A Thrifty Valentine Table and Addison's Valentine dress, a gift from Jane(Blondie's Journal)

Hi All.
I wish I didn't have to try to post so quickly!  But work and my grand-baby are calling my name!
I set this table on the cheap using what I had instead of buying new..

The sweet centerpiece was a birthday gift from sweet Gloria @ Happy to Be.  I am sure most of you know her but if not head on over because she has the best sense of humor and she will have you in stitches!

I used a piece of lacy material that I already had in my sewing box as a table runner.  I just scrunched it a little and it works perfectly.
The roses are soap petals from the Dollar Tree.  Chari @ Happy to Design told me about these and they work great!  And after dinner you can use part of your tablescape to take a nice soothing bath with!

My.75 cent chargers are from Wally World.  British Castle dinner plates are from TJ Maxx- about $4.00 each.  Noritake Ivory salad plates..4 for $1.99 @ Savers.  Red heart bowls .99 at Michaels.
I won the napkins and rings on blog give-away.

I bought this etched glassware at a garage sale last summer.  There were 6 of them for $5.00.

And Addison's darling pink velvet dress was a gift from Jane (Blondie's Journal).
Don't you just love it!  I was in a hurry and I couldn't find her little black patent shoes.   But I wanted to get a picture so she just went shoe-less today.
 I am joining Susan @ Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.
And Laure @ Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie for her Valentine Party.
Thanks for coming by everyone!
I so appreciate your sweet comments.
It's taking me a little longer to visit everyone these days but I just keep plugging along.


  1. Awwww, I was just thinkin' the other day what fun you were gonna have dressin' that sweet doll Addison up for Valentines Day. Sweet!!!

    You are so creative girl. Your table looks marvelous and I just had to laugh about your 'bath' statement! Heeehehe....Dinner and a Bath!

    God bless ya and have a sweet, sweet day my friend!!!

  2. Sounds like you have got your hands full! I love the table setting and the cute little display dish, I have one a bit like it. And you know what I think of this little darling child...total sweetness! :D

  3. Hi Cindy! How cute little Miss Addison looks in her pretty dress! Jane is so thoughtful! And I love your tablescape...so festive! I so understand about not being able to visit and hurrying to post. I've been in the same boat since my little grandson's birth a year ago and now the new one will be here in April! :-) I have found it much easier to post just once a week. That's about all I can handle and sometimes that's pushing it. But...you will be a very important part of her life and form a special bond that will always be there! I spent lots of time with my 10 year old grandson and our relationship is very special! We will be here when you have a chance! Enjoy your time with Addison! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. I love the table. I am all about using what we have!

    I love the dress! How totally sweet.

  5. Addison looks ready for Valentine's Day. That pink velvet dress is just the thing for such a precious little doll. Your table is lovely. Have fun with that baby. That's the important thing! ~ Sarah

  6. addison is adorable. Someday soon she will be old enough to appreciate Grandmothers beautiful table!

  7. That is a sweet dress on that precious baby. Have a great Valentine's Day!!

  8. Cindy, we used the same plates and pink roses, this week, but with totally different looks, though.
    Addison looks adorable in that cute new dress.

  9. Very, very pretty, plus you have the sweetest Valentine in the beautiful pink dress! Annie

  10. May you have a delightful valentine's day!
    I llluuuuuvvvvv your red wally world chargers!
    Wish i had some! They'd be gracing my table for special occasions like heart day.

    Your little one is as sweet as they come!
    God bless,
    d from homehaven

  11. Hello Cindy,
    nice tablescape and lovely baby girl!

  12. Your table looks beautiful and what a deal you got for those lovely glasses.

    Of course the most beautiful thing you saved for the last and she is getting so big and so cute.


  13. Cindy,
    Addison is so cute in her pink velvet dress. A Valentine sweetheart for sure!

    Your table is very pretty!

  14. Addison is just so precious, love that darling little face and those chubby little arms. Give her a huge hug for me. Your table is gorgeous. You did a great job. You cracked me up with taking a bath with your rose soap. Too funny. Hugs, Marty

  15. Cute Valentine tablescape, Cindy, but the cutest of all is little Addison...Christine

  16. You always have the prettiest tablescapes - love it!

    Your grandbaby is just precious!

