Prairie GardenTable/Tablescape/Thrifty Thursday

Welcome! After a few days away I have blogging posts to catch up on. But first, its Tablescape Thurday with our lovely hostess Susan.
It's also Thrifty Thursday, with our lovely hostess Leigh. Please visit these ladies blogs by clicking on their logos . My theme today is Prairie Garden. My only new purchase is a tablecloth from the Martha Stewart Collection. I purchased this on e-bay for a whopping $8.00!

My centerpiece is a creamy white ceramic watering can from GW, the target birdies, a fat little birdie borrowed from a bedroom, a white chair borrowed from the LR and blue candlesticks inside Wal-mart candle holders.

I took some pics at night using my flash and then some without a flash. The plates are my bargain Vera Bradleys from TJ Maxx,$1.00 for the plates and .70 cents for the salad plate! The napkins are GW , the blue glasses TJ Maxx and the wine glasses are a garage sale find.

I used flowers from my garden to fashion a centerpiece. I tried to arrange them decoratively and I am gradually getting the hang of it. ( I hope) LOL!

The pretty place mats are from Kohls, only $1.00 a piece and the napkins rings are my super thrifty find. Read more about them below.

I like the fat little blue bird on this table and the target birdies are back to work!!!

My gingham napkin rings!

Trying to capture a nighttime by candle-light view. A little dark, but I still like the romantic glow!

Now onto my super thrifty napkin rings! None in my house fit and I remember a post I saw earlier on someones blog. Grabbed a toilet paper roll! Their Free!

Measure 1" width and cut. If you had two empty ones I would make them 1.5" across.

I cut a piece of wired ribbon leftover from my wreath.

Wrap ribbon around the ring and add a dash of glue with your glue gun. Simple hey? And free!

A finished view. The wired ribbon works great but you could also use fabric strips.

And whose the wiser? Now that's my thriftiest contribution to today's post! I have some blogging to catch up on and I will be getting to your blogs as soon as I can! Have a great week-end too! Cindy


  1. Cindy,
    This is a beautiful tablescape! I love the centerpiece, your flower arranging skills are superb!
    What a clever idea for napkin rings. I have never seen that trick before but will definitely store it in my mind!

  2. LOVE the napkin rings -- I used to make similar ones with Girl Scouts,using rug yarn wrapped around the TP tubes. What fun to see those cardboard tubes put to good use again.
    Very pretty table -- and your flowers look wonderful; love the arrangement. Also -- love the nighttime shots, romantic is right!

  3. Hi Cindy, Wow, very beautiful as always! I just loveee everything! Then your napkin rings are the greatest...thanks so much for sharing those also today! I always look so forward to coming to your blog, everything is always so beautiful and wonderful and very home like here! I hope that your day is a good one for you!

  4. I love your napkin rings!! How creative and resourceful! :)

  5. Love the tablescape. The little fat blue bird is too cute. The napkin rings are a stroke of genius. Love them. Now I will have to steal this idea. Your plates and placemats with the tablecloth are all just perfect. I love pitchers of all kinds, and your white one is beautiful. Very well done. Hugs, Marty

  6. Girl I love those napkins rings you did ...very clever my friend...now you black eye susan's look just wonderful and your table is a real beauty...I love how you tell us where you got everything...don't know how you find the time to do all you do my friend...I'm lucky to get up and moving any more he he!! Love ya sis...May you have a GREAT day...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. Very pretty table setting, and great buys on the dishes. You did good. :)

  8. love the napkin ring idea...quite clever...and one I will use!
    Beautiful tablescape

  9. Hello Dearheart...

    Your home!!! How was your trip, my friend? Thought about you while you were gone...hope you and honey had a fabulous time!!!

