Hi All.
The past two weeks have been a real adjustment for my daughter and I .  Katie went back to work and I have been babysitting Addison full -time while still trying to work part time myself.
I definitely have been worn out by it  but I think we are getting into the groove of things.
It's been hard on my daughter too.  She misses her baby but she knows that she has to work to help provide for her. And when I look at this picture, I am reminded of just how young she still is.
She is such a good Mommy and mature beyond her 20 years.

And I know I am biased but isn't she just the cutest little thing!  Addison turned 4 months old yesterday and she is such a good baby!  Her sweet smile keeps me going when I am all worn out.

Last weekend we had a belated family Christmas with my side of the family.  Pictured above are 3 of my six brothers!  Jeff, Matt and Mike.  Jeff is a spitting image of my father at that age .

Packer fever is gotten to an all time high this week.
The whole state of Wisconsin is excited about the game .  They have even added green and gold lights to the dome of the State Capital in Madison.

And a fan near us spent a lot of time sculpting this baby.They certainly weren't hurting for the snow to build it with. It's gotten so high there is hardly anyplace left to park it.
Now my hubby Dan, who is a rabid Packer fan is super excited!  He will be glued to the TV most of this weekend. And my step-son Jacob will be right beside him.  They have a blast watching the games and it's good Father/Son bonding.  This will be a special one, since the last time the Packer's went to the Super Bowl Jacob was only 7 years old.
So that's what we've been up to around here. 
I hope all is well with my bloggy buddies and I will be around to visit as much as I can!
Happy Week-end and of course Go Pack!


  1. Ha! Hadn't seen pictures of our capitol dome looking like that - - - really great!

    Now if the Pack will just win - - - -

  2. Be biased all you want to ~ Addison is gorgeous! Good looks run in your family ~ this I can tell by looking at your handsome brothers! I've never been a "cheese head" fan, so I can't really say that I am rooting for them to win. Really, I don't have much of a preference. Most people in my area are rooting for the Steelers, probably just because they are closer to us geographically than you guys are. Either way, I'm just sad that football season is almost over. I love men in tight pants chasing each other with a football! lol!!! Hope you have a great weekend, Cindy!

  3. Cindy, Your grandbaby is beautiful! I know it is a lot of work,keeping her for your daughter to work, but so worth it. I kept all 4 of my grandchildren from 6 weeks old until preschool.I would not take anything for that time i had with them.They grow up so fast. My first grandchild just turned 13.

  4. Your state capital bldg. is so beautiful. To be honest, we have been here in Virginia a bit over 3 years and I have no idea what ours looks like! Guess I will Google it.. LOL


  5. That Super Bowl sculpture is truly somethin' else but I'm quite curious about the tracks on the roof...Santa maybe??? Heeehehehe!!! :o)

    Six brothers girl, I bet you can sure hold your own in a pinch. That State Capital buildin' is great sportin' the team colors.

    Your girl is young but ya can tell that she takes this mommy business quite seriously. She is just beautiful as is her precious little baby.

    Addison looks like she's sayin'..."Camera again Grandma....really!!!" :o)

    God bless ya sweetie and have a fantastic weekend!!!

  6. So excited about the big game! GO PACKERS!
    You have such a good-looking family Cindy.
    And of course your granddaughter is darling as ever!

  7. She is the cutest baby! Rest up when you can :)

  8. Your grandbaby IS a cutie! My daughter is 21 and had my first grandbaby last June and she works all the time...luckily mom and dad work different schedules and they don't need a babysitter even though she did call me this week and asked if he could come spend a week with Lala (that's what he calls me) so they could have a sleeping vacation? I politely told her she done lost her mind!!!! :)
    Have fun this weekend we're cheering on The Pack down here also!

  9. I'm smiling, Cindy since you've got your christms up now. we're doing the sme thing. if you wre wondering wht is going on with me... i hven't been into the cooking sherry. i hve computer issues with certin keys. cn you guess which ones? The first letter of the @lph@bet & w/ the shift key so this is going to go into the shop for fixing. It works intermittently. you might be able to tell. ;-)

    love your pics. looks like such fun. your sweetie pie is the cutest & is growing so much. sending you love...



  10. Cindy - what a wonderful opportunity to grow close to the baby and even closer with your daughter helping her out. Loved the photos - a very loving family.

    Hugs - Marie

  11. You are caring a full load. Glad your daughter is a responsible mother and providing for herself, as so many young mothers are not being responsible. I am not a football fan - know nothing about the sport, but it does not bother me when others around me are watching the games.
    I went to the games when in school only for the social side. :-D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Oh, that sweet, adorable smile will get you every time! She's so sweet and lucky to have a good mom and grandma that takes such great care of her.

  13. Very nice family pictures. I loved seeing the ones of your brothers...you look a bit like Matt. And as young as Katie is, she has a lot of wisdom behind those big blue eyes! And of course Addison just keeps getting prettier with each day!

    I will be thinking of you on SBS!


  14. Hi Cindy, Addison is a cutie pie!!!! Katie is feeling the way all moms feel when they go back to work but I'm sure it helps knowing Addison is in good hands with grandma. The capitol looks wonderful all dressed up in green and gold!!! We have Packer fever too so we'll be sitting in front of the tv all day on Sunday. Go Pack Go!!!!
    Enjoy the game, Leanne

  15. Both mommy and baby are beautiful.

    I took care of Xanti, her first year, until her mommy and daddy moved south of us. I didn't have a part time job, as you do. However, it took awhile to "get in shape". It had been almost 20 years, since I had an infant to care for. Xanti and I forged a bond, that first year, that is amazingly strong 20 years later.