  17. Pretty table setting - you did good!
    Addison is so cute all dressed up for Valentine's Day. :D
    Snowing here.

  18. what a darling sweet little baby...just adorable...cute dress too....

    and i LOVE your Valentine table...and those glasses....what a deal....

    thanks for stopping by to wish Teddy a Happy Birthday and leaving the kind words...so nice.

    kary and teddy

  19. Hi Cindy, I think you have a little model there! Does she always smile? I have to go on a search for those rose petals--they are wonderful! Happy Valentine's Day. And congrats on the Packer win! Linda

  20. Hi Cindy!!!!
    It is absolutley festive and beautiful. And that little dress......adorable!!!!

  21. Your table looks pretty! I love, love the etched glassware...what a find! I collect etched stemware and try not to pay over $2-$3 a stem! Addison is pretty in pink!

  22. That little Addison is adorable in that dress...and I'd say Jane has excellent taste-what a sweet gift!

    Your table setting is lovely~ Hugs from the cold side of the state- Diana

  23. Great table Cindy, fun heart bowls! What a little cutie in that beautiful dress-enjoy:@)

  24. Loving your special deco of life there. Cuteness...

    The charger is to die for too...

    Happy TS...

  25. I like your table very much and the glasses are gorgeous, really. But Addison is simply stunning! She's so cute and she has wonderful eyes. I've noticed she's always smiling, she's such a lovely baby! Enjoy your week, Clara.

  26. HI!!
    THAT IS A PRETTY awesome table to decorate with just what you have!!!
    Very nice!!!
    OH I LOVE that sweet Addison, she is so cute in her PINK dress!!!!
    SHe is such a happy baby and smiling all the time!!!
    Hug her for me!!
    hugs 2 U,

  27. Hi sweet friend...

    Ohhh my...you are sounding like you don't know whether you are coming or going, dear friend! I do hope things will settle down a bit for you! Do you have to work the rest of this week?

    Well my dear, you certainly did a fabulous job creating this Valentine's Day table! I don't know how you found the time! Girl, I just laughed when I see the soap petal roses...I sure hope that no one mistakes them for a Valentine candy...they may get a surprise! Hehe! They do look pretty though! Ohhh..and I just love that Victorian lace plate tray that Gloria gave you! It makes a beautiful table centerpiece! The little angels that you added to it are just adorable! Love, love, LOVE your Valentine place settings...sooo pretty! I love the British Castle red transferware plates...they're perfect for Valentine's day...and look fabulous with your pretty red charger plates too! Thank you so much for sharing your pretty table with us, sweet friend!

    Ahhh...Addison looks like a little princess in her pink velvet dress! What a doll! That was so sweet of Jane!

    I'm up late again tonight but think I'm finally winding down to go to bed. I just wanted to come by to see how you were doing and what you were up to, Girlfriend! Take care and don't work to hard!!!

    Love ya, sweet girl!

  28. Your tablescape is what I like to see. Things you already have...I did the same thing. Didn't buy a thing. No time to shop. It looks wonderful, Cindy. (everything you do looks wonderful!) :)

  29. Hi Cindy, your table setting is beautiful, I love all of the red!... and baby Addison is just priceless!... her little velvet dress is so sweet, Jane is the best!... xoxo Julie Marie

  30. Great tablescape Cindy! Little Addison has the sweetest little face! I just want to pinch those cheeks!! Isn't Jane a doll ~ what an adorable dress.

    Susan and Bentley

  31. Your table is dripping with charm!! The rose soaps are darling, I haven't been to The Dollar Tree in awhile so I think I'm missing out on some good stuff! Love the centerpiece from Glora, she IS funny and so sweet.

    I always look forward to seeing pictures of Addison. She smiles with her whole face. I can see why you just want to eat her up! I took a peek back at your Super Bowl party...I get the idea that Dan like the Packers a little.

    I hope things slow down for you a little, I can tell how busy you are. Remember to take some time for yourself, my friend!


  32. Jane's gift is so cute!
    LOVE ly table, enjoy your romantic dinner, and don't eat the soap! :)

  33. Addison is the best Valentine ever! What a fabulous dress. She is just adorable.
    I love using the rose soaps. I just was at the dollar store, have to look a little closer. I may have to go check out those gorgeous heart dishes, what a steal. Joni (my sister) got me the Wal mart chargers for a Christmas presents. They really are wonderful. Have a great Valentine's and hug that little Valentine for me!