    Girlfriend, I love your Prairie Garden tablescape! I really am loving all these pretty blues, creamy whites, and sunny yellows...just gorgeous! Your new Martha Stewart tablecloth is so pretty...great deal for $8...and those placemats look so pretty with the tablecloth and your new Vera Bradley dishes!!! In fact, I just love the place setting...are you kidding me? You really got those beautiful plates for that price??? Girl, they're gorgeous! I don't know if I ever told you or not...but I love paisley patterns...always have! Your beautiful blue glasses look lovely with these dishes...love them!

    Okay...Girl, you are becoming an expert on table centerpieces!!! I have just fallen in love with that creamy white watering can/pitcher...and your fresh flowers are just beautiful...they really do remind me of a prairie garden!!! All the little extras...the pretty birds, little chair, and candles just complete the centerpiece...it's all so lovely! OMG...and your photos!!! Love your night photos with just the candlelight...they turned out beautifully, Cindy!!! I must admit that I enjoy taking the photos as much, if not more...than doing the tablescape! Hehe! I love this effect...I'll have to give it a shot! Do tell...did you use your camera flash while all the lights were off? I've never tried that type of photo before and just love it!

    Now...let's talk creative and talented...Girlfriend, you win the prize for your pretty yellow gingham napkin rings! I love this idea...I'm going to try it for sure! Thank you so much for the great idea...you amaze me!!!

    Well Darlin'...you did a magnificent job with this beautiful Prairie Garden tablescape...it's gorgeous!!! I'm so glad that your home...you'll have to fill me in on your trip!

    Love ya,

  10. Hey!
    Love it! And really, really liked the "romantic" touch with the candles and darkness falling. And good job with the thrifty napkin rings.
    Well, I just got back from taking Mark to the airport to fly home for a few days then drive back up on Sat. with the boys. So I have a few days to myself to do as I choose. So tomorrow - SHOPPING in all the local antique stores - then - what else? Blogging!!! I've been going through withdrawals and have so much to catch up on!
    How's the bear? (hehehe) any sign of him lately?
    Big HUGS! I've missed you!

  11. Cindy- a great table setting! You did a great job on your flower arrangement- and what a great idea for napkin rings!! What a sweet way to showcase all your great shopping finds -

    As I was looking at your pretty pictures I thought that I won't be seeing alot of these pretty summer tables soon with fall around the corner- I just love spring and summer and this summer just past me by-


  12. Hi Cindy...love your fat little birdie..and boy did you get a great deal on the Vera plates...I used to wholesale them and sell them on E-Bay and even at cost they were expensive....loved the candle light shots....

  13. Very clever about the napkin holders, Cindy! They're perfect! I just love the colors you used here, love the plates and the chubby bird fits in very well...Christine

  14. I can't believe the bargain you got on those plates! They are so pretty!
    The whole table is just lovely! Tablecloth, mats, napkins, everything!
    Now how are my apples coming along??:)

  15. Cindy, I used to make napkin rings that way. I'd forgotten all about it! Yours turned out so pretty. Your amazing bargains on that tablecloth and those plates really make a pretty table. I love fat birds, and yours is such a cutie! I have never arranged flowers. Yours look so pretty. I just plop mine in something and add water. laurie

  16. Hi Cindy
    Your tablescape is lovely. Your tablecloth was a super deal because its sooo beautiful. I love the colour and the flowers. Your napkin rings look sooo good I'm going to have to remember that.
    Love your chubby bue bird on the table too...so cure...and of course target birds. We all have to have them..*g*..

    thank you for sharing such a beautiful table....the candlelight picture is so romantic.

    Oh...and Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! What a happy couple...I hope you had a great getaway..*hugs*


  17. Love your table -- so pretty in blue and yellow.

  18. Hi Cindy,
    Very nice ... fresh and friendly looking! Your flower arrangement is lovely, your plates were a fantastic bargain, and those TP napkin rings were so much fun and so very clever!

