shining this morning and there is hope of spring again.
I created the little vignette using my Bordalla Pinerro pitcher, some faux daisies and a wooden chick and apples!  The pitcher was a $1 find at an auction I went to several years ago.  Not bad I would say!

Then I grabbed my GW picnic basket, my GW bunny, GW pitcher and my .50 cent milk bottle and fashioned a little vignette for my kitchen counter!  I like the look and I think it adds a bit of whimsy and spring to brighten things up!

This book is one of my faves....I won it last year on a blog give-away!

So many inspirational pics inside!

Blue and white always makes my heart flutter!  I never, ever tire of it!

With all the cool and cloudy weather things have been growing very slowly around here.  My phlox should be a lot bigger by now.

And my bleeding hearts look like honey I shrunk the plants!  We are supposed to be in the mid-seventies later this week with sun and that is where we should be this time of year!  I really want to see things get a blooming around here.   I am almost in pain when I look at the Southern bloggers photos of flowers and plants in bloom!  

On Thursday I made my annual trip to the Woodbury Lion's club garage sale days.  Woodbury is a suburb of the twin cities and about a 2 hour drive for me.  Last year I hunted for housewares but this year I mostly concentrated on baby clothes!  And here is some of my loot! I spent forty dollars and I got all of these cute outfits for Addison.  There is baby gap, Oshkosh B'Gosh, Children's Place etc.  The sandals had the tags still on them!  Besides all of these cute outfits....

I found her this little dress.  I love the gingham check, smocking and lace!
Needs a little ironing though.

Four set's of Pj's.

And these tiny double bladed figure skates!  They only had been worn once and will fit about a 3 year old.  My daughter Katie was a competitive figure skater and coach so Addison will have her own teacher when she gets big enough!

And speaking of Addison, I had to add some pics of her (wearing one of the little outfits I found) ....  I hope I don't drive you all crazy!
She is fighting a bad cold but in spite of that, she still waited patiently yesterday while her Grandma fixed her some oatmeal and applesauce!

And she even entertained us with a little patty-caking to boot! 
She is so much fun and hubby and I love our time with her!  We may be more tired but we certainly are more fulfilled!
Now my wish to all of you is to find fulfillment and happiness in the simple things in life!  It's seldom material things that bring us happiness but more likely the joy of  children or family or flowers blooming in the spring!
Well anyway, you get my drift!
Have a great week my friends!


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  1. Oh your little Addison is such a cutie,Cindy, always smiling! What a joy to be around. Isn't it fun to go shopping for little girls? The little gingham dress is so adorable. Love the book too....Christine

  2. Well my little heart skipped a beat there as at first I thought you had found me some skates!! Oh well, maybe next time! Poor Addison...somebody really should get that little girl some clothes. She has NOTHING to wear!!!
    Have a great Sunday my friend!

  3. Hi Cindy! Oh, that's a great sunshiny vignette! Love your pretty set up in the basket too!
    Now look at all of those darling little outfits for Addison! Oh, Cindy, she's darling! She must be the most good natured baby girl alive! She's always smiling! I envy you getting to see her every day. I will have little Carter for two weeks in June and we're so excited! Long distance grandmommying is so hard.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  4. Addison is adorable. What a darling child. I know she makes your heart sind. I love your burst of sunshine you've created. What great treasures at great prices. hugs ~lynne~

  5. She is so adorable! And the clothes you found are really cute. Can't believe you found that green pitcher for only 1$! Your sunshine and warmth are coming... we had a some a week ago, but it seems to have disappeared. ( I have the heat on again today. )

  6. HI Cindy...little Addison is so cute...what FUN !!!!! love all the little clothes...and the ICE SKATES !!!!

    i LOVE your kitchen...it all looks so cozy and SPRING-EY...just lovely...

    happy to see you at farmhouse kitchen, my friend

    and i am so happy to stop by today for a visit...always nice to see a friend

    sending love,

  7. Everything looks wonderful! And your granddaughter is absolutely precious....here's to warmer days and time spent with loved ones.

  8. Pretty Spring vignettes. You did good at the sales - lots of cute outfits.
    Temps dropped here also. :(

  9. Hi Cindy..I'm back on blogger....happy to see your creations, your shopping and above all happy to see how beautiful is your Addison, hugs, Flavia

  10. Such adorable baby, her mama is so beautiful, it's no wonder! So lucky you won that book, I like it too. Everything looks great, specially the little girls cloths, she already has a closet full! Have a wonderful week.

