Some projects that hubby's students built!

Hey everyone!
I thought you might like to see a few of the projects my hubbies students have recently completed.
Dan teaches woodworking I and II plus Building Construction and Entrepreneurship.

I am very impressed by this beautiful table!  This young man is a junior and this is his Woods II project.
The students also design their own projects.  They rough sketch, then a final sketch....my hubby proofs of course and helps them with any mistakes.   Then they create a working drawing to scale, plus a steps to procedure and finally a bill of materials that they will need.
This beautiful table cost $230.00 to make and it was built using Red Oak.

This young man is also a junior and he also created this beautiful hutch in Woodworking II.  His Mom was so thrilled with it that she sent my hubby the nicest thank-you note
The total cost of the hutch was $280.00 and it is made out of Cherry.
Anyhoo, I am very proud of my talented hubby!
He is the most amazing teacher and he is also incredibly patient!
And we are finally getting spring here in Wisconsin.
Boy it's been a long time coming.
The snow has finally melted and we are supposed to hit 70 degrees today and 81 tomorrow with a chance of nasty storms.
Next week we are back in the 50's and 60's. however I am not complaining as that is about where we should be for this time of year.

Take Care and have a wonderful weekend too!
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  1. Wow Cindy, these projects are just wonderful. Your hubby is so talented and his students really benefit from all his training. Unreal. I am so happy you are finally getting some better weather. We almost hit 100 last week, sure not ready for that yet. Raining today and in the 60's, but that's ok. Hope you have a super weekend. Hugs, Marty

  2. Cindy these guys are really so talented....because you r hubby is so talented.. these fornitures are not so expensive..if I was in USA i would buy them!!! Hugs and have a wonderful spring weekend....Flavia

  3. OH, Cindy! I guess you are proud of him. These projects are amazing! I can see why that boy's mama sent you husband a thank-you note. I'm in awe. And the table it neat, too.

    Think how wonderful it is that he has given these children and so many others a lasting skill that they can carry throughout their lives. And these two pieces aren't just crafts, they are art! I want that cabinet. Oh, it is so neat! Can't you see lots of cute dishes in there??? Is his mother a dish nut like we are??? You need to get her to tablescpe with us! ;-)

    Cindy, I'm so glad you shared this with us. I loved seeing this and feel so inspired to try my own hand at something new. WOW!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Hi Cindy,
    Wow! What wonderful projects! It must be fun being their teacher when you have kids with that kind of talent.
    Enjoy the warmer weather,

  5. That is some of the finest woodwork I have seen. They are truly heirloom pieces. There is nothing more rewarding than creating something with your hands. Especillay things that beautiful.

    I can only dream of 80 degree weather. Can you believe a cold front has come through Northern California. It was 34 degrees this morning. I shouldn't complain though because very soon it is going to be 100 plus degrees here and what is worse that it can stay that way for 2 weeks at a time. Our heat is can be unbearable.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Love the hutch and I can certainly see why his mother was so thrilled with it. Good work!


  7. Such beautiful pieces of furniture. I love hand made furniture. Good to see young adults still interested in making them.

  8. They did a wonderful job on their projects. Glad Spring is finally coming your way. They are predicting bad storms here also. :(
    Have a great weekend.

  9. What talent those boys have!! My husband made many things in wood shop in high school, he is still a wood worker(him and our boys build wood waterski's out in his shop). He enjoyed his shop teachers and they were a great influence on him. You have good reason to be proud of your husband.

  10. These are really great pieces. My son got many awards in high school for this kind of work, because of a good teacher like your husband. He even built his new home, doing all the work by himself. Amazing what a good teacher can inspire a student to do! :D

  11. These are amazing projects! I bet that MOM was happy! You should be so proud of your hubster. This is a real skill that he is teaching. It is so wonderful to see that kids are still interested in real arts and crafts. Thanks for sharing. have a great weekend! :)


  12. Those pieces are amazing! Tell your husband good work in teaching these young people an amazing talent :)

  13. That is so awesome. If one of my kids made something like that - I'd be ECSTATIC! Great job! And Dan! You are the man!

    I'm laughing. It was 34 here this morning....
    :) HUGS! Karen

  14. Well I'm REALLY impressed Cindy. Believe it or not I took wood-work in high school. Thought it was a blast. I also had an EXCELLENT teacher. He never raised his voice, and he made it fun. I think I made a stool ; )
    So how much would they sell for in a furniture store? NOT from China!!
    Happy PS and Happy Weekend.
    You know I'm always in my P.J.'s don't you???
    Love you
    Love me

  15. These are beautiful pieces, Cindy...the boys are talented and Dan is a great teacher. Do they get to keep their project?

