Decorating on a quarter/living room make-over/a triple post!!!!

I am doing a bit of the happy dance today! Dan and I are heading to Door County, Wi for a mini get-away to celebrate our wedding anniversary(1 week early) and temperatures are hot and humid! Yahoo! Dew points are in the mid-seventies and call me crazy but I love it! Now my better half hates it, he is 100% Norwegian and with all that Icelandic blood he just can't help it. Me on the other hand, I'm a Mutt and in need of some hot and humid weather! I am also attempting a triple post! Please visit our lovely hostesses who put so much work into this week after week. Susan for Met Monday Sally for Blue Monday and Rhoda for Today's Thrifty Treasures

I am sharing a wreath I made recently for a whopping $4.00! See supplies above all purchased at the Dollar Tree.

I wrapped the wreath form in ribbon and glued it in place.

I added the Sunflowers using my glue gun and tried to fashion a bow.

A finished view! I will use this for now over my Fireplace Mantle and I'm only out $4 and a little wear and tear to my fingers (watch out for those hot glue guns) !!

Remember these? My apple trees blossoming in May! We've had cooler temps and low on rain this summer (although its still managed to stay green)

Here they are today! Not quite ready, but awful close. I heard some dropping this morning and with the Hot weather and a ton of rain in the last few days we should have a bumper crop! So bumper I don't know what I will do with them all!

Oh, looky here! If nothing else the deer will have a feast for quite some time!

I'm also sharing some before and afters of our living room. The pics below were taken last summer. We had a old blue sectional couch and the fireplace needed some improving. Now comes the Blue Monday part, because my living room is awash in blue and yellow.


Here we have changed the flooring from old dingy white carpet to a hickory floor that Dan installed. This was our biggest outlay of moola with the floor costing about $1700. If we had to pay someone it would have been about another $800- $1000.

A view last summer.

The old sectional was ready to go but new furniture was not in the budget! I scoured Craigs list and hoped to find something Blue Denim but no sectionals! They aren't good on wood floors and I wanted a more cottage look.

I found the oversized chair on Craig's List and the old sewing machine for $15.00 at an auction . Dan made a new top for it, and now it works wonderfully as a side table.

Here the new living room re-arrange and update on a budget....... or decorating on a dime. OOPS.. I mean quarter! The couch and oversized chair were $200, the plaid rocker was also a Craig's List find. Almost anything made out of wood was built by Hubby!

It was very bright when I took these pics so pardon the glare.

The plaid chair was another Craig's List find and the fireplace update was done this summer. See my new fireplace screen? That was a recent find off E-Bay! My recently made wreath and a little re-arranging.

Another view...

So there you have it! Our version of Decorating on a Quarter!

A place to blog! My recent Met Monday chair and a sunny view! I will checking back in as soon as I can find an Internet Connection. Have a lovely Summer Week! Cindy


  1. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Just read your sweet note...so happy to see you this morning!

    Happy Anniversary to ya'll!!! Have a wonderful trip and lots of fun, Sweetie!!! Sending you my very best wishes and blessings for many, many more happy years together!!!

    Darlin'...I love, love, LOVE your new sunflower wreath...it's gorgeous! You did a great job making it and it looks so pretty on your fireplace!!! I love the splashes of sunny yellow with the blue that you have in your living room! My friend, I think you did great by finding that pretty denim sofa and chair...great price and I love how the denim looks in your living room...it's perfect! I especially love that big ol' overstuffed denim chair!!! The plaid chair works great with the denim...I love it!!! Your living room is beautiful...it just looks so cozy and comfortable and perfect for Applestone Cottage!!! Honey sure did a great job on the fireplace makeover...love that! But I think one of my favorite things about that beautiful living room are those fabulous hickory floors...they are absolutely gorgeous!!! Mike did a great job installing them...soooo beautiful!!!

    Well my friend...have lots of fun on your trip! I'll talk with you when you get home!

    Love ya Sweetie!

  2. Hi Cindy, First I want to say Happy Anniversary and I hope that you and your husband have a great time! I do believe though that I'm like your husband, hot weather and me just don't get along so well, I'm a Fall or Winter gal. lol
    Next, your wreath is fantastic! Great idea and I just love it! It's adorable and cute and bright and so cheerful, what a lovely addition to your room!
    Now...your pictures of your home are gorgeous! Wow! Very, very beautiful home and I just love everything! Maybe you could help me with mine now. lol
    I hope that you have a wonderful day and I just have to tell you that I really enjoy stopping in at your blog, it feels like home and I totally enjoy it! Thanks!

  3. very very nice! I love your home. Have a great time in Door County. I will be there next year for sure. its been a few years and I love it there also, its so beautiful.

