And the Bride wore Red!!

Hi All!
And a Happy Mothers Day to all of my wonderful bloggy friends! 
Finally we had a beautiful spring week-end here in Wisconsin!  And what a perfect day Saturday turned out to be for an outdoor wedding. With temperatures in the 70's and lot's of sunshine it truly was a lovely day!  The bride, pictured above with her Dad is from Russia.  She met her groom while attending college here in Wisconsin.   She is fluent in 4 languages and is currently finishing her Master's Program in Toronto, Canada.  The grooms Dad is my Mom's Beau and he owns and operates a Dairy farm so that is how we all came to be connected.

The farm turned out to be a gorgeous setting!  The couple were married under the big willow tree near their pond.   My brother Mike, also in the band brother Mike,  is shown here officiating over the wedding.  Little did I know that you could become licensed to officiate at Weddings by taking a course on the Internet!  LOL!  But kidding aside, my brother Mike did a wonderful job!

We also learned a lot about Russian Wedding traditions on Saturday.  Red is the old world traditional color for Wedding gowns and the bride looked stunning!  Before the ceremony started, the groom had to be grilled by the brides family ( in a fun loving way).  He had to answer numerous questions regarding his beloved and some were quite humorous!  This is also a  Russian wedding tradition and it made for a fun ceremony!

In keeping with the country theme I did the tables in white and blue!  I was only able to get a few pics since I was busy taking care of Addison who attended with us.
I was on a really tight budget but I grabbed loads of fabric and measured and fashioned tablecloths and runners!

We used some faux flowers and some real ( like the Gerbera Daisies pictured above)

I used an old picnic basket to hold these little container's of bubbles that you can get instead of rice!

I wish I had  a chance to get some better pics the day of the ceremony because when it all came together it looked quite pretty and fit the country/farm theme as well.

My brother Michael's band entertained us out on the front porch!  We had a lot dancing and learned a lot of fun Russian wedding dances too .

A close-up of my handsome brother Michael!  Did you all know that I have six brothers and only one sister?Mike is number 6 kid out of 8 and I am the oldest of this brood!

And I can't help myself but being that it's Mother's Day and all I just had to post a few pics of Addison!
These were taken before we got ready for the wedding but I think they are awfully cute!

Now doesn't that fake pizza look quite real?  Ha!  She loves these little fake food toys that  I found for her at a garage sale!

And I just have to show you her cute little teeth !  They just came in but those little babies sure are sharp as she sometimes likes to gnaw on her Grandma's cheek a bit. 

I hope all of you Mom's had a beautiful day and I can't think of a more important job that seldom gets the praise that it deserves!  Being a good Mom is the hardest but most important job in this world and nothing will ever beat that!

Happy Week Everyone!!!


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  1. Cindy- What a beautiful bride, what a beautiful day...what a beautiful baby- You would never know she was so sick just a few short weeks ago! God bless you and your wonderful family- Happy Mother's Day! xxoo Diana

  2. What an absolutely beautiful wedding! Perfect in every way, thank you for sharing such a special day with us!


  3. Ya gotta love a bride from Wisconsin who knows how to wear Wisconsin Red!

    All of your photos are simply smashing!!!

  4. What a wonderful day you had! Everything looks lovely, from the bride and groom to your beautiful tables. I'm so glad the weather cooperated for you! Addison looks darling in that cute hat!

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Cindy!


  5. What a gorgeous bride, I love the red dress!!! You did a great job setting everything up, looks wonderful!

  6. Lovely wedding. Decorations look so lovely. Love the picnic basket with the bubbles. That is so cute should be in a magazine. Addison is beyound adorable. Glad the WI weather welcomed this brand new husband and wife with beautiful weather. Happy Mother's day Gramma.

  7. Sounds and look like a beautiful and fun wedding. You really did a great job on the decorations.
    My granddaughter has been trying to cut teeth some time now, but they are being stubborn and she chews on everything in sight. You can feel them just below the gum, but just have not cut through.