  34. Hi Cindy! You truly have a little living doll to play with! :) Little Addison is adorable in her little pink dress!
    Now your Valentine table is so lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  35. Cindy, Addison is just adorable! She seems to be a very happy girl. Love your tablescape. The pink roses are adorable, as are the cupids. Love how you layered red and white in your plates/chargers and also the heart shaped bowls with candy are charming (probably delicious too!) :-)
    Blessings, Beth

  36. Cindy, Love how you layered the reds and whites! The cupids and roses make for a lovely centerpiece. Addison is a dolly - such a happy girl!
    Blessings, Beth

  37. I think your table is adorable! Your little Addison is such a doll baby in her Valentine Dress.

  38. Addison is so adorable in her little Valentines Day dress...How nice of Jane to send it...your table is very cute...Have a Happy Valentines Day with your two beautiful ladies!!

  39. Cindy, Remember me from Romantic Cottage Dreamer? I retired in Aug and we went on a 2 month road trip. I fell in love with Iowa and came back and changed my blog name and had it designed. Addison is just precious. Love that dress. Such a cutie Valentine! Also love the rose soap petals. That is a deal. Also the etched glass. You have the best deals on Valentine's which is super great for all of us.
    This is a lovely picture. I just gave you a Versatile Blogger Award. Please see my blog
    wildflowersandcountryroads.com for further information. Congratulations PS I know how busy you are, don't worry about any of the stuff with this award. Just wanted to point out to anyone who still does not know you, how awesome your blog is. Oh yeah, congrats on the Super Bowl. Lol, we are all Steelers, buummer for us, lol

  40. Just surfed in through another blog and enjoyed your nice lovely blog so much!! Was also so touched by your Mother's story of her and your Dad's love. What a sweet story and so inspirational!! Sure enjoyed your Charleston photos as well!! Coming to you from the Lowcountry of South Carolina....Debbi
    (hope you can return to Charleston again someday)
    come visit my blog sometime for many more Charleston photos!!

  41. Oh Cindy she is indeed a cherub!

    I wanted to invite you to the two linky parties I am planning. The first will be on February 23~ High Tea Tablescapes. Details can be found on my Wednesday posts. There will be PRIZES!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  42. Jane has the most adorable taste in little girl's outfits, Addison always looks so cute, so you can't go wrong, but this outfit is extra special.

    You are one busy grandma, but I know you're having the best time. They grow up so fast and I will forego your visits (though I do miss you), knowing your focus somewhere else is the most important thing right now.

    Enjoy every second!

  43. Cindy, your table looks so pretty, but of course Addison steals the show in that pretty little dress. I love the way the ruffly edge of the heart bowl picks up on the ruffly edge of the charger. Another good scruncher. I'm not good at scrunching. It looks like a mess when I do it. Those rose soaps are so pretty, and I love that you said you could use them for your bath after dinner! LOL! Luv the napkins and napkin rings. Thank you, sweet friend, for linking this to my Valentine party. laurie

  44. Hi Cindy,
    I really enjoyed looking at your Valentine's tablescape. Your centerpiece is perfect and so unique! I also love the lace material and the rose soap petals. They all came together for a beautiful look. Your granddaughter is darling and what a sweet gift that dress is. I posted my first tablescape at Susan's Tablescape Thursday yesterday. If you have a minute, please stop by to see it. I really appreciate all views and comments, as I have just started blogging. By the way, we're in North Carolina, but I really like the Packers, so we thoroughly enjoyed the Super Bowl. What a cutie that Aaron Rogers is and he played a great game!
    Happy Valentine's Day,

  45. Look at you keeping up with blogging,tablescaping, babysitting,and working! You are quite inspiring Cindy! I love your energy, wish I had more of it. First let me say Addison is just so adorable and has the sweetest smile. Your setting is gorgeous too. I love everything you used. What a great win on those napkins and napkin rings, they so cute!

  46. Aw what a beautiful baby! I love her dress! So pretty!

  47. Your table looks beautiful and inviting and your little "Addison" valentine is adorable :-)

  48. So pretty Cindy..it really is sweet. Addison is a little doll face. Happy Valentines day!!~ XO

  49. Cindy, your table setting is perfect and you have some beautiful pieces. I love the plates from TJMaxx and those glasses from the garage sale or gorgeous. Sometimes I wonder why people get rid of something so pretty. Addison is a doll in that dress and how nice that it came from a fellow blogger. Happy Valentine's day!

  50. I waited until today to come over and send you the Florida Sunshine you requested, thought it would be a perfect way to wish you and your hubby a very Happy Valentine's Day.

    And a special one for Addison on her very first Valentine's Day, I know she's won the hearts of all your family since her arrival.

  51. Love the tablescape AND your granddaughter's adorable dress! Happy Valentine's day to you...


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