    We are 54 so far today and I hear we are supposed to hit 70 tomorrow. Now if I could get Al to do some work outside!!


  16. What a great job these two students did!! Your husband is teaching them something they can carry with them through life! What a wonderful thing!

    Both items are wonderfully done.

    Kudos to hubby!


  17. Cindy- Those are both wonderful projects...but it all comes back to the incredible teaching abilities of your hubby....and then it makes me think of all your family has been through this year with the new governor... Hugs- Diana

  18. Beautiful!!! Very talented boys and of course a great teacher!!

  19. Beautiful pieces of furniture! Do they put them up for sale? A wonderful skill to learn for sure!

  20. I wish they were here to build me some things I'm yearning for in my kitchen!

  21. Hi Cindy~ ~ ~This is so wonderful that your hubby is teaching this kids how to shine their talents. Amazing projects.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  22. What great skills these boys are learning. Your husband must be so proud of them, and he should be proud of himself too. It takes a good teacher to make students want to do well.

  23. It always amazes me to see what students do. Absolutely beautiful projects! They have a wonderful teacher!

  24. Both the table and hutch are amazing. What talented kids. Since I'm a teacher myself (retired), I have a fondness for other teachers. Kudos to your husband for his dedication...and his patience with students! Wish he would come visit and help my hubby with a few projects!!!!

  25. Thank you for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself to me. Your blog is beautiful! Very impressive.
    I have been keeping an eye on your state lately; with all that is going on!
    ...Shop, huh? I thought they made things like key hangers and thread holders in shop--not furniture! Those pieces are beautiful.

  26. OMG, those are amazing!!! I think I need to send my son back to high school so he can take a woodworking class and learn to make furniture!!!!

  27. Wow...talented kids who obviously have a great teacher! I'm sure their mothers were really thrilled with these furniture pieces. It is so nice that one of them wrote a thank you!

    Glad you are finally getting some spring weather. Ours is bouncing all around. We had the air on yesterday and today is cool. Typical for the Midwest!

  28. Your precious Hubs must be a magnificent instructor 'cause these 'student' projects look very professional. I'm impressed and ya'll know how picky I am!!! Woohoo for Hubs and is very talented students!!!

    Golly grump, it's warmer up there than it is here. We did do 89 Saturday but they have some snow in the forecast for the weekend! What's up with that???

    'Sure is puttin' a damper on my Spring Fever!

    God bless ya sweetie and thanks for sharin' the talent of those amazin' fellas!!! :o)

  29. HI Cindy! These pieces are so beautiful! Your husband must be the best teacher and look at the faces of these little guys - they're so proud.
    Wish I could buy a hutch like that for that price! Amazing!
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  30. Well you shouold be proud of him, Cindy. He is so talented and but most of all, look at the talent he is passing on to the students. Those are beautiful furniture!...Christine

  31. I remember you doing a post like this last year and I am once again in awe of these student's handiwork. Just proves what a GREAT teacher your hubby his. Wow, I'd love to take one of his classes, lol.


  32. Well..well...SHOOT! NO wonder you live in an absolute doll house! What a great craft for those young men (women?) to know. Something they will use their entire lives. Just gorgeous furniture. Tell him I think he is WONDERFUL! :)
    Oh..and this time the "hug" is for him! LOL

  33. You should be proud! Those are incredible pieces. I love that oak table. Beautiful!

  34. Oh my goodness, that table and hutch are gorgeous! What talented young men...and what a wonderful teacher your hubby must be!

  35. What wonderful projects. I can't believe that Juniors in High School made these. You should be so proud of your husband. He must be a dedicated teacher. Balisha

  36. you should be proud Cindy that is awesome....

  37. OMYGOSH! Cindy, they should open a furniture store! Maybe your husband should open an Etsy. These are absolutely amazing! If I came to visit, could I enroll in a high school course? He must be a wonderful instructor. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pieces for Favorite Things. laurie

  38. HI SWEETIE!!!
    You are a proud wife and you Should be!!He is an amazing Wood working teacher, one we need very bad.
    I hope and pray there is always a budget to teach kids this fine art of working with your hands to create something so special!!!
    SOOO HAPPY it is spring there!!!It was SOOO cold here over the weekend, we were in Calif and COld over there too!!

  39. Wow, Cindy, your hubby must be very talented and a wonderful teacher to help these young men produce these pieces of furniture. I'm sure their moms must be happy when they find out your hubby is teaching them! Linda


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