  4. Oh have a wonderful time on your getaway. I think I am with your DH, I really want some cooler weather. lol Your wreath is just gorgeous. I love it. Your new furniture and arrangement is lovely too. Very pretty. Hugs, Marty

  5. That is totaly lovely! You should be quite proud. I love the wreath... August is my sunflower month! The sofa and chair look great and you did such a good job with everything!

    I LOVE the sun shining in on your pics!

  6. I love your living room, and I love the wreath you made!
    Happy Anniversary! Ours is on Aug. 19th, 20 years! Can't think of a nicer place than Door County to celebrate! Have a great time!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your wreath is lovely and your living room is really beautiful! Your story just goes to prove that you can't stop a woman who has her mind made up about something! When we know what we want we go for it, don't we!? I am so happy for your! It looks so good!

  8. Happy Anniversary!
    You did a good job on the wreath!
    Your living room looks so nice. I want to make some changes to mine, but the layout limits me as to what I can do.

  9. Cindy, you pulled together such a charming room - love it! Everything works well together and the colors are so beautiful. However, I do hate heat - can't imagine you loving it, girl! Linda

  10. Wow -- Cindy, that is amazing! I can't believe you got that furniture for such a great price!~ And I love hardwood floors. You just did yourself proud, girl! :-)


    Sheila... who is happy you're going to Wisconsin and wish I were with you (it's in the 90's here and really muggy)

  11. Almost forgot... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    And I think your wreath is just perfect in your room! :-)

  12. Oh Cindy !
    I love your new living room and I think the new seating is wonderful ! You were very creative on the wreath and it looks great above your mantle.
    I love the apple pictures - sure makes me want an apple pie !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  13. I love the view you have there what a huge window!!! I enjoyed looking at all your pics. The floors look great.

  14. Happy Anniversary! Love your new wreath and your living room is looking great! I am just in awe of all the great things you find on Craig's list...way to go! The sewing machine makes such a fun, interesting table! How wonderful to have a hubby who can make furniture!
    And your apple trees are absolutely loaded. I see apple pie, apple sauce, apple butter, apple, apple, apple in your future! :-)
    Cindy, I added you to Met Monday. I was a tad late in doing it...almost forgot with visiting blog posts. :-) Your 35 on the list right now.
    Have a wonderful trip!

  15. Everything looks beautiful...have a fun trip!

  16. Your new hardwood floor makes such a huge difference and I love it! And I love the rock work in your fireplace...very cool.

  17. You have such a cozy living room - a great makeover! The window with a view is amazing...Love it!

  18. Cindy- Have a fabulous time on your getaway with hubby!!! Happy Anniversary Friend!

    What a sweet wreath you made and for a great price!! Good for you!

    Love all the sweet changes in your livingroom- of course that room is just yummy with the wood flooring and that gorgeous rock fireplace!!


  19. Wow!! Your really pulled it off with your triple post. Just fabulous!! I'm so impressed. Enjoy your celebration away. Happy Blue and happy Thrifty to you!!

  20. Happy Anniversary and have a lovely time! Love your sunflower wreath and your sofa - love your entire room.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Oh Girl Happy Anniversary to you and your dear hubby...how special to take a trip like that...Now girl you know how I love your LR with all the blue and yellow in it...just to pretty and your wreath is just great and all from the dollar tree my kinda thing...How great that your hubby makes all the beautiful furniture you are very lucky to have his talents my friend...May you have a GREAT trip my dear friend...be safe...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  22. Oh I meant to tell you Cindy I am so glad to see your comments form at the bottom...Hugs Gloria

  23. Ok, Cindy, where do I begin? The apples, they look so good, so pretty! I love your firescreen....so ornate and so pretty! And your living room is so cozy and so comfy! Your wreath is fabulous, it makes your home even warmer!...Christine

  24. What a charming home you have! It is so unique and different!

  25. What a happy room....it's so cozy and charming. Great job. Isn't it wonderful having a hubby who can whip things up for you?


    PS......hope you're enjoying your little getaway. Happy Anniversary.

  26. Just fab! I'm loving those denim couches and that plaid chair too! I'll bet you're so happy with how it's all come together!

  27. You put everything under the sun in this post--except for one thing--you did not link in for Blue Monday, or rather, the link is not working correctly. Try:


    Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

  28. What a cheerful room! Love the hickory floors.

  29. What a beautiful home! I love your colors, your furniture, your new floor, your decorating choices....Everything is gorgeous!

  30. Sooo jealous that you're going to Door County... and that you have apple trees!! Love them both!

    Your living room transformation is stunning!

    Great job Cindy!

  31. Ok, I'm sitting here jealous. I have that same furniture, but was purchased new... a weeeeeee bit more than your fabulous find!

    And now I'm hungry for an apple. Heading off to the kitchen.

