Cloie Annabelle's Baptismal on Beautiful Lake Pepin/Blue Monday Too!

I'm linking this post to Blue Monday with our hostess Sally. Be sure to visit her blog! See my blue in the water and skies below.
Last evening, as the sun set over beautiful Lake Pepin near Pepin, Wi we celebrated the Baptismal of Cloie Annabelle. Cloie is my sister Susie's youngest child. I blogged about the baby shower I hosted for her. To see that post click here. Cloie wore her Paternal Grandmothers Baptismal gown. This simple yet beautiful gown was last worn 70 years ago . What a treasure for my sister and her husband Najeeb to have.

Here she is all bright eyed and gorgeous! A picture perfect baby girl with a darling disposition.

As the sun began to set over Beautiful Lake Pepin......

Family and friends gathered. The blond girl wearing the red dress and holding the bible for the minister is my sister's daughter Noel. The girl in the polka dots is my sister's daughter Kristin. Friends and relatives were her sponsors.

Mom and Dad, family and friends. The little boy on the far left is my sister's son Ben. Big brother Justin was not in this pic.

We all gathered close expecting a lot of unhappiness from Cloie.

The minister was very gentle and she never made a peep!

The proud parents say a prayer.

As this darling baby girl with slightly damp hair gazes out to her admirers. Thanks for sharing this with me, Cindy


  1. Cindy~~What an absolutely gorgeous little angel! I just LOVE her name, too!
    Thank you so much for sharing this joyous time with us. Wonderful photos and such a lovely ceremony.


    ~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

  2. I remember the shower, Cindy. What a beautiful baby, Cloie is and how lucky to be baptised in that beautiful old gown and on such a pretty lake at what looks to be like almost sundown.

    What a gorgeous family you have.

    God bless Cloie!!


  3. Oh how neat! A baptism in the lake. Great post, and what a good looking family!

  4. Hi cindy! What a neat baptism. Cloie Annabelle did a remarkable job - the little Sweetie! I'm a Roman Catholic so we've never held our baptisms in such a pretty spot. It's neat that she had on her grandmothers gown, too. ~ Robyn

  5. Hi Cindy....What a gorgeous little girl...she's just perfect..God Bless her!!

  6. What a beautiful baby!! How wonderful that she could be baptised in a beautiful gown with so many memories. Thank you for sharing a wonderful time with us.

  7. The pictures are BREATH TAKING......GORGEOUS....AMAZING...BEAUTIFUL..

    so glad that I stopped tonight. This summer has been so crazy that I have not visited some of my favorite blogs often. I always enjoy stopping by yours. Have a Happy Sunday! I have a giveaway going through Monday morning.

  8. What a cute and precious baby, Cindy! I remember the baby shower. The baptismal setting is so peaceful and so beautiful. What a nice ceremony and get together! You have a beautiful family. I did not know your hubby is 100% Norwegian, glad you enjoyed the post....Christine

  9. this is such a beautiful post. I love the peacefulness and sereneness of the baptism. She is a really beautiful little baby.

  10. Oh Cindy thank you for sharing this special occasion with us. What a beautiful little baby Cloie is and what a wondeful celebration of baptism. The setting for the ceremony was perfect and the gown Cloie wore is gorgeous. How special it was for her to wear her grandmother's gown. Just lovely. Hugs, Loretta

  11. Oh my goodness she is a doll baby! And so good.
    That was wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Cindy, thanks for sharing such a special time - what a pretty baby! I know you are a proud Auntie and she will certainly get lots of love. Beautiful christening gown - we have one that our children and all our grandchildren have worn - soooo special. Linda

  13. Cindy. she is beautiful! Wonderful photos!!

  14. Hi Cindy !
    What a pretty baptismal - just like in the olden days - in the river ! I think it is great, thanks for sharing and the baby is precious !

  15. Hi Cindy,
    How sweet is that little one! The baptism is in such a beautiful place! Thank you for sharing such a precious memory with us and Happy Blue Monday!


  16. How beautiful! The photos of the sweet baby are gorgeous! How blessed she is.

  17. What a sweet baby and lovely ceremony. You photos will become memories soon. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

  18. What a darling she is! And I hope that she grows up to follow Christ! Happy Blue Monday!

  19. Howdy Cindy
    Oh my tears are flowing down my cheeks at the moment.
    Thank you for sharing this most beautiful and special occasion with us today.
    Cloie looks so gorgeous in her sweeet baptismal gown.
    She was such a little Angel to stay so calm.
    Thank you for posting all the fabulous photos today.
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    Blesings to you all.
    Happy Trails

  20. Sweet post and a precious baby! Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!

  21. Oh..how precious! Little Cloie Annabelle is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos! It was a wonderful setting! Hugs!

  22. Beautiful baby! Love that she wore a family heirloom. All my mom's grandchildren were baptized in the gown she made...lovely tradition..

  23. What a wonderful post and exquisite little gown! Blessings to Cloie and all who love her.

  24. Hi Cindy thanks for coming by! Cloie is precious!!! The photos are lovely, thanks for sharing! Sue

  25. Cindy, your niece is beautiful! What a lovely service that was, and how nice that she is wearing that sweet dress that belonged to her grandmother. laurie

  26. What a sweet baby girl! Just adorable! Families are so great!


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