  11. Cindy, your two vignettes are just gorgeous. I love the flowers, and the pitcher is fabulous. I really like how you create such cute vignettes in your picnic basket. Putting the tulips in the silverware holders is so cute. Great job. Your really did find so many great outfits for Addison and she is just so precious. Love her sweet smile. Can't wait until you get here. Bring an extra suitcase, I have a ton of blue things that I want to give you for the house. Bunches. Hugs, Marty

  12. Love your little vignettes! That pitcher is lovely.
    Those are great bargains on the clothes. Love the gingham with the smocking!

  13. hi Cindy, That little Addison has grown so much! Love your GW finds....especially the picnic basket....I'm a nut for those! I agree about blue and white - so pretty! Linda

  14. you said it Cindy....material things don't bring happiness...family....friends...and nature bring true happiness...she is growing so fast...Little Britches will be a year old soon....hard to believe...

  15. Baby Addison is adorable! What fun it must be to have her around...I am like that with our Stella...my Grand Niece. Your picnic basket vingette is adorable too!

  16. Your vignette is so pretty! Inspiring me to think of one of my own. That little girl is growing fast and has the sweetest smile!

  17. Cute picnic backet vignette! Addison is adorable. I was looking at the wedding photos and got a kick out of her and her corn on the cob!

  18. Wonderful touches, Cindy! You really can pull things together and make them just say what you want them too! Little Addison is a doll! Love the skates and the little gingham dress the most - can't wait til you share skating pics!! Here's hoping for warmer weather for us Wisconsinites...think we've endured enough! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  19. Cindy, your little Addison is so cute. I can just see her in those skates someday. Great finds and your vignette makes me smile. ~ Sarah

  20. that vignette you set up in your kitchen looks great. Great deals on the baby clothes! So much fun to shop for a little girl, your grandaughter is precious!

  21. Glad the sun is beginning to shine in your neck of the woods! The smocked little dress is just too precious. I'm looking forward to my daughter and grandson visiting us in July...can't wait!
    Take care!

  22. I have that book! I! LOVE! IT!
    Your house is looking very springish!
    And your post would not be a post without Little Miss Addison.
    And GRANDMA! What a haul you came back with! HIGH FIVE! You did great!
    It was pouring rain here this morning and then this afternoon we got blue skies and HUGE white fluffy clouds and it was just one of those drop dead gorgeous So Cal days. From the mountains they said you could see the ocean. How awesome is that?
    Have a great week!

  23. I really like your countertop vignette with the picnic basket, Cindy. Those yellow tulips really brighten up the room. I know what you mean about the crazy weather we are having here in the midwest. We just had our landscaping done in the front yard, so I hope the plants start growing and blooming soon. It's been raining and they've been fed, so here's crossing my fingers.

  24. Wow the treasures you found, Cindy! I love those little skates. Addison will be skating before you know it.:-)

    Your vignette is wonderful. And that book is something I know I would enjoy. What great photos and inspiration.

  25. Morning sweetie..love that little setting in the picnic basket and that book looks fantastic...Little sweet dumpling is the star as always..just a doll baby! Great find on all those beautiful clothes and ohhh those tiny skates would be adorable on a Christmas tree or a wreath..until she gets big enough to wear them of course! lol Have a super great week girl and thanks so much for coming by...Picket

  26. Hi Cindy! I've missed coming by for awhile. So many cute things in this post, Addison being first and foremost! That gingham dress is just adorable. Hope the littel one is feeling better soon.

  27. Hello Cindy,

    I love the vignette you created in the picnic basket! Addison is so adorable! Those little skates and gingham dress are too cute. I hope Addison gets well soon.

    ~ Tracy

  28. Oh how a baby changes everything..as I go out shopping, I am always looking for cute baby things too! I love that book you have, just my style! Love your cute arrangement too. Have a good week! :D

  29. Great vignette with the picnic basket, Cindy! I want your bunny! : ) What adorable outfits. Love the dress and the ice skates especially! Addison is just adorable!

  30. Weather here in south GA has been crazy! Last week we were in the 90's & this week in the 70's...both unseasonable temps for this time of year. One a.m. it is supposed to be 49! We are enjoying the coolness though since we don't normally get much spring:) What great finds for Addison. They grow out of clothes so quickly & it's ridiculous to spend so much on them. I saw a baby outfit the other day for $58..a 3 month size! I was looking for a shower gift, but I definitely didn't get that:) Addison is cute as ever!

  31. I knew it wouldn't be long before Addison had her first pair of ice skates! how cute! Love your vignette in a basket, and yes, I'd say that $1 for that beautiful pitcher was a real bargain! laurie

  32. Hi Girlfriend...

    I wanted to swing by to say hello and see what you've been up to, sweet friend! Sounds like you are keeping busy, busy! I think we must have the same weather man...our weather is doing the same thing down our way. We had several days of really beautiful weather and then it turned cold again. It is supposed to be warming up...bit by bit...this week! All of our plants are still so small as well. I just noticed that the lilac bush finally had a few buds on it...so hopefully I'll have lilacs soon!

