Are you ready for some Football? Or Go Pack Go!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?
Grandpa Dan and Addison are ready to go!

Oops!  Now she's ready!

I 'm getting the food ready....

And a shrine, oops I mean table ready for the hubby!

We got some reading material just in case anyone needs a bathroom break!

Even the little critters are sporting their little cheese- heads.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!



  1. She's such a cutie-pie and what a smile she has! I hope your team wins.

  2. Great post from a true Packer home, where even the birdies are wearing cheeseheads! Go Pack Go!!!

  3. I am on pins and needles here. We just saw our son and son-in-law standing directly behind Terry Bradshaw when he was being interviewed. They have great seats with the Packer wives...so are soooo excited. Hugs-Diana

  4. What a cutie that little Addison is!!! Looks like she is ready for some football! LOL! And looks like you have everything covered. Love the "bathroom break" idea! LOL! Good luck and may the best team win! Enjoy the game!

  5. Ooooppps...meant to tell you-Addison is adorable in her little Packer outfit.~ Diana

  6. I love it Cindy, look at that little smile! Cool cheeseheads-Have fun watching the game:@)

  7. Hi Cindy!
    Wow looks like your whole family is super excited about the game...I can understand why though. I'm afraid my hubby isn't the least bit interested in sports of any kind (which is ok with me) although I love anything equestrian ;) GOOD LUCK for today! Also I just wanted to tell you what a sweetie you have there ...Addison is a real cutie :)
    Maura :)

  8. Girl, ya crack me up givin' your little critters cheese heads! Heeehehehee!!! You've got it bad sister!

    That little sweet pea looks more than ready for the big game. Best of luck to ya'll!!!

    God bless and have fun sweetie! :o)

  9. Yep! I'd say y'all are ready for some football! Especially little Addison.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  10. Family is Steelers fan, but I am all the way Packer fan.


  11. You are so fun! Love the cheese heads - clever girl! Addison is just adorable. How could the Packers possible lose with a fan like that? laurie

  12. We're watching and right now your team is looking good! We're pulling for them.

  13. I laughed when I saw her . My daughter said my youngest grand is bouncing in her seat talking to the TV. She has an attraction to football games - think it is the constant movement, colors and hyped up voices. :D She is also kin to her daddy! :-D

  14. Hi Cindy....I'm surprised you don't have Addison in a Packers cheerleading outfit....when Miss B was little the other grandparents up in Kenosha sent her the cutest miniature cheering outfit...She wore it to watch her first game...
    Hope your holding up well on babysitting duty...ow much fun is it going to be watching as she changes everyday...Isn't being a grandmother wonderful!!

  15. Hi Cindy! I stopped by to say congratulations on the Packer's win tonight, but was stopped in my tracks by Addison's adorable face and that precious smile. What a cutie pie!!!

    Love ( and hugs for Addison),
    Susan and Bentley

  16. Oh my goodness - - - they scared the LIFE out of me in the second half!!!

    Ah, but the final taste of victory is soooo sweet!

    All your Packer stuff is so cute - - - LOVE the little cheeseheads for the critters!

  17. CONGRATULATIONS! Could you hear all of us cheering from California?!!!!
    You both were on my mind A LOT yesterday!
    HUGS! Karen

  18. Congratulations on your big win...I bet everyone was excited at your place...Addison is adorable

  19. you two look too young to be gr-ndp-rents, cindy. just loved this post. hope you enjoyed the footb-ll. don't shoot me but who won. i didn't see.

    dropping by to send you hugs plus to let you know i'll see you when i return. sending fl. sunshine to you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, she.

  20. HI!!
    I LOVE IT!!!
    And we were cheering for the PACKERS!!
    HOW fun, we had a great time watching such an awesome game!!!
    Little A is soooo cute!!!

  21. So cute! Congrats for your team winning, Cindy!...Christine

  22. Love the pink outfit on the wee one. What a fun party you had. Glad your team won. :)

  23. Hi Cindy. Well, the game is history, but I am looking at that little cutey patooty! She is adorable and has grown so much. Time is surely flying by! Oh, we are home from the beach now :(

  24. I know you and your family had a wonderful Sunday! Wonderful pictures -- sweet in multiple ways! ;)

    Hope you have a very happy Valentine's Day!


  25. Honey I LOVE that Valentine table setting, but not as much as I LOVE that gorgeous little Addison. She is a picture.

    I know you'll treasure every moment together and grow so many memories.

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island


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