    Pleasant day :-)
    Julia @ Drawn to the Sea

  32. What a cheerful wreath and it goes perfectly over your mantle! Your home looks so lovely and inviting.

  33. Okay where do I start. First off, what a bright and cheerful wreath. With the sunflowers it will take you right through fall! Yikes, the hot glue thing. I once got some under my nail and it burned the skin where the nail connects to your finger. I had a huge blister under my nail for a few weeks. Owie! I love your living room. Everything is so bright and beautiful and cozy. I also liked getting a glimpse into your kitchen in one of the pics. Your flooring is just beautiful and turning the sewing machine into a side table was a fantastic idea! That huge window by your desk is to die for! The room is just flooded with natural light. What a great place to sit and blog.
    Your apple trees are so beautiful and heavy with yummy apples. I'm thinking you'll be making a few apple pies this year. If you have too many apples I'm sure a food kitchen would be happy to have them. When my son was in highschool him and his classmates picked apples at a farm for a local food kitchen. Goodness knows there are many who would love fresh apples but can't afford to buy them. Sometimes churches will send out their youth group to pick them to donate. Just a thought.
    I also want to wish you both a very Happy Anniversary. May you be blessed with many more happy years together.
    Have a wonderful day! Hugs, Loretta

  34. Hi Cindy,

    Oh, the wreath is gorgeous....I just adore sunflowers. Wow, everything is wonderful. Love your pretty room.

    Barb :-)

  35. Howdy
    Happy Anniversary to you both !
    Blessings of joy to you for many anniversaries to come.
    May you enjoy your vacation.
    Wonderful post.
    Happy Blue Monday to you .
    the makeover photos are all beautiful.
    Those apples sure look yummy !!!
    I'm gonna need to go visit dollar tree so I can make a wreath.
    Thank you for sharing your awesome photos today.
    Happy Trails

  36. Cindy
    I think everyone said it for me.
    Have a great getaway.
    Enjoy to the max!
    Love Claudie

  37. love the wreath you made. and
    your family room looks great. I love that fireplace grill or screen. Very pretty!

  38. Cindy, I hope you are having a wonderful trip! Your wreath is so pretty. I never use a glue gun that I don't burn myself (I'm not very coordinated). Your apples look beautiful - I hope the deer don't get all of them. I've always thought those blue denim pieces were the most amazing find I've ever seen, and so perfect for this room. The whole time I was reading, I was thinking "where did she get that great fireplace screen". I'm so glad you told us, but now I know I won't be able to find one like it, and I love it! You and your husband never cease to amaze me. laurie

  39. you did a GREAT job! It looks lovely! Happy anniversary. Kelly

  40. Wonderful pictures. Great job on the wreath. I love sunflowers. In fact have some fabric I intend to make some placemats from if I ever find the time.


  41. Cindy,

    The wreath is beautiful!! Now that you have the hang of it, you can make seasonal wreaths for your doors!! ;-)

    Those apple trees are magnificent!! Oh, I would love to make some pies with those. And Apple Brown Betty. And apple fritters. But I don't really bake (except the above apple things) and I don't have apple trees like you!

    The living room is perfect. Dan did a great job with the floors~they are beautiful! And I love the furniture. You were so lucky to find what you wanted on Craigs List. I looked for a china cabinet in both the Chicago area and Southwest Michigan area and nothing appealed to me.

    Your living room looks warm and cozy. Hmmm...I can smell whiffs of baking apple pies coming from the kitchen... :-)


  42. Everything is just gorgeous! So cozy!
    I have missed coming to see you! I am in need of a makeover here also. PAINT! I don't think it has been painted in probably..20 years or more. So..you can see.
    I am always inspired when I visit you! :)

  43. Cindy..I am so sorry. I forgot to wish you a Happy Anniversay!! Enjoy every single moment! :)

  44. Hi Cindy, I love that big picture window and the view you have from the office. So peaceful and serene! Yes, we have lots of snakes here, living in a wooded area and by a creek. But I have only seen 2, both of them non-poisonous, King snakes, which supposedly eat poisonous ones. When they were finishing up the wet deck, the workers saw one go in the generator and they did not see him come out but I am sure it's out by now cause that thing really shakes up when it runs for test every Tues. I think it was just a black snake. But we have water moccasins and rattlers around, just have not seen them in our yard. Thank heavens!...Christine

  45. What a cute and easy wreath! Thanks for sharing that. And your living room looks great - I love the flooring and the CL furniture!

  46. Happy Anniversary! And what a pretty living room you have! I love your sunflower wreath that you made and I especially love your fireplace screen. How pretty it is with your other updates. I think you did a great job on your room and your demin looks wonderful with your drapes. And that floor! I'm so jealous! It's gorgeous!

  47. Followed your link for table scape thursday and really enjoyed all your creative decor posts. The prarie garden is ever so sweet.


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