    Cindy, I love your pretty summery kitchen vignettes...so cheerful! Ohhh...I love, love, LOVE what you did with the picnic basket! That is just sooo cute! I have a couple of baskets upstairs that I should do something with...I really love your idea! I would like the Vintage Tables book as well! Of course, you know how I love decorating books! Hehe!

    Girlfriend, I would say that your little Addison made out like a bandit with all the new summer outfits! They're just darling! Of course my favorite is that gorgeous little checked dress with the smocked bodice! The little white lacy trim around the bottom is sooo cute! She's going to look like a doll in that dress! Of course you will have to take photos of her in it! She sure is a sweetheart, Cindy...I know that she just makes the sunshine all the time when she is with you! Ohhh..nearly forgot. Girl, those little ice skates totally ROCK!!! What a blessing that will be...that her mama will be able to teach her how to skate!!!

    Well my sweet friend, it is fixing to get busy at our place. We will be going out of town this next Fri. thru Sun. to the car show in Kansas. Then on Monday Russ' kids will be here for the week. Russ will take a weeks vacation to spend with them. They are getting ready to move up to Iowa. Not a happy subject for us at the moment..that their mother is moving them out of state. Anyway, on a happier note...then Gloria and Len will be here the week after the kids are here. I'm sooo looking forward to visiting with Gloria! Sure wished that you were here too! We really did have fun...didn't we! Take care, sweet friend! I'll talk with you later...

    Love ya,

  33. I will never tire of seeing pics of little Miss Addison! Those outfits are ALL adorable, but you know I love the one that says, "Sun, Sea and Sand" the best, along with those cute little fish shoes she will be the belle of the beach this summer.

    Now, as for that basket vignette — I love it!!!! I have so many suitcase-style picnic baskets in storage. Now I want to drive 10 hours roundtrip to pick one up and do a beachy vignette along the same lines. So lovely!

    Glad you're enjoy your time with that cute baby and hope your flowers will be growing tall and blooming like crazy soon! Oh wait, when you get warm there, we will be extra HOT here! Can't win for loosing, you know what I mean. This is the nicest Spring we've had in many, many years.

    Hugs sweet friend

  34. HI CIndy!!
    I cannot wait for your visit in July!!!IT WILL BE HOT-and I mean HOT!!!but you will be so in love with that new grand daughter, you won't feel it!!!
    I love that new counter top disply, love that picnic basket for sure!!
    that Addison is so cute and look how smart she is, playing paddy cake, and clapping, she is such a sweet sweet baby!!!Love her smile!!!
    I will have to check out Miss C's closet, she just might have something for Miss A!!!
    It is perfect that they are 2 years apart, so just in time for her dresses that don't fit anymore, then I get to see them on someone else so cute!!!

  35. More tired but more fulfilled definitely sums up grandparenthood! I was showing someone the sweater I am knitting for my grandson and they commented "wow, you really are in love, aren't you?" Yes I am!

  36. What a little fashion diva that sweet Addison is gonna be thanks to Grandma!!! :o) I swear she is cuter every time you post a pix!

    Your 'cheap' vignettes are just beautiful. I'm quite smitten with the picnic basket arrangement! Sweet!

    I've been outside workin' in my acre of flower gardens all week away from pixels and computers. I have to say...it felt goooood!!!!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day!

  37. Hi dear Cindy,

    Loved the gorgeous bride in red, and of course, "speaking of Addison" just cracked this Grandmother up.

    Love the vignettes too. Gorgeous.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  38. Hi Cindy...thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment about my porch. I'm a new follower. What a great post! I appreciate the heads up on the book. I'm sort of a decorating book junkie and I appreciate actually seeing the inside of this book. I'm adding it to my Amazon list! The sun is out here so I'm planting pots today. Happy weekend! ~Ann

  39. Love your picnic basket vignette - it's so charming and creative! I also like your tin backsplash behind that picnic basket. Great thrift finds - isn't thrifting fun?

  40. Hi Cindy! Love your vignette...so pretty! Your little Miss Addison is cute as a button! And what cute things you found for her! How fun for her to learn to skate! She will have the perfect coach! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  41. Oh Cindy, your little granddaughter melts me!! Aren't they the best!
    And now you have another one arriving soon!
    Hey, I want to drive over to your Applestone Cottage while I'm at my Moms.
    I'll only be able to stay an hour or so... so let me know of a morning or afternoon around June 4th-8th. And if it doesn't work out, we plan to back in the fall. Hope to see you!

  42. Cindy those skates are adorable!!!! I never imagined they made them so tiny!! Love all your finds. The little yellow chick has a friend just like him at my house!! He should come over and play sometime!


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