  16. Hi Cindy! Your Miss Addison is so cute! Don't you love babysitting? My little guy is almost one! Can you believe it? Good luck to the Pack!...hugs...Debbie

  17. Hi Cindy! That is so cool, I love your snow pictures. What talent from one of your neighbors! I know it must have been really hard for both of you working and caring for that sweet girl. I think it's wonderful you are able to help out. I hope it all continues to work out for both of you!

  18. Family is everything! I just love posts like this where the love of family and family time abound. Just warms the cockles of my soul.

    Addison is sweetie in her sweetie outfit. Glad she has you to care for her while mommy has to work, she is a lucky little girl.

    Oh, and you're a lucky grandma!

  19. Adison is so cute...dont you feel fortunate that you get to keep her...I know I am with little britches...I'm worn out at the end of the day....but a good worn out...he comes to the office with me...so I have double duty...business and Oma...but wouldn't trade it for the world...their is definately Packer fever in our area....Steelers also....we even have yalls weather here to welcome everyone....

  20. Cindy, I think what you are doing for your Daughter is wonderful. And the time you are spending with your Granddaughter is priceless. These are the times that you will look back and cherish. Being a young Mom myself, I wish my parents would of been around to spend time with my kids when they were that little. (My husband was in the Marine Corp so we lived clear across the country). I know you are enjoying EVERY minute!!

    BIG Hugs!! Carrie

  21. Hi Cindy! Oh, I hope you get the energy and stamina you need as your work and love on little Addison. She is just so precious, Cindy. She has the prettiest eyes! Your daughter is so beautiful and does look so young. Well, 20 is still a baby, isn't it? :)
    Wow, look at that snow. And I'd say that was a definite fan! Enjoy your weekend and stay warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  22. I'm not much into football, but hope your team wins! Addison is so cute. I know the adjustment has been hard on all, but Addison looks like she's taking things in stride.

  23. You are right, Cindy. Addison is just the prettiest baby girl and my Nathan is the handsomest baby boy, lol. I am stuck at Orlando airport on my way to see my grandboys but flight is delayed for 1 and 3/4 hrs. The baby is turning 1 next weekend. Good luck to the Packers! I can imagine the excitement going on there....Christine

  24. That sculpture is really something. I had to call my husband in to look at it. Yep..big day tomorrow. The man did a darned good job!

    I am glad you like the way the house turned out. I think my red is a wee different shade than yours..but your home was such an inspiration. My tan is in the stone wall, flower beds and now the new flagstones we are setting in. I started them yesterday and then realized how much work it was. :)
    Back at it on Monday. Son in law said he would help...and I may just ask him.
    What a wonderful setting your home is in...I've been going back over photo's I have already seen...
    I went looking for material today for chair seat covers...back tomorrow as it was too crowded. The material store is folding and we are so upset!

    Still have painting to do...but it will all get done in time. At least the house is curb worthy. Wish we lived in a nicer neighborhood.
    ..oh..and before I forget. For the record.. :)
    Looking at the photo's of your daughter..and your little dumpling granddaughter and reading what you wrote, reminded me of just how very young YOU are! How long ago my days for babysitting with infants when I was still working and trying to help out...and how tough it all was. Now those grands are grown and their parents are becoming grandparents...and it's amazing.
    Cindy, enjoy every moment. I know you are! You are still a baby to me and your mother. :)
    Many hugs!

  25. Cindy what a beautiful granddaughter you have! I can relate to being completely worn out. I've been watching my three grandsons for the last three months and let me tell you I'm ready for bed by 7:00 p.m....lol! My day starts with them at 5:30 a.m.

    Enjoy your evening,

  26. Addison and your daughter are beautiful :-) Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday, and stay warm!

  27. Hi Girlfriend...

    Just wanted to stop by to say hello before I turn in for the night. Girlfriend, I bet you are pooped...I bet that you'll get in a routine and it will get much easier though! I know that you are such a big help to Katie and that little Addison is loving every minute that she gets to spend with her grandma!!! I'm tellin' ya what...that has got to be the most precious photo of Addison! I just love that sweet little dimple that she has in her chin! She is such a pretty little girl and I know that she is the apple of your eye!!! I love getting to see photos of her! It's hard to believe that she is now 4 months old...my goodness...where has the time gone?

    So glad that your family were able to get together for a Christmas celebration! I bet your Mom loved every minute of it!

    Well Darlin'...we'll be watching the game tomorrow as well. Of course, we are rooting for the Packers! Wow...your capitol building looks awesome with the green lit dome! That's so cool! Hehe! Ohhh..and I loved the snow sculpture! Hope that you're having a great weekend, sweet friend! Tell Dan that we said Hi!

    Love ya,

  28. Hi Cindy,
    Addison is a beautiful little doll!!
    When Alex and baby Mason moved in with us when he was 3 days old, I didn't think I would have the energy for it. But, it's amazing what God's grace can do. Having Mason here is truly a blessing - an energy draining blessing, but still a sweet one! :)
    It's great that Katie found a full time job - they are pretty hard to come by these days.
    Our girls, our sweet babies, and we will be just fine!!!
    Rest when you can.

  29. Hi again Cindy,
    I feel for your daughter...I remember how hard it was to leave my firstborn to go to work in 73. I was 20 also. I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things pretty fast...it's amazing how these sweet little babies do that to us :) You and Addison will have so much fun! It will keep you young...either that or you'll sure sleep good at night ;) You grew up with 6 brothers???!!! OMG. I can't even begin to imagine what that was like...I hope you were the baby. The three of them are a handsome bunch and I bet they love their sister very much. Enjoy your evening!
    Maura :)


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