Snakes,deer and cute girls!

Hi Everyone!
I have a cousin who lives in Tuscon, AZ.  Yesterday he went outside to hide Easter eggs for his young daughter to find.  But instead of hiding eggs, this is what he found curled up in his backyard gate.
A Western Diamondback about 4 ft. long.  Now  I would like to visit him next time I'm in Arizona but now maybe not so much.  Yikers!
Luckily he checked his yard well before sending his little daughter out for egg hunting.  Not something you would want your little girl to find on Easter morning.

The wildlife in my yard is a little less scary.  These three are showing up every morning and I love how that one is scratching himself like a dog would.   When they start eating my flowers I might not like them so much.

Our Easter was a quite one spent at my Mom's house.  Only one of my brothers was able to make it along with my immediate family minus my son Joshua and his wife Dawn.  They are expecting a baby girl in July and I am starting to get really excited! 
Pictured above:  My daughter Katie and Addison both healthy now!

Another daughter/grand-daughter pic!  Katie will turn 21 on May 1st!  And as you can imagine she is very excited about this.  Seems like she was just the baby herself!
Well that's about it for me.  It's greening up nicely around here and things are shooting out of the ground.
We certainly have had a cold and yucky spring so far but yesterday was a beautiful day.
Take Care,


  1. Your daughter and GD are precious. I have prayed for them for a while now. I am glad they are both well. Anne

    Yikes on the snake! I am not a fan!

  2. Honestly Cindy...I had to close my eyes at the snake..hate them! Glad the little ones didn't find it first! ;/

  3. That was one REALLY BIG SNAKE!! But... your daughter and granddaughter both looked adorable! I know you're proud.

    Hugs XX

  4. What a gorgeous photo of Katie and Addison. Definitely ready for framing!

  5. Hi Cindy! Oh, what two pretty girls! Look at little Addison's long eyelashes! She looks so sweet in her Easter clothes!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Great pics Cindy! I mean all but that first one... ugh, hope they had a nice, safe Easter:@)

  7. Well that would scare the Easter eggs out of me!

    So glad the baby is better.

  8. One look at that snake and I would not have been hiding eggs ! Glad Katie and Addison are so much better - great pictures. Everything is green here now, but the weather is horrible. Severe storms since early this morning and will continue into Wednesday. :(
    Enjoy your evening.

  9. How frightening to see a rattle snake in one's yard. I'd think twice about an egg hunt. ;-)
    Cute girls, Cindy. Love the pics.

  10. Oh my, they wouldn't be able to let children out in the yard to play by themselves, would they? My youngest sister lived in Texas for several years, and their back yard always had a snake or two in it. Yes, the venemous kind... not the little garter snakes that we get occasionally.

  11. OK, I could have done without seeing that snake! YIKES! I have a snake phobia ~ I'll have nightmares tonight. I'm so glad your daughter and granddaughter are well now. They both look so pretty. I always love seeing the deer who visit your yard (of course, I don't have to deal with them eating my flowers). laurie

  12. Hi Cindy, I am SO happy to hear that both the girls are doing well now! But that first picture--yikes! I am absolutely terrified of those legless creatures and if I thought one of them was in my yard I don't know how I would cope with that!!!! Deer are annoying but at least not scary! Linda

  13. Yikes! If I see one like that in my garden, you will never see me out there again. The plants will have to water themselves, lol. I am just so happy to see Katie and Addison looking well. You must be so relieved, Cindy. Nice pictures (except for the snakes)....Christine

  14. HEEBEE JEEBIES! Oh my! I hope I never find one of those here. I would have a heart attack and the house would go up for sale!
    Love your cute lil deer!
    And I am so glad the girls are both healthy and happy!!!
    You are so lucky you have your Mom to celebrate with! Enjoy!!!
    Hugs! Me

  15. HI!!!!
    OH MY...how scary!!!!I have lived in Az my whole life, and had only 2 snakes in our yard, and that is when they were doing construction in the area and scared them all to run!!!ANd in our garage is where one was!!!!!I HATE SNAKES!!!!I think they are one scary animal!!!!
    I LOVE your deer!!!now those are cute!!!And I wonder if they are afraid of us????
    LITTLE ADDISON looks so cute!!!!She is just a beautiful baby girl!!!And I am so happy Mommy and daughter are all better now.
    WOW, MOMMY is turning 21!!!I know how excited she must be!!!!I recall my 21st!!!And I recall all my kids 21st!!!I called and called and made sure they were alive!!!!!HAHA
    hugs 2 U sweet friend,
    will you be here in July????

  16. Jesum Cindy, that's really really scary OMG. That snake would have eaten all those eggs for sure in one full swoop. YUCK.
    Mom and daughter look IDENTICAL. I could really see it in the first pic the most.
    Congrat's again on being a new grandmom Cindy. I'm sure you can't wait.
    Love Claudie

  17. If I found a Diamond Back, or any other snake in my yard I don't think I would ever step foot outside again! Yikes!!! So glad to hear that Katie and Addison are feeling better.