  8. What a beautiful wedding and you did a great job on the table. It's just perfect. Little Addison looks so happy and so cute! Good luck on the giveaway!...Christine

  9. Fantastic job on the table, talented lady! Looks like it was great and yes, the bride looks stunning in red, so different and yet so lovely! Thank you for sharing this great event. Lady Adison lookes so very cute!

  10. Looks like a great day! you did a wonderful job on the tables!

  11. Oh I LOVE that whole bride in red thing! Stunning!

    If I ever get married again - - - which I shan't - - - I think I'll do it in red.

  12. What a lovely day for a wedding! It looks like everyone had a wonderful day.

    You did a brilliant job with those tables too, Cindy. They look beautiful.

    Best wishes and happy mother's day!

  13. Congratulations to the wedding couple! It looks like a lovely event with perfect weather. That little Addison is too cute for words. Darling! ~Sarah

  14. Ahhh...wonderful pics Cindy! Your decorations are PERFECT!!! The red dress really intrigues me - it's so unusual and wonderful. Your Addison is an absolute cutey pie - but I'm still thinking your brother is too! ;o) Smiles & Hugs & Mother's Day Blessings ~ Robin

  15. The bride looks radiant in the red dress, and the setting with the pond is idyllic. You did a great job with the decorations.

  16. I love learning about the traditions of other countries. She looks stunning! I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful. Addison looks adorable :-)

  17. What a beauty in red..my favorite color. Wishing them tons of happiness! :D

  18. I love simple weddings, they are the best of all. Thanks for sharing the joy with us. :)

  19. What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding, Cindy.

    Everytime I see Addison she is smiling and happy. I know she is pure joy for her G'ma!:-)

  20. I have never seen a bride wear red before, but she looks stunning! Your table decorations are so pretty too. Little Addison looks so well and healthy now. What good news!

    Susan and Bentley

  21. Wow! This was so much fun to read! What a great ceremony, beautiful bride. Your decorations were really awesome! This will be a memorable event.

  22. What a beautiful bride and a unique wedding setting, indeed you have a handsome brother? give my sweet regards LOL!
    mine is here:http://clavsupclose.blogspot.com/2011/05/blue-monday-8.html

  23. Oh my goodness, ya don't think of red bein' a bridal color but what a beautiful bride she made!

    I gotta tell ya though, I sure bet Addison stole the show!!! What a cutie that one is.

    Looks like your Mother's Day weekend was terrific! :o)

  24. Cindy the wedding was just beautiful and all 'touches' were perfect!
    I love her red dress...I think any color should be worn by a bride - it's her day!
    How wonderful they included some of the Russian traditons...only fitting they did.

    Gorgeous family.


  25. How neat. I never knew that Russian brides wore red. Your grandaughter is darling. Happy Mother's Day.

    - The Tablescaper

  26. Good Morning Cindy, What a beautiful wedding! The day, the bride, the dress, the music, the decorations all seemed just perfect! That Addison...I just love seeing pictures of her. She is such a doll!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures!
    Enjoy your day,

  27. There is nothing sweeter than a country wedding...and I LOVE the blue and white. I wish there had been more pictures...Blue and white china...PERFECT!!

  28. Darn! Forgot to compliment our baby girl! She gets cuter all the time, Cindy! I think you are giving her "cute pills"... :)

  29. Hi Cindy! What a sweet wedding and the red dress is so gorgeous!! How nice to use some of the Russian traditions! Love all the sweet country decor and little Addison! Cindy, you know when you show us Addison, no matter what your post is about, she steals the cake - wedding cake in this case! :) She's so adorable and looks like the happiest little babe on this earth! Always smiling.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  30. I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Cindy.

  31. HI!! I'm visiting from "Blue Monday"! This is my first time!!
    What a fabulous wedding! I love the stories about the Russian traditions, and the farm table decor. Awesome!! TFS!!!