    Thank you for the nice comment on my family history table. I'm also supposed to be descended from the Washingtons ... perhaps I should start calling you Cousin Cindy! ;)

  19. you used my favorite color combo! I did not know Vera Bradley designed plates also--wow, I bet there are tons of patterns to choose from! Great idea on the napkin rings!

  20. Just beautiful, Cindy! Love the bluebird on your table, and your napkin rings are wonderful! Have a wonderful Thursday!


  21. I love the whole thing. Very pretty!


  22. Everything looks great. I love blue. Your flowers are a very nice touch and that they came from your garden is so special.


  23. Lovely table setting with nice details. Nifty napkin rings...a great idea!
    Love the yellow sunflowers with the blue and white flowers.

  24. Hi Cindy! What a pretty tablescape! I love all of the blue and yellow...especially those gorgeous plates! And your napkin rings are a great idea...so clever! I hope you are having a great week...hugs...Debbie

  25. Love the garden on your table! This is lovely -- and what a great idea for napkin rings! So versatile for all our themed tablescapes - thanks for the tip! Love your "moonlight glow".

  26. Beautiful tablescape. Love the napkin ring holders project.

  27. Hi Cindy,
    What a lovely tablescape. Blues and yellows were meant to be used together. I try to plant mostly blue/purple and yellow flowers in my gardens. And who doesn't love black eyed susans?? You did a great job of arranging them too! I love the napkin ring idea. I think I will make some but wrap them with homespun for my prim table. When I do I'll send you some pics. The nightime pics of the tablescape are the prettiest. Very romantic. Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Loretta

  28. Blue and yellow!!! My favorite color scheme! And love the birds.

  29. Cindy, I love the cool refreshing color scheme you've chosen. Thanks for sharing the thrifty napkin ring trick.. girl I've got tons of "pieces" of ribbon and definetly going to try this one. Your night photos are incredible.. great tablescape darling.
    hugs ~lynne~

  30. Coindy,

    You are a genuis! I wouldve never thoguht of the paper rolls as napkin rings! WOW! Great prarie tablescape!You got some cute things! Thanks for linking up today for Thrifty Thursday! I am so appreciative!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  31. Hi Cindy,
    Oh so pretty. I felt like I was dining in the garden only indoors. And your picture of the table with the candles lit was so fun. I love blue and yellow, and yours was exquisite. Thanks for sharing.
    PS Cut chubby bird and great napkin rings

  32. That is an amazing tablescape. I especially love the little chair/candle holder. That is so charming!

  33. Your fresh flower bouquet of black eyed susans and queen anne's lace is so perfect for this setting.

  34. Very pretty tablescape! Great idea with the napkin rings. Lots of other pretty stuff, too.


  35. Hi Cindy !
    I heart that tablecloth ! This is probably your prettiest tablescape ! I really adore it !
    I love also your thrifty napkin rings !

  36. Great idea for napkin rings. What a pretty table too. Love the little chair on the table. Adorable.

  37. Very pretty blues and yellows. Your centerpiece is perfect! Wow! Great idea for making some quick, themed matching napkin ring holders. Also, I love the soft romantic look of your night photo! Hugs!

  38. I love the flower arrangement - you did a fabulous job and totally makes the tablescape :)

  39. Hello Cindy,
    Stopping by to say hello and see what you've been doing.
    Your table is so cheery and then when the lights go out and the candles lit, it's soothing.
    Blessings yo you,

  40. Such a pretty look, Cindy. I LOVE the idea of making napkin rings to whatever color we need just by finding some ribbon and an empty toilet paper roll! Brilliant! Thanks for the idea and for sharing your beautiful TS.

  41. Precious adorable baby and a precious event. Thank you for letting us share it with you.

  42. What a neat and quick solution to not having to buy so many napkin rings. YOU are so smart. Your tablescape was just gorgous! You do everything so well, Cindy! Accomplished! Yes..you are an accomplished woman, no doubt about it! :)
    Night shots are always great and yours is lovely!!
    :) Hugs..


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