    Susan and Bentley

  18. Oh my word girl...you gotta warn me before you show a snake in the first pic!!!! Almost jumped out of my chair..if I even see a tiny green snake in the yard I start doing some sort of spasm..twisted dance and screaming to high heaven! Now the deer is more like it...the oldest Burly wakes up each morning and sees that sight on his mountain top home and the youngest looks out and sees cows! lol
    So glad beautiful daughter and that little precious sweet dumpling are all well now..much love and blessings to you this week girl....Picket

  19. GASP! Oh Cindy that is scary! I don't like the little snakes we have here and can't imagine running into one of those! Sometimes it's the quiet holidays that are the most memorable.
    Oh my! Katie and Addison look so much alike! Two beauties! I'm so happy they are both well now. Sending an early Happy Birthday to Katie! Hugs, Loretta

  20. A happy, healthy Easter, what more could you ask for? The girls look so cute in their pic, Addison's hat is adorable.

    I'm with you, no snakes please, but the deer can stop by anytime!

  21. Hi, precious! I'm so glad that your sweet ones are well, and those pics are darling! Well, the human ones are. The snakes? Eeeeeeeeee! The deer? Awwwwwwww! Girl, I wouldn't have been able to hold still long enough to snap that snake unless I was snapping hinm with a hoe!

    I've had major craziness going on in my life. Good things (like Linsday) and not so good things (like curve balls from every direction), but I am alive and well and had a Happy Easter. Glad to see you did, too, Cindy.

    Sending you warm hugs...


    Sheila :-)

  22. I, too, live in AZ but have only seen one rattlesnake in the wild. I just try not to ever be truly in the wild unless it's really cold or really hot -- they are kind of persnickety about heat & cold. Of course, so am I!

    So glad your daughter & granddaughter are all well.

  23. I hate snakes...can't even look at the picture! I'm so glad your girls are well again...they are both so beautiful!

  24. What a blessing that both are back to normal life again. There are rattlesnakes in our area, but they are pretty scarce(except up on Trempealeau Mt.) I would not want to live any further south and have to deal with them at all.

  25. Hi Cindy!
    Oh my gosh...I'm glad we don't see these kind of snakes here on the farm. We have rattlesnakes here in Kansas but they are mostly closer to the Oklahoma and Colorado borders thank goodness! Love the deer but I agree with you...they won't be so nice if they eat your flowers! The deer here stay away because of our Shep ...but then he pees on my flowers so ones about as bad as the other! Love the pictures of your daughter and Addison...they've both adorable. I hope your weather warms up soon...I'm so sick of this cold weather. It's to start warming up tomorrow though so maybe this weekend will be a nice one. I'm hoping the same for you.
    Maura :)

  26. Hate, hate snakes. Ya'll have read me long enough to know I think all snakes are evil. Heck, I killed a black snake in the yard last week. Ewwww!

    Love your wild life as long as they leave your bloomers alone! Heehehehe!

    The pictures of your girls are just priceless sweeite!

    God bless and have an amazin' day!!!

  27. Hey Cindy! Sure hoping you've seen the last of winter and spring comes quickly!
    My Mom had knee replacement yesterday... so I'm planning on coming to care for her in June after she's done with her 3 weeks of rehab in the BRF nursing home. Hopefully I can get away for an hour or so and come visit you in your home!! We are at the farm June 3rd through the 8th.

  28. So glad everyone is well and back to normal. Would you believe my husband used to hunt rattlesnakes? True!!! I'm glad he doesn't do that anymore.

  29. Eww, that snake gave me the "willies"! I like the deer much better. :-)

    As I always say, your girls are so beautiful...

  30. Hi Cindy! Dropping in from grandbaby land to catch up! Love Addison's little hat...so cute! And...snakes at the Easter egg hunt...not good! I love the way your yard is always a wild game ranch! lol Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  31. Great picture of the deer! I can't imagine having them in my yard...awesome. I can live without snakes though. That guy is BIG!

    I love the picture of Katie and Addison. Both of them are so cute and I think Addison really looks like her mommy!

    We are at the lake right now. Al bought 2 kayaks this weekend. Have you ever been on one? You can give it a try when you are here!

    Take care girlfriend!


  32. I'll take the cute girls over the snake any day...and very cute they are!

    Cold/wet spring weather here in Wisconsin, but it could be worse, right?

  33. I'd rather have your cute deer than an icky scary snake! eewww- They scare me to death.
    Addison and Katie look so cute- glad to hear they are both feeling well. Are you pooped?!

  34. Dropping back by to give you a cyber hug, Cindy. Thanks for the comments on my blog. We had a great time (only I've had an issue with an old injury that recurred), and maybe someday I can entertain you when you come to Florida. Come on down....


    Sheila :-)

  35. Just found you by way of Sharon Lovejoy's blog...really enjoyed seeing the transformation
    of your cottage...your hubbie is very gifted!
    About that slithery creature in Arizona...I can't even deal with our "harmless" ones here in the Northwoods, let alone something evil. We also have regular visits from the deer - much more acceptable as long as they stay away from my sweet peas and edible peas!
    You have a lovely blog and I send greetings from Northern Wisconsin...if you see Spring, would you share? We are so cold up here.


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