  32. What a beautiful wedding and the Bride does look so pretty in the red gown. Looks like Everyone had a great time.

  33. Hi Cindy,
    What a beautiful bride! Love her red gown! I got married in hot pink because at the time, it was my favourite colour! I also didn't have a big wedding.
    All your photos are wonderful and that little granddaughter of yours is the best! She's a cutie! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week.


  34. Hi Cindy,

    Visiting from Marty's. What a beautiful bride, and a perfect day for a wedding! Everything looks lovely. Beats spending a ton of money on a hall, and all those fancy decorations. Just perfect! Little Addison is adorable too!

    Debbie from NJ

  35. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh...I'm so glad that you had such a beautiful day for the wedding! I know that you always "cross your fingers" that there will be no rain, etc. Sounds just perfect! I sure did enjoy getting to look through all of your wedding photos! The bride is just stunning in her fabulous red wedding dress! What a beautiful lady! I didn't know that red was traditional for a Russian wedding...that's so cool! Of course, you know how I love red! Hehe! Girlfriend, the tables look gorgeous and ohhh sooo perfect for an outdoor country farm wedding! I love that you chose blue and yellow! I spied several of your beautiful blue dishes...hehe! You did a fabulous job, Girlfriend! Thanks for sharing your family's special day with us! Ohhh...and I loved Addison's photos! Too cute with her new "toofies"!!!

    Love ya, sweet friend...

  36. Beautiful wedding gown and bride. Love how you decorated the tables, looks like a beautiful day.
    Addison is a doll ;)

  37. Such sweet pictures and the bride is beautiful! Thanks so much for visiting and for your sweet comments. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  38. What a lovely wedding! Best wishes to the happy couple! I love your blue and white tables!!!

  39. Morning girl...what a beautiful way to start out life together...the bride was gorgeous in the red and that little sweet tater was just so adorable...thanks so much for coming by sweetie...hope you have a fantastic week...Picket

  40. You did a nice job on the decor, simple country is just timeless. I love the red dress, what a neat tradition for her to carry with her.

  41. Cindy, this is such a lovely wedding and the setting looks perfect. Your table decorations are all wonderful. I think you did a fabulous job. Wow, I didn't know you had such a large family, how fun is that. I LOVE all the pics of Addison. She is just the cutest. Love those little teeth. How fun to have her near. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Also, when are you coming out? Hugs, Marty

  42. Cindy it looks like it was the perfect day for a beautiful wedding. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! The decorations are so simple and yet so pretty. Red for a dress- I had never heard of that!

    bee blessed

  43. Lovely bride and you did very well with the decoration!

  44. This is my first visit to your site and I will be back...what a wonderful wedding and the decorations are perfect! Addison sure is a cutie!!

  45. Now she is one pretty bride...and that red dress with her figure, wouldn't we all love to look like that? Your blue & yellow theme was very "country" and just right for a farm wedding. I know they appreciated all your hard work. Addison...continues to be just too, too cute!

  46. I KNEW you were the perfect person to do the wedding tables. The tables look so pretty, and I LOVE the picnic basket filled with bubbles and flowers. The blue and white checks are so perfect for an outdoor event, and the flowers are perfect too. How wonderful that you and your family made this wedding day so special for them. With all that your family provided, I'm wondering if they could have had a wedding if it had not been for your family. As always, Addison is addorable, and my gosh, the bride did look gorgeous in that red dress. laurie

  47. It looks like a beautiful day for a wedding and I like the red dress, she looks stunning! Your brother is cute and so is that darling baby girl!

  48. Hi Cindy~~
    I also am behind on my blogging and hope to one day catch up;)
    I am so happy I visited you today. This was a beautiful wedding and I loved all of the photos!
    The bride was stunning in her red gown and what a perfect setting.
    School is almost out so I hope to be a regular on Blue Mondays again....


    Addison is